Saturday, November 3, 2007

For The Love Of Gambling ...

I was browsing the TV channels last night and discovered that one of my favourite TV shows, Vegas was on air again. And judging by the episode I watched last night, I think I missed quite a few episodes already. Drats. How come nobody ever told me it was on air again.

I love watching Vegas. I caught it every time it was shown the previous season and then the season ended and it went off the air for a while. I knew they were going to screen the latest season (well, the latest season over here that is) but I didn't know when and obviously as I discovered last night, they were already showing it. I like this show not because I love gambling and stuff like that. It's a fun show that delves into the lives of these group of people working and running a casino.

It's my only insight into the world of casinos ... hehehe ... I've only ever been to a casino just once in my lifetime and that was many years ago. My best buddy and me decided to go for a 2 day vacation at Genting Highlands. We actually wanted to just enjoy the theme park but in the end we decided to try our luck in the casino. I was apprehensive at first but went along with it. The moment I stepped in there it was like an entirely different world. It was just like the show Vegas ... hehehe ...

So I tried my hand at the one arm and enjoyed it to the point I started making some money. That only spurred me to keep on playing and I should have just walked away when I was on a roll because eventually I lost whatever money I won and even some of the money I started off with, which wasn't really much but I still lost all the same. After that I decided I'm just not cut out for gambling. I'm just too chicken to gamble with my money!

But then I was browsing through one of my favourite bloggers page, Nessa, and she had this posting on something about online casino gambling. So, I checked it out and discovered that it's a site that lists numerous casinos based on their rankings. The moment you enter the site, they list the top 10 online casino sites right on its front page.

Well, it still hasn't convinced me to gamble my hard earned money away just yet but they I can just click the read review button and get a description of the casino's listed, what their bonus payouts are, game selections based on the sites ratings, the payout rates and lots more useful stuff.

Unfortunately for me, I'm not a resident of the United States of America so even if I wanted to play these games online I can't. But if you're from the good old USA, then go check out their top online sportsbook guide for all the information you need on gambling.

Ok, now to go check on my wife who is still in bed and is complaining that I woke up and left her in bed and that devils will come catch her ... LOL! Go figure ...


  1. I love Vegas! I was wondering when the new season will be shown... thanks for the update. Will definitely catch it next week:)

  2. Hey Nick, great minds think a like..i was watching Vegas last night too!!

  3. sweetiepie, no probs on the update :)Make sure you catch it. It's gets better in Season 3 :)

  4. Diamond, cool, what season they showing over there? It's only Season 3 here ...

  5. Hey Nick, I'd never join or play on one of those online casinos thingy - I only go for the real thing he he he.... ;)

  6. Marzie, I'm too chicken to play the real thing. I have this fear of losing all my money and ending up jumping off a bridge ... LOL! SO, it's the fake casino's for me :)


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