Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Burger King!

It has been a hectic 2 days for me. Had this client who wanted to host an event and they gave me a whole ONE day to get things done! Like as if I'm some miracle worker or something. But then It's also partly my fault cos I did say no problem and that it could be done. Besides, I like this client (gosh, I must be losing it, I actually like my clients. LOL!). Though they always want things done at the last minute, they're pretty nice people to work with and are extremely good paymasters too ... hehehe ...

Anyway, that little story aside, it wasn't really what I wanted to post about. I was reading Hui Sen's blog a few days back and he mentioned something about chilling out with a Ramly burger, drinking a fizzy drink and sitting by the road side and it got me wondering at the amount of times I've done done with it my buddies.

I'm sure most of us would have noticed these little burger stalls located outside almost every 7-11 in town or pretty much by the roadside in most residential areas here. For those not from Malaysia, Ramly burger is a local manufacturer of burgers and sausages. They don't produce the best of burgers but it's almost always the choice brand for these little burger stalls.

I seriously don't know what it is about these burgers but everyone, no matter what race or religion you are, has at one time or other tried these burgers, me included. There's really nothing fancy about these burgers at all. It contains a burger (but of course!), loads of cut up lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers, spread with an extremely generous (and I mean extremely generous) amount of mayonnaise, tomato and chili sauce. It is so generous that it makes the buns soggy and difficult to eat. Can you imagine biting into them and the sauce dripping all over your hands and onto your clothes? (Damn, I feel like having one right now!)

But the thing is, these burgers are popular as some unofficial after dinner 'snack' (it's called supper, Nick!) and is best enjoyed with a nice bottle or can of fizzy drink (coke's my personal favourite) and sitting by the roadside (the nearer it is to the stall, the better) with a good buddy or loved one (ok, ok, I'm a cheapskate, honey) and enjoying the burger. It's totally unhealthy, the amount of oil from those burgers are sinful enough but its like some kind of iconic thing over here with everyone.

Every neighbourhood will definitely have at least one, two maybe even three or four of these stalls scattered around. And the weirdest part is, you will deifinitely find one just outside a 7-11 store. I guess that's why fizzy drinks are popular with these burgers. It's also pretty cheap too, a normal chicken burger with the works would cost a measly RM2.00 - RM2.50 (depending on the seller) And a 'Special' Burger (usually wrapped with eggs, twin patties, etc) would probably cost in the range of RM3.00 or so. Now that's pretty cheap compared with all those fast food joints!

I happen to have my favourite stall just a 5 minute walk across the road from my place (yup, you guessed it, outside a 7-11 store) and he makes a mean burger :) I always custom order mine, less mayo, no chili sauce, no lettuce and tomatoes but loads of onions ... yummy! But I've cut down on it ever since I started running again. Ahhhh, the things I sacrifice to stay healthy ...


  1. Damn, now you're making me crave for a Ramly burger reaaaaaaaal bad. I usually only see them at pasar malams around here. Ack.

  2. Nick, no chili sauce with ur Ramly burger? Mine always comes with extra chili sauce, hold the mayo! I too feel like having one now, it's been ages since my last Ramli burger :) :)

  3. i always order mine with no bawang and less chili & mayonaise. I dun like my bun getting all soggy and it's difficult to eat it politely. (u know what i mean.)

    Ayam Special is my darling's favourite. sometimes if there are not many customer, he will ask the seller to lightly saute the onion first. and you are true. It's totally unhealthy. my darling have gain lots of kgs because of Ramly BUrger.

  4. Nick
    LOL ... You are supposed to love your client because they are the ones that pay your bills. Ya, ya, I know, sometimes, it's kinda hard.

    Anyway, like the Ramly Burger whenever I pop over to JB or KL.

  5. What!?! No chili sauce? Pfft...

    Can't say I've ever had a Ramly, but there is nothing like a burger that when you bite into it, half of it runs down your arm.

    There is a guy about two blocks from my wife's work, just a little hole-in-the-wall type place, that makes a burger that is bigger than your head. Mmmmmmmm...

  6. We have something like that here too. But usually they are out at lunch time near high traffic areas. They serve hotdogs, hamburgers and sausage patties. "Z" used to love going to the hotdogs me an idea for tommorrow..Thanks Nick!

  7. Hey Lis, pasar malam's (night markets), forgot about those places, yeah, they're there too. So did you go satisfy your cravings?

    Marzie, I can't take spicy stuff (tough I love curry) and chili sauce is spicy enuf for me. LOL! I just have it with plain old mayo and tomato sauce. Satisfy your cravings, get a Ramly today! Gee, sounds like and ad ...

    Jean - The advantage of being a guy means I don't have to be 'polite' while eating it. I can just let it drip all over. Yup, you're rite, I hate it when it's too soggy.

    Vivienne - Yeah, I know my clients pay me but they're still a bunch of pains in the @#$%^*&^!# ... hahaha ...

    Seiche - Man, I just have got to try that bigger than your head burger. Does he courier? LOL! Yeah, the dripping all over the arm bit makes it all the more tastier (especially when you lick your arm later ... LOL!)

    Diamond - You're welcome. These guys sell hotdogs too but their burgers are more popular. I'm sure 'Z' is gonna be one happy boy tomorrow!

  8. Damn Nick I read your blog and got hungry. I am a burger fan myself. Never had a Ramly burger. Sounds quite tasty. Mail me one would you.LOL

  9. Nick, we have this over here too. But can only find it at "pasam malam" stores. It is really heavenly..... feel like eating one now ;)

    Btw, I will link you from my blog. exchange?

  10. Dood, one day we are going to do this - Ramly burger and canned drink at an impromptu location. Bugger Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Basically bugger the establishment and the general new found need to be impressed.

    Ramly burgers are contraband in Singapore. For obvious reasons. Doesn't stop Malaysians scoffing them down though.

  11. John, The burgers in the mail. LOL! I've never met anyone who is not a burger fan :) I'm sure you'll enjoy these Ramly burgers.

    Janice - Heavenly, that's a nice way to describe these burgers. Sure, I'll link you in my blog too.

    Hui Sen - sure buddy, whenever you want to, I can't say no to a good old Ramly burger and a chilled can of coke. LOL!

  12. Nah, no pasar malams around here lately. Will have to try hunting down one of those coffee shop stalls that sells them. Man, I can almost taste it already.

  13. Good ol' Ramly burger. So, when are you going to belanja me??

  14. Lis - Cool, coffee shops sells burgers? Boy, I wish they sold those in the coffee shops here.

    Nessa - For you anytime, but bring money. Me cheapskate. LOL!

  15. I just had burger mania the past few days (with extra mayo lagi tu!), and then yesterday I called it quits because I didn't wanna gain weight.

    Now your post reminds me of burger again. *cry*

    But Ramly burger.. wah! That's the first burger I had in my life. LOL!

  16. Cindy, well, you can still eat burgers but after that run up and down your stairs la. LOL! My first ever burger was a Ramly also! That time (well, my time anyway) where got McDonalds!

  17. Sounds pretty good! I think the chili sauce sounds awesome! Wish I could find a burger joint in the States that puts chili sauce on their burgers!

  18. Barrett, you mean they don't put chili suace on burgers over there? It's like a common thing here. I'll send some burgers with chili sauce to you soon. LOL!

  19. Dude, my fav part is when they perfectly slice that thin burger in half with those paint scraper type things they use so that they can put the Worcestershire sauce and pepper in between! Art in Motion! :)

  20. Yeah dude, that is an art. I tried doing it myself at home and it is never the same the way they slice it :)

  21. OOohh.. I simply love the Ramli burger too, my favourite is Chicken Banjo (dont wrap around the chicken)~
    And their generous mayo, perfect~

  22. Cbenc12, you mean the egg is separate from the burger itself, right? Never tried that before. Maybe I'll try it the next time I have cravings for a Ramly burger!


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