Sunday, July 1, 2007

Getting There ...

I'm actually pretty happy with myself. Those of you who've been reading my blog would know that I started my running programme again about 4 or so weeks ago. I was totally unfit the day I started the programme and running for 3 minutes was a chore! Now I'm glad to say that after sticking to the programme (there where so many instances where I was sooooooo tempted to make excuses and quit!) I've worked up quite an appetite for running again and I'm feeling fitter and healthier that I ever was in a long time :) I started the first week with just running and walking 3 times a week (boy, that was a difficult time) and have moved on to running almost everyday now. The only bump I had was when I fell sick.

I've even lost considerable weight and my clothes fit all that much better now :) I used to have this huge tummy from eating too much and now it's gone, now my beloved doesn't call me 'bulat' (round) anymore. I know it's supposed to be an endearing nickname but I wasn't too fond of it, honey! I'm so happy cos I achieved in losing that bloated tummy in 4 weeks (of cos due to some strict changing of my eating habits as well).

I used to skip lunch and eat this huge mountain of rice during dinner (trust me, the amount I ate could have fed half of Africa, my beloved and my good buddy can testify to this ... hehehe ...) But I decided to cut down that portion of rice to less than half the amount and the first week was hell. And my beloved made sure of it by dishing out smaller portions of rice for me (the looks I gave her for the teeny servings she gave me could have frozen hell over ten times ... hehehe ...) My body kept 'pressuring' me to eat, eat , eat but I held on and I'm glad to say that nowadays just a teeny weeny portion of rice fills me up :) I owe it all to her. Better yet, I used to hate eating vegetables, now I eat a whole load of 'em! Even my beloved is totally flabbergasted by that. LOL!

Now I look forward to running everyday after work. The first thing I get home from work, I'll get into my running gear and I'm back out on the road again. I'm hoping I don't ever lose this will to run ever again! The actual reason I'm doing this is besides the health factor and the love I have for running, I'm doing this for my beloved :)

Hopefully I'll be fit in time to take part in the Subang Jaya 10K run next month (urmmm, maybe the 5k run for now ... hehehe). It has been a while since I've entered any races but I'm looking forward to this race. Will let you guys know if I actually finish the run!


  1. Hi Nick,
    You have a nice blog too. Haha I have found someone who is in the same boat as me ...weight losing regime.. I have succeeded so far so good... for I have lost 15 kg since last December afterr having been diagnosed with high blood sugar. Refusing to put myself on drugs to control my high blood sugar I decided to lose weight. Like you I cut down on rice , noodles and all starchy food. It was pretty hard at first ..especially the hunger.. but now everything is alright. So do keep it up and don't ever give up on youir diet control and exercise. Good Luck.
    Regards: Christina

  2. Ha ha, cute! But not anymore are you with all the running and exercising? Good job Nick! :)

  3. Good for you Nick! I was wondering when you would update on your running progress. I guess you read my thots!:)

  4. Christina - yup, it was so hard at first but now I'm glad I'm able to to resist all temptation to over eat. Thanx for visiting.

    Marzie - Thanx Marzie, bulat, cute? urrmm, made me sound like Garfield la! ... yeah, not anymore. Hope it stays that way ... hahaha ...

    sweetiepie - well, it's updated now :) Yeah, I'm a mind reader ... hehehe ... Will keep it updated from time to time, so stay tuned in, k :)

  5. Nick, keep it up no matter how hard it seems. I think it's great how you said you are doing this not just for your self but for your beloved. That deserves a round of applause! Hip Hip Hooray:)

  6. Hey Bobby, thanx. I'm definitely gonna keep this up :) I've neglected my health for far too long already!

  7. Nick, good Luck to your determination & your race :)

  8. Spicy bug - Thanks. Will definitely work even harder.

    Janice - Hopefully I'll at least complete the race ... But I'm definitely gonna try.

  9. Keep up the good work! You've actually inspired me to run or walk more now to lose weight. :P

    I've started running up and down the stairs today tho. Good startlah... hehehe..

  10. Hey, well done! One month is long and hope you can continue keeping it up!

  11. Whoa~ That's wonderful and took a lot of discipline! I wish I have will power like you too.
    Someone once told me that woman has big influence in man's life and it sure is true.. ;)

  12. Cindy - glad I managed to inspire someone at least. Just don't fall down those stairs when you run, k ... LOL!

    Ben - Thanx Ben, I'll do my best not to give up cos I'm pretty pleased with the results so far :)

    cbenc12 - yup, she is a big influence in my life! She's the reason why I don't give up and why I'm doing this.


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