Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Need a Viral Boost?

Here's an invite I got by Marzie with an experiment by her on Viral Tags to increase your blog rankings on Technorati, SERP and Google PR. Here's what you need to do. Copy the matrix, change the Host Tag to any three letter word that you like and then add their tag to the Matrix, if it isn't there already. Simple ya:) The original Matrix Tag can be found here.

The important thing to remember is that when someone adds a matrix, be sure to also add them to your list. Then, spread the word around!

========= Copy and Paste below this line ==========

Important Update - Please read here!
  • Copy and paste the matrix of "ViralTags" below courtesy of Founders Cafe (to support Jimmy's quest of launching his own Internet Startup with a shoestring budget, please consider subscribing to his Full RSS Feed to see his triumphs and struggles in real time).
  • Substitute the Host Tag and one of the "Viral Tags" in the matrix with your Host Tag's anchor text of choice with your blog's URL. Please keep anchor text to a max of 3 words to keep the matrix size manageable.
  • When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their "Viral Tags", practice good karma by copying his/her Host Tag's anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your "Viral Tags" below.
  • Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow virally.
Host Tag: Anything Goes!
International City Travel Asian Celebrity News One Million Shirts Tech at Hand Rich Minx Internet Marketing Austria Ageless Beauty Web 2.0 Tutorials Technology Music Life infokarir jobs Manila Mom Link Love Blogging Money Secret Internet Startup Blog Web Design Blog Daily Life Technology Make Money Blogging Steve's Tech Blog Agloco Internet Marketing Daily Bulls Investing Tech Gadgets Stocks Affiliate Program Computer Seventy-Five Learn about e-Learning Tech Hack Ramblings Jack Book Screen Writer Guy Overseas Filipino Worker Startup Entrepreneur Money Earn Money Online Really Smart Guy Earn Income Online Day Mind Xpression Entrepreneurship Internet Web Make Money Blogging Create a Blog Pie Hole start a blog Make Money Blogging Marketing Made Simple Tech Startups Web2.0 Music Videos Build Rankings Fast Mrs Sparrow Hot Buzz Weight Loss Really Funny Jokes Best of Blogs The Junkie's Wife Internet Marketing German German - USA Domain Development Blogs Sundhed og Helbred Giving Link Love Business Blog Web Photoshop Tutorials Anitokid Chronikos Klapkids Chronikos esofthub's web finds Everything iPod Jason's Random Thoughts Fun Web Development Monetize Your Blog Yung Silent Whisper Stratz's Blog My Journey Interesting Observations Wealth Blog Gadgets & Technology Make Money Home The Broken Bow Fanatic Space Cheezmizan with Chuva Catepol Wolly's Weblog Profitable Productive Blogging Cat on my Head Bloggointestinale 2012 Movies iMod Lorad Zarcon Instruzioni Sid05 Weblog Bayle Random Access Life Mario's Weblog Acchiappasogni Dietro e a Casa Make Money Online Anchor Text Alex 2000 My Life Personal Finance Tech Blog Business Twins Pixie Tail Gold Rushing's Blog Political Social Media Master Engrafter Mariuca Justice Investments Father of One Static Thinkbox GoldyWorld Fun Geek Loves Firefox Mariuca's Perfume Gallery Investing Women Online Business Chats Anything Goes! Nonsense & Tears Nihals Anything n Everthing Ngadutrafik 2007 A Great Pleasure Terrible Horrible Evil Russian Jokes Videos Personal Development Blog Paid To Blog Jehzlau Concepts Time Clock Software SEO Blog Yummy Silicon Chips Brainybimbo Nessa-Mumblings am Balong Caribbean Travel Blog HUMA B Kev-walkabout Life's Daily Affordable Graphic Design Technology For Humans Make Money Blog Social Media Munching Taste Like Chicken Make Money Online Spartan Sports Travel Vacation Yoga For Health Good Jokes Social Networking Mother Humor Jokes Justice Investments FantasticSpace Fandom Blog Heroin Addiction Codependence Dead People E-Cashworld Web Tools Make Money Online The Third Eye Tech Lock-Rahul EMOI Working at Home Mom JohannTheDog RescueMe snapshots of life Philippines Is Amazing Truth and Opinion My TV Musings Rants and Ramblings of Pazing Tales from the Closet Teacher Gee The Unique Society IBlogThereforIAm Angelblush Petitions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Foodtime Recipes Electronica Music Sanglahi Loans and Stuff ConteAqui Ang Mundo ni Lola Basyang Dirvish Jakel Daily Bunda - Work At Home Buzzing Bell Diary of Bad Girls Colors of the Internet Dating 40s Relationships My Lucky Day Henkou Deden Amijaya Miraz Tutorials Munny 4 Hunny Manifesto Television Coffee, Tea, Baabooo Sexy Celebrity Visit Egypt Online Simple Life Blogging Blog Writer Web Safety An Anonymous Journal Blank Canvas My Lucky Day This is miracle Weight Loss FreebieLand Caught in the Stream Climate of Our Future She Rambles On Harley Blues 2007 Roodo Blog Koolbirks Tote Bag Confesses DreamerBigMoney Chrono Tron Tips On Blogging Paris and Britney The Broken Bow Todo Musika Horeki Adam OK Music @ Misya Thoughts To Blog MeL-o Blogger Whale Kindalikesorta Paradise Philippines Market Treasures &More Kitchen Delites Better Mom101 Todays Web-Freebies Romantic Tips 101 Diary of a Smart Woman Ala Eh Blog Muxton Dinosaurs and Bible Sintunado Gay-Christians Orchid laketrees danatmedog Louis Vuitton Lover BMW M3 M5 Maryannaville Mik3 101 Weeks Simpler Life 101 Weeks Relaxed You iMod Paranormal & More MAXFORAS Marketing For Beginners Maine Mamas Composed Gentleman MotoGP World Left in Aboite Yoeru Find Agent Premium Content YouTube Island ICE AnonyMous Koneksyon MMMiii The Yard Sale Shakya1 Karlana's blog Everyday Things ViralTags ViralTags ViralTags ViralTags

Important: Once I get a ping back from you (I promise to do the best I can), I will add your anchor text and the associated link you designate as "Host Tag" here, replacing one of the "ViralTags" from the matrix above. As more and more bloggers copy and paste this matrix, the more backlinks you will have with your anchor text. If everybody who copy and paste from your blog does the same, pretty soon this will spread and go viral. So, the sooner you participate, the more links with anchor text you will receive.

======== Copy and Paste from Above this line ========

That's it folks!


  1. got your ping and have added you to my matrix. thanks for the add as well.

    Cman's Money Page - Profitable Productive Blogging

  2. alamak. a bit bimbotic le. I really dun understand. I will try.

  3. Just faved your blog, my friend. :) Hope you fave my site too! I'm at

    And oh! My 1st-yr anniversary as a blogger is just around the corner. Please join the AnitoKid Anniversary Review and get a chance to win US$100! Details are at

    More power! Mabuhay!

  4. cmnalong - hey, thanx for the message:) Will check out your blogs later.

    Bobo - trust me, I didn't understand it at first, took me the whole day to figure out, blur case ya :)

    the anitokid - hey, thanx for the add, will deifinitely add you too :) And will also check your review out later.

  5. Hey Nick, pls check back my post for the newcomers and add them on your list :)

  6. Will do Marzie, I've added 3 already. Will check for more updates from your site.

  7. Great Bobo, I'll add your link in the Viral Tag.

  8. Nick, got ur new links covered, isn't this easier than the Alexa train? LOL!

  9. Jean - No probs with the add. Didn't even realise I added you ... LOL.

    Marzie - Yup, soooooo much easier than Alexa, don't need to be a rocket scientist to do this. LOL!

  10. Nick, I got me a new one! Check my post for link. Also, I've changed Malaysian Stocks Inc to Mariuca, pls do the same, thanks!!

  11. Here's a new tag you can add in your list : Life's Daily

  12. Hi Nick, there's a mistake in the last Host Tag, Make Money Online, correct url is

  13. My link on your viral tag is not working, please correct it. - Anchor text "Make Money Online" - it's the last one on your matrix! I have added your link on my matrix too. Cheers!

  14. Kasper/Marzie - thanx for the heads up. Have updated the link.

  15. Hey there, I just added the viral link martix to my page and I was hoping you would return the favor! Thanks for the add! URL- TAG-HUMA B~ HUMA B~ Thanks again and good luck!

  16. Hey Barret. I've already added your mtrix:) Thanx for the add as well:)

  17. Tanks mate I think I have added yours to mine. Also feel free to check out my new fourm.

    We are having a few contests.. check us out. Join and go in the contests if you like.

    Thanks and nice site.

  18. shit it spelt the naem wrong

  19. I’ve got you added to my viral tag matrix, and I wanted to ask if you would update my url to my new hosted domain:

    Tag - Static ThinkBox
    new url -

    You currently have my previous site listed under the same tag name. Thanks for your help!

  20. Jeff, no issues mate, will update your link. Thanx for the heads up.


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