Friday, November 2, 2007

My Best Friends Wedding.

Well, the weekend is almost upon us and I'm happy. I'm always happy on Fridays so nothing really is new. But this Friday is a little exceptional. My best buddy, no not the Genie King, the other one, Sean (or Seansy as we call him) is finally going to tie the knot and I'm happy for him. Both Genie King and me have been waiting for this day for ages and it's finally here.

Tomorrow will definitely be a very busy day for me, what with the church wedding at 12 noon, then head home for a quick rest and nap before heading back to the heart of the city for his wedding reception. I hope the traffic is kind to me but somehow I seriously doubt it.

I'm actually a little nervous myself because of the speech giving time where both Genie King and me will be giving a speech for our best buddy. I didn't do my part by actually writing a speech (sorry bud) simply because the Genie King wrote a speech so well that I had nothing better to add to it :) He basically said what I would have said and the only thing I could have done was to reword his speech which would have been pointless cos it was already well written! Ok, enough with the praises already ... hehehe ...

Yes, we're both nervous about giving this speech. We were just talking on the phone a few minutes back about how we were going to deliver the speech and hopefully we don't make complete jackasses of ourselves. I've done so many presentations to so many people before, yet I've never and will never get used to public speaking. I know I'm going to probably be sweating profusely during the speech (hopefully it's dark enough so no one will notice... LOL!). The only good thing is we're doing the speech as a duo so it won't be as bad as doing it alone. When we're both together we normally can be very loony ... hehehe ... We'll let you know how it went on Sunday in a post either here or on his blog.

I'm also looking forward to the food part ... hehehe ... I basically know what kind of food is gonna be on hand cos The Genie King and me attended the taste testing sessions and I kinda loved everything on the menu, well except for the prawns. And that's not because I don't like it. I'm just allergic to it. My throat would swell to the size of a watermelon and I'd choke and die if I ever ate one, not really, but it sounds more dramatic that way ... hehehe ... I've always been allergic to prawns. I can eat all other kinds of seafood except prawns and that would include lobsters too I guess (haven't tried it for fear of dying ... LOL!). Besides the prawns, which I'm going to pass over to my wife (sorry buddy), the rest of the food I'm going to enjoy :)

Well, I just hope everything will turn out fine without any hitches but whatever happens, I'm going to go and enjoy myself that night. I am so looking forward to seeing my buddy, Seansy utter that magical 'I do' words at long last :D

So, here's looking forward to a great weekend folks :)


  1. Good luck with the speech part, I know you need it! LOL

  2. Wow it's like a ghost town today...nobody around and really very quiet!

    Is someone throwing fee money and didn't tell me???

    Hey bud...nice post...couldn't have said it better!! I'm nevous too and I feel a sore throat coming...I hope everything will be alright becaue I've been waiting for this day for so long too!

    And you know how nervous I was at his registration LOL

    To Sean! :)

  3. Nessa, I'm gonna need a whole potful of luck for it ... LOL!

  4. Buddy, It's Saturday la, everyone partying dude :)

    Sore throat? You don't chicken out on me now, ok! I'll smack you silly! LOL!


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