Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blabbering Away ...

I just realised something about my blogging trend for the past one month or so. When I first started blogging, I used to only post once in maybe 5 days. I was still kinda skeptical back then about blogging. I wasn't an immediate fan of blogging. I seriously couldn't think or find anything worth posting back then.

But then I slowly started to get hooked and my posting frequency went up from one or two post a week to about a post every two days. And now I've actually started to post on frequency of a minimum of one post a day! Man, I never knew I had so much of rubbish that I could post in my blog ... LOL! The number of postings I've done this month alone has surpassed any that I've done in the 7 months or so since I've started blogging. And the month isn't over yet ... LOL!

I know this is also in part to me selling out Anything Goes as an Ad Free site and jumping on the paid posting bandwagon. I just couldn't help it, I can't sit back and let all you other guys become millionaires now could I? LOL! What really strikes me as amazing is that I can still find things to write about, be it paid or personal postings. I was never very good at this writing stuff (not that I am now, mind you) but somehow whenever I switch on my PC, it's like there's this aura of magic that overcomes me and somehow I'll have loads of rubbish to write ... LOL! In other words people, I'm a blabber mouth or in this case, blabber fingers :D

In real life, I'm exactly the way I am in my blog. My friends who know me knows what a blabber mouth I can be. I'm always talking and sometimes I think they just let what I say go in one ear and out the other (admit it already buddy ... LOL). And ever since I discovered blogging I've found that I have another outlet to rant and rave out loud ... hehehe ...

I actually wanted to post something today about food here with some pictures cos normally on Sundays I'll experiment with some recipes for the kids but this Sunday I was just too lazy to do anything. Besides I know a few of you out there are trying to lose weight and don't really want to see more pictures of food, ya? LOL! But I will definitely post some pictures of me doing some recipe experiment next week.

I was watching the AFC channel last night on Astro and they were showing some pretty cool food recipes that I want to try but with my own twist to it. I didn't have some of the ingredients for it and I was too lazy to go to my favourite hypermarket to get it today, so no new food pictures today. I've seriously grown fond of this cooking bit nowadays and it's all thanks to my beloved wife for her support in letting me experiment in her precious kitchen and my two boys who are my loyal food tasters for every dish I cook up and so far no one has been hospitalized yet by my cooking ... hehehe ... Trust me when I say this but there was a time when I couldn't even boil water :D

I've also got to plan some activities for the 2 boys at home and figure out some places to take them for the school holidays. They're getting pretty restless staying home. But before I can even begin to take anyone anywhere, I'm going to need to get some new traveling bags, the ones we have are pretty battered already. I'll check some sites out later and find some nice and reasonable luggage sets that I can buy, if not we're all going to be traveling with plastic bags ... LOL!


  1. Hahaha... traveling with plastic bags! But those bags are OK, what. :D

  2. Wow, I salute u la! One post a day is great, keep it up, so I can enjoy a good read every day! :):):)

  3. Sweetiepie, well, the plastic bags are way cheaper, don't you think? LOL! Ok, Ok, I'm a cheapskate la ... hehehe ...

  4. Marzie, I'm glad you enjoy reading this crazy blog ... LOL! I've got loads more rubbish to post daily ... hehehe ...

  5. Ive been doing a post a day for about a year (with the exception of weekends) I am a fellow blabber finger!

  6. Meleah my friend, it's good to know there are more blabber fingers like me out there ... LOL!


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