Sunday, November 18, 2007

Midnight Snacking. Not!

It's about 1.00am and I'm hungry! And don't anyone remind me about the diet that I'm supposed to be on. LOL! Actually on any other weekend night I would be in deep sleep by now, but today I feel so full of energy and I'm not one bit sleepy. I'm just hungry!

'Honey, after I post this, we're gonna hit the roads and find some supper!'

The strange thing is I had quite a hearty meal for dinner today ... urrmm ... I mean yesterday. After my run this evening, I went with wifey to pack some dinner and I got myself a huge helping of rice and chicken curry at my favourite Indian restaurant near my house. This shop serve generous portions with their meals and I was kinda stuffed after my dinner. Which makes it real hard to explain this hunger pangs that I have.

And I'm really hungry, I can even hear my stomach growling. Man, I'm never ever gonna lose any weight at this rate and soon I'm going to be looking a lot like Jabba The Hut!

'Honey, will you still love me if I look a little like Jabba?'

I'm definitely going to go for supper right after this. If I can convince wifey to follow me I'm sure she's gonna want to go to A&W's cos she just loves the root beer there and the last time we went they were closed for renovations. I'm sure they're done with their stupid renovations by now (well, they'd better be or there will be hell to pay ... LOL).

Actually I love going out for these late night suppers, I mean, early morning supper thingy's on weekends. We don't have to bring the two boys cos they're fast asleep and both the wife and me can spend some nice quiet quality time together, like a date of sorts ... hehehe ... shows you how much of dates we actually go on, practically nil!

'What's that honey, you're going to bed already? What about my hunger pangs?'

Ok, looks like I'm not going to get supper after all, wife's too tired from working on all those paid posting assignments that she has and I have to go to be bed hungry! Hrrruummpppp!!! I'm think I'm going to sulk ... LOL! She's gonna be richer than me soon with the amount of paid stuff that she's been doing.

I think I'm going to be needing to look into some stuff about checking accounts for her. She's been transferring all her pay pal earnings into her debit card and I don't find that to be very safe at all. But that's a job for another day. Right now I think I'll just have to settle for a peanut butter sandwich.


  1. Note to self: Never visit Nick's blog when trying to watch what you eat.

  2. Gypsy, LOL! I'll try to refrain for talking about food in the future ... hehehe ... but I don't think that's going to be possible ... LOL!

  3. Oh, we love going out for late night suppers too. Last week we had an early breakfast of roti tampal at the mamak near my place at 5am! ;)

  4. Marzie, 5am? LOL! That takes the cake. You win hands down! I'm never gone for supper that late, urmmm, I mean that early ... hehehe ...

  5. Last night I almost went to McDonalds cuz I was darn hungry! It was 3.30am!! I didn't go. Pheww! My diet was saved! LOL!

  6. Syura, LOL! That was a close shave wasn't it ... I was really craving for supper last night but alas, wifey was too sleepy so I had to go bed hungry ... LOL!

  7. Why not go without wifey? Of course she might wake up hungry, and then you'd have to share!

  8. MP,I'm not used to eating supper without company ... In fact I'm not used to eating at all without company :D

  9. He he he, u know la me...night owl! So hubbs just happened to be up early, and I suggested we go for an early breakfast, so there we were at 5am, enjoying our roti! They somehow taste better in the early hours of the morning! ;)

  10. Marzie, night owl doesn't even begin to describe you. I think you have vampire genes in you la ... LOL!

    But you're right, food does taste better early in the morning, especially that very early :D


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