Sunday, July 15, 2007

It Can't Get Any Cheaper!

It was a dark and stormy night. The wolves were howling in the distance with the pitter patter of rainfall on my roof amidst the never-ending flashes of lighting in the distance ... oopppsss, wrong post. That's the script for my horror movie ... hahaha ...

Yesterday, the wife and me went for a quick shopping stop at Giant Hypermart near my place. I was out of shaving cartridges and pestered her to follow me to get some. After some intensive persuasion on my part, you see, she was really grumpy (and when I say grumpy, it would put Grumpy the dwarf to shame) cos she just woke up from her nap (which she hardly never takes) and she didn't want to go with me but after my incessant pestering she gave up (I never like to go out on my own without her) and followed me.

So, as I was cruising the aisles looking for shaving cartridges, she disappeared to the fruit and vegetable section. When I finally found her she was busily picking out longans. So, after picking all the good ones we went and got it weighed and could hardly believe it cos it cost only 0.17 sen for a huge bunch of longans. Boy, I was totally astounded by the price. I mean, 4 pieces of sweets cost 0.20 sen and here I was getting one huge pack of longans for 0.17 sen!

We left the place feeling pretty good with ourselves, I mean, 0.17 sen longans and it tasted so sweet as well when we ate it later at home that this morning, we decided after the boys Sunday school to go back and get a whole truck load full of it (... hehehe ...)

So, there we were, gleefully picking a years worth of longan supplies along with a bunch of other people. Then we got to the weighing station to get it weighed and the damn things cost about RM9.00 or so. Somethings not right here I said cos yesterday we bought a whole load and it cost 0.17 sen and today it cost RM9.00. So I went back and checked the price and it actually cost RM3.99 a kg. Apparently, the cashier keyed it as 0.39 sen per kg yesterday, that's why it was soooooooooo blooming cheap! Damn, and here I thought I actually found something in this world that was really really really cheap. If I had known, I would have taken a whole truckload yesterday.

For a while there, I thought things were getting cheaper again but it was just plain old good luck that the cashier was so careless. How I wish they were careless everyday (or at least every time I shop. LOL!) Anyway, we bought the longans at the actual price today and it still tasted pretty good. But yesterdays tasted even sweeter cos it was only 0.17 sen :) What can you buy for 0.17 sen nowadays?

The moral of the story : he who laughs last, laughs best! Ok, ok, I know that really isn't the moral of this story but I honestly didn't know how else to end this post, besides it sounded like it would compliment the start of this post ... LOL!


  1. hey Barrett, a longan is sort of like a lychee. I'm not really sure if there is any other name for it cos I've called it longans all my life. It looks like the picture attached. You've got to peel it and it has this whitish flesh which can be eaten.

  2. Nick, its been a long time since I last tasted LONGAN. Coming to you blog always makes me hungry lah.
    That time is the burger, now is the longan...... LOL

    So wasted.... should have get more the first time round. 17 cents, alamak, where to find so CHEAP....hehehe ;p

  3. Buddy! I cannot help but shake my head in amazement that you actually believed that anything in this day and age could cost 17 cents! :) Of course they charged you wrongly! :) And now you know why we've been friends for so long! LOL The best part is you went back for more tsk tsk tsk :) Wait till I tell Seansy about this! :)

  4. Janice, yeah, what a waste. If I'd known, I sure would have bought a whole truckload. Yup, nothing I've ever bought in my lifetime is as cheap as that.

    Adrian - yeah, yeah, I'm a doofus I admit :) But it sure tasted real good though and Seansy is as doofussy as I am. LOL!

  5. Every time come to your blog sure feel hungry... first the Ramly burger, now juicy longans. Aiyoh. I still have some durians in the fridge though. Mmmm...

  6. that's super duper cheap! 0.17sen? I can't believe my eyes when i read your post. For 0.17sen, i cant get anything except 3 sweets. I can neither believe that you passed through the cashier. How can he/she not realized? must be a blur case.
    And i think it's once in a blue moon stuff.
    I just went to Giant on saturday. Hmm.. next time, i should choose the blur looking cashier to weight for me. Maybe i'll get a better offer. LOL!

  7. Nick, even I had a hard time believing it was 17 cents! Well, at least the first batch was almost free :)

  8. Next time I visit Malaysia, I must really get you and the wife go for a makan tour. Visiting your blog late at night is bad ... it made me hungry ! Which part of Malaysia are you in? Sorry ah ... didn't have time to dig through your archive to find out ...

    Anyway, just tagged you on meme :D

  9. Man I wish we could get them easily here in the states. My mother is Thai and she very rarely manages to get them from an asian grocer or a Thai friend. They are fabulous!

    I wonder if I can grow them in south florida. I'm going to go find out.

  10. Lis, durians huh? Now that is making me hungry! Let me see what food article I can post next ...

    Jean - Well, I'm not complaining that they have blur cashiers. In fact I hope they're blur everyday!!

    Bobo - thanx for the tag. Will check it out.

    Marzie, Almost free, that's a nice way of putting it :) If only the next day was 'almost free' too ... sighhhhh!

    Vivienne - Thanx for the tag. I'm from KL. Everybody gets hungry visiting my blog. Watch out for my next food article!! ... hahaha ...

    Lindaf - You let me know if you're successful in actually growing them, ya? Then, I might try growing some myself! LOL! Thanx for the visit. Hope to see you around more ...

  11. A whole truckload of longans .... well, I had a non-too memorable experience about consuming to much longans. LOL!

  12. longan?i lurrrvvveee longan...0.17 cent?i'll buy all the longans in giant!!when the longans seasons in , i usually bought them around rm16.00 and i ate them by myself!!:D

  13. Sharon - I didn't know longans could give one non too memorable experiences. Well, I ate quite a bit over the weekend and I'm still alive. LOL!

    Shana - If I had known it was 0.17 cents, I'd have bought all of it too! Whoa, RM16.00 worth of longans??? That's ALOT of longans!!! And eating it all by yourself some more ...

  14. Eeee.. wish I was as lucky as you when I bought them lychees last week. Mine was RM25! *cries*

  15. Longan is delicious..sweet than lychee..In Indonesia call kelengkeng..Hello Salam kenal Philip

  16. I am with your wife..I never take naps and when I do..OH BOY!! Grumpy is not the word..

    Longans must be good..Everybody posting loves them!!

    I bought a Carvel Ice Cream Cake at the grocery store once. The price said $14.99, when I got to the register it rang up as $18.99 + tax. I questioned the cashier and she was quite rude and told me I was wrong that the correct price was what it rang up as. I said "We'll see about that." Went back looked at the price, talked to the bakery manager and sure enough someone put the price in the wrong spot.

    To make a long story short, the cake was marked $14.99, I paid $18.99 and then due to store policy on miss priced items, I got my $18.99 back so the cake cost me $0.00

  17. Ok.. I have no idea in the world what a longan is.. Why? Enlighten me please..

  18. Cindy, yeah, luck is the right word. Just wish I could be lucky everyday. RM25 for lychees. Boy, you must be rich. LOL!

    Franx Budi - Yup, longans sure are delicious, especially the really 'cheap' ones I got ... hehehe ... It's called kelenkeng in Indonesia, huh, cool, atleast now i know :)

    Diamond, ... and a grumpy wife is not one you'd want to mess around with. LOL! Free Ice cream cake, now that beats my 0.17 cents longans anytime :)

    Msrebecca - Hmm, how do I explain what longans are. It looks exactly like the picture I posted. It has this whitish semi-transparent flesh inside once you peel it.

    The flesh is normally sweet and juicy (that's the best kind) and it's like always (I think) available here ... best description I could give you.

    Btw, thanx for dropping by.

  19. LOL! let's pray for blur cashier at hypermarkets!! yeah!! :))

  20. Not rich lah.. but cannot help. I'm a fan of lychee and I'm kinda sick of eating those out of can. Once a while must eat original wan ma.. LOL!

  21. Longan is my fav too:) The wife sounds just like me, grumpy! The trick to handling this type of woman is just let her steam off, cool a bit then you pujuk nicely. Works everytime.

  22. Jean - yeah, hopefully I'll be lucky to get more blur cashiers!!

    Cindy - Have to agree with you on this one, nothing beats the original fruit :)

    Sweetiepie, Thanx for the tip:) Now I know how to pujuk her. LOL! But if that doesn't work, chocolates will do trick ... hehehe ...

  23. Sounds kinda of good! Too bad your steal turned out to be a happy accident! Thanks Nick!

  24. Hey Barrett, I could with lots more 'happy accidents' like these in the future ... LOL!

  25. LOL! had a good laugh when you finally mentioned that there was
    an error on the pricing. Oh well, we can't get lucky most of the time.

  26. Ann, well, one can always dream to get 'lucky' always rite ... and also for more blur case cashiers. LOL!


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