Friday, November 16, 2007

Dieting Predicament!

Yesterday I posted something about not running for quite a while and that I'm going on a diet cos I'm beginning to put on some weight again and that wife was already starting to call me by my old pet name Bulat again. Remember that post? I'm sure you do, it was only yesterday that I posted it.

And you know what? The moment I reached home yesterday, I find out that my darling of a wife decided to cook up an incredible dinner (to me any dinner she makes is incredible). I change into my running gear, walk into the kitchen to get a drink of water before my run like I always do and what do I see on the dining table? I see 5 dishes of mouth watering food! Yes, 5 dishes!

'How in heaven's name am I going to start my diet with food like that, honey?'

The menu she had prepared consisted of Chicken Vindaloo, a dish she's never tried before but take my word for it, the smell alone was enough to die for, then there was my favourite Japanese tofu with mixed veggies, fried papadams with herbs & spices, pickled cucumbers with tomatoes and onions (another of my favourites) and also some chicken nuggets (they actually belonged to my kids ... LOL).

I stood there for a whole minute contemplating on how I am ever going to start my diet and say no to mouth watering food like that. Well, I guess the diet is only going to start tomorrow. It wasn't easy keeping my mind on running cos all through my run yesterday evening, I was salivating over the prospects of dinner ... LOL! And I had to put extra effort in my run to make sure I deserved to have that mouth watering meal later.

Good thing my younger boy decided that today was the day he wanted to start running with me and so after I got back from my usual running route, I took him along for a second session of running around the park near my house. And that little fellow has the makings of a regular runner :) He outran me completely ... hehehe ... Well, if he keeps that up , I'll at least be able to go on my runs with him in the future. Won't be so boring running alone ...

Suffice to say that after the run, I immediately took my bath, harassed my wife (who was busy doing her paid postings) to have an early dinner. And after a meal like that I'm definitely going to have to run all that much longer today just to burn it all off. But what can I say, I'm a sucker for my wife's cooking :)


  1. Dude, that Chicken Vindaloo looks pretty mouth watering. The temptation sure is a killer for your dieting, huh :D

  2. WAh, I love papadums! Well, at least you ran you probably burned some calories.

    I didn't run yet I went to a buffet with my friend and the kids. We ate so much I could hardly walk!

  3. Andy, the vindaloo was excellent. Yeah, trying to diet with my wife's cooking is extremely hard.

  4. BT, I had to run if I was going to eat all that food :D There was a time when I could eat the whole place down if I was attending a buffet, but not anymore though.

  5. Oh dear Nick.. I REALLY should stop visiting your blog when I'm on diet. *cries*

    But then again.. you're supposed to be on diet too, no? LOL!

    PS: The foods are so yummy!!!! OMG OMG OMG

  6. I almost bought a t-shirt that said "Diet Starts Tomorrow, Promise!". LOL!

  7. Cindy, urrmmm, blame my wife for me not dieting, it's all her fault for cooking such a great fare. I'll start tomorrow, I really will (well, depends on what she cooks tomorrow la) LOL!

  8. Syura, I think I'm going to need that T-shirt too, I still haven't started my diet btw ... LOL!

  9. Hey! No talk about dieting on a weekend.. Besides, everyone knows the golden rule on dieting! It always starts NEXT MONDAY.. then the next.. then the next.. then the next... LOL!

    But like Cindy, during this confinement period, I've got to avoid food blogs! Major drool! heheheh

  10. Shemah, I've been saying that for a couple of years now and I still haven't started my diet yet ... LOL!

    When your confinement is over, go out and makan puas-puas until no more drool ... LOL!

  11. Wow!!! 5 dishes? You must've had a feast, the most I'll go is 3 dishes LOL! And the vindaloo sounds impressive, the only time I get to enjoy vindaloo if I go to D'tandoor! :):):)

  12. Marzie, a feast it was. Normally wifey doesn't cook more than 3 dishes too but I think she was on a roll that day ... hehehe ...

    Yeah, the D'tandoor vindaloo is pretty good. Damn, now I'm getting hungry again ... LOL!


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