Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Gonna Be Rich ...

Ah, a new month is upon us and today while going through my emails, I came across a message from Pay Per Post (PPP) saying that they've approved my blog. I stared at it for awhile and scratch my head cos I seriously don't remember signing up for it. I must be getting old. I've only very recently started my adventure in the world of paid postings and was actually going to go and sign up with PPP but seeing as how I must have signed up already sometime ago, looks like I'm not going to be needing to do that again.

I don't really think I need to explain what PPP is all about but to the uninitiated, PPP basically offers you the chance to get paid to blog. How cool can that be, right? I blog about stuff practically every day and if someone is going to pay me to blog, then that makes this blogging adventure all the more meaningful, financially as well :)

And what's even better is the moment I do my first post opportunity, PPP is going to pay me an easy USD20.00. Not a bad way to make money, ya? It's not like it's difficult to do or anything. I'm not one to turn away a chance to make some money from my blogging adventures, especially one as easy as this.

All you need to do is go sign up with PPP, wait for your blog to be approved. If your blog is 90 days old and at least has some semblance of postings in it, then it shouldn't be a problem. Once it's approved, they'll send you an email to inform you and then you can go check out the opportunities waiting for you. And with that you're on your way to making your first millions. So, go sign up now and let's all make money together :)

And yes, buddy, when PPP pays me, there'll be a treat waiting for you at our favourite Indian restaurant!


  1. Cool, you're now officially a paid postie:) Nicely written as well. Here's looking to your first millions:)

  2. Andy, yeah, I'm officially a paid postie now :) Not too sure about the part of making my first millions though but if I do, you'll be the first to know buddy :)

  3. yay!! i want banana leave rice!!

  4. Jean, when I get my first million, I'll treat the whole blogsphere la ... LOL!

  5. welcome to the world of Paid posting!hope u'll become a millionaire,after me!good luck!hehehe

  6. Shana, it's gonna take me loads and loads and loads and loads of postings before I get anywhere to being a millionaire ... hehehe


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