Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Road From Hell ...

I was out for an appointment this morning and on the way back, I decided to take a road back to the office which I haven't traveled on for close to 4 years or so, just for variety sake. And you would think that after 4 years or so the road would have gotten better (it was horribly potholed with tons of uneven surfaces back then) but to my utter surprise, the road is exactly the same if not worse, as it was 4 years ago! It was like driving through a war zone with large craters on the road! My car went through a work out it would never forget and I was afraid the doors or wheels would pop out! That's the last time I'm gonna do things for variety's sake. Best to stick to routine sometimes, at least then you won't be taken by surprise. Gee, I can still feel my bones vibrating from all that bouncing around just now :)


  1. Sometimes it doesn't pay to take the road less traveled..LOL

  2. Hey Nessa, sometimes the roads least traveled can come up with surprising stuff ... hehehe ... but yeah, best to stay away from those least traveled roads :)


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