Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Shibumi Tale ...

There I was trying to catch a couple of minutes of shut eye in my office (hey, I wasn't bumming off, it was lunch time, ok!) and I catch a whiff of smoke in my room. The first thing that runs through my blurry mind is ...

'Oh my God! The office is on fire!'

I bolt up from my chair, get ready to run but am confronted by this floating image of a genie amidst a cloud of smoke. I take a few steps back, reaching out for my trusty old baseball bat when the genie speaks ...

'Don't you dare reach for that bat, you imbecile! It's me la, the Genie Princess.'

Squinting my eyes to look through the smoke, I breathe a sigh of relief and say ...

"Oh, so it is you. Aiyoo! next time don't frighten me la, for a moment there I thought you were that no good Genie King who still owes me wishes and I was about to hit the louse over his thick head!'

'No la, he's still in hiding' the Genie Princess says. 'Owes too many people wishes and they're all hunting him down'

'Anyway, I've got something for you'
, says the Genie Princess and she hands me an award.

'Shibumi award? what in hell is a Shibumi award? I ask.

'You numb skull', The Genie Princess replies, 'don't you even know anything? Shibumi is a Japanese term which is used in the following context in a noun. Its meaning refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobstrusive beauty."

'So you're trying to say I'm simply beautiful now, huh? I reply laughing ...

'Argggghhhhhhh!!! You're impossible!!! The Genie Princess screams. 'Here, take this and you'd better display it somewhere prominent or else you'll know what's good for you ..... !!!'

And with that, the Genie Princess disappears in the same puff of smoke from which she appeared leaving me to ponder upon the mysteries of the universe.

'Oh well, at least I still have another 20 minutes of lunch time left to snooze.'


  1. Wow, what a dramatic way of telling us he got an award! LOL!

    Congratulations, Nick!! :D

  2. ALAKAZAM!!! You've got something against the Genie King boy! huh huh!! :) I thought I told you that your wish would be granted in due about patience... besides you did ask for a billion bucks and the Genies did say not to be a greedy so consider all your wishes can go and run and cry with your tail between your legs to the Genie Princess and she can give you the money and new shoes you wished for!

    And if I ever catch you in my neighbouthood...beware...I just might wish the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits! So there!


    As for me....I'm gonna take that billion bucks and spend it on my other friend...besides I need a new flying carpet and more bling bling! Those things don't come cheap you know! hehehe

    PS Oh one more time to do so many posts but no time to do just half the speech for our good buddies wedding day huh! Always claiming to be busy it seems! :):):) Nevermind Seansy and me will cook up something nice for you! :)

    Cheers bub! Dei weren't you supposed to arrange for a meet today or something?! :)

    Genie King Has Spoken!

  3. heheh ,cool way to let us know he got an award kan cindy?hehe

  4. Good one !! Congrates on your award :)

    Janice Ng

  5. Cindy, I tend to be overly dramatical at times ... LOL!

  6. Woi, Genie King, don't make report you to the Fraudulent Genie Association ... LOL!

    Nothing much I could add to the well written speech that you had already done, so I left well enough alone.

    Hope whatever you and Seansy haave cooking up is tasty ... LOL!

  7. Meleah, thanx and happy Halloween to you too ...

  8. Shana, that's what happen when you have so much free time on your hands ... LOL!

  9. Janice, thanx. I still have loads more of tags to do though ... LOL!

  10. that's creative of you as usual and congratulations on that shibumi award, it sounds great^^

  11. Congrats! Another creative spin from the award winner...

  12. Congrats Nick...You're really a good story teller lah..heheh.. and GP very pretty eh....eheheh

    Pst.. also got award for you lahh...:-)

  13. Lord Manila Stone, thanx for the compliments.

  14. BT, gee thanx, don't know about the creative part though ... LOL!

  15. Lady Java, story teller? that's a nice way of saying I'm a motor mouth ... LOL! And thanx for the award, will check it out soon.

  16. Ha ha ha!! Thanks for such a creative award post, yay Genie Princess is here!! Congrats Nick! :):):)

    Genie Princess

  17. Marzie, you're welcome. And don't forget to bug GK for my wishes ... LOL! Tell him I ain't forgotten!


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