Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Open House.

Remember that open house I was mentioning about in my earlier post that my wife, the kids and myself wanted to attend? Well, we did go for it but ended up going for it a little late. And the crowd was just phenomenal …

What really happened was, last night wifey and me stayed up pretty late working on some paid postings and ended up sleeping somewhere close to 2 am or so. Earlier on we had planned to get up real early in the morning around 6.30am and get ready to go for the open house breakfast cos we knew it would be crowded. The boys were enthusiastic about it and kept reminding me to not forget to wake them up too.

But last night we got too caught up with our paid postings that we hardly noticed the time and by the time wifey came to bed it was close to 2 am (I think). Wifey was skeptical that I could get up at 6.30am on a holiday (she knows me sooooo well … LOL). Somewhere during the night it rained and made the place even cozier with the cool air and all and true to form, I woke up late … hehehe …

The sun was already seeping in through the curtains and the birds were already chirping merrily outside. I looked at the clock and it was 7.30 am already. Drats! I hurriedly woke wifey up and then kids and we all hurriedly dressed up and drove to the restaurant.

By the time we got there, the place was packed with people lining up for the food but luckily we managed to find some places for us to sit. Ok, a little history here about this restaurant. My buddy Adrian and me used to frequent this place very regularly (when I say regular, I mean everyday) and some of the waiters there knew me. They were pretty happy to see me and I wished each and every waiter I knew there a happy Deepavali personally. And buddy, they asked for you too.

So, seeing as how I knew them, I got a little preferential treatment. I didn’t have to wait in line for the food so long cos they came and served me, much to the displeasure of everyone … LOL! I wasn’t complaining. The queue for food was already spilling into the streets and if I could get my food faster, why say no, right? … hehehe … Being a regular customer those days sure does have some mighty good advantages :)

Well, we all had a great time eating all the food which consisted of typical Indian breakfast food such Putu Mayam (String hoppers), Roti Canai, Thosai, Idli (all flour based bread like products) together with mutton and chicken curry and potatoes. Everything tasted yummy to me, though wifey did mention the chicken curry was a little bland. I wasn’t complaining … hehehe … stuffed myself silly that I’m skipping lunch and dinner today.

After the breakfast I wished all of the waiters again and we headed to the nearby lake gardens (called Taman Jaya) cos the weather was just too nice to be stuck indoors. There were already quite a number of people enjoying the outdoors too when we got there and the boys immediately ran to the playground section.

Wifey and me just walked around the place enjoying the greenery and taking some pictures of things that intrigued us both (there’s even a picture of me here … LOL). I’ve been to this lake gardens park so many times before (I used to run here with Adrian a few years back) but the park has changed so much that it was a total new experience for me.

After about an hour or so at the park, we finally packed up and headed for home. Gonna get some rest and then have to send my younger boy for a birthday party that he’s been invited for by one of his classmates at 4.30pm. Check out Spiff’s blog for more details about our morning in the park :)

Ps. Sorry about the pix quality. What do you expect with a cell phone camera … LOL!


  1. The pics of the food is plain cruelty to this particular mom in confinement! LOL!

    Anyways, keep up the good work on the paid postings.. hehehe.. and thanks for the mention in your "Taking the Plunge" post!! :D

    Oh ya, Happy Deepavali..

    p/s: the pic of the park is still wayy better than the pics that I take of ANYTHING with a proper digicam. hehehehe..

  2. Shemah, LOL! Well, when your confinement is up, go treat yourself to the best money can buy :)

    You're welcome on the mention, I thought that post was nicely done and thanx for the compliment on the pictures :D

  3. Wow! Great pictures, lovely park... I feel like dragging my family to Taman Jaya!!

  4. that was a nice treat for the whole family, i wonder if muttons tastes better than pork or beef, haven't tried it, and i miss chicken curry,(the chords in my leg rippling for hunger,LOL)

  5. Aiyohhh, the food is making me hungry~! Okay, that's it! I'm gonna have capati for breakfast!

    Btw, romantic lah you people dating in the taman! :P

  6. Like I told Shemah.

    You guys are really cruel!!

    How am I supposed to stick to my diet like dis??? UWAAAAA.. I also wanna eat those chicken etc. UWAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    PS: Wow, romanticnay you both. Go taman bunga lagi. kekekeke~~

  7. Whoa Happy Deepavali. :) That was a great meal le. Moreover service VELLY good. lucky Nick... and you and your wifey so lovey, BObo *envious* haha :) TGIF!

  8. Lord Manila, mutton taste entirely different form pork. It has it's own unique taste, not to mention smell ... LOL!

  9. Ratu Syura, capati for breakfast sure sounds like a mighty fine idea, especially on this nice cold morning, but unfortunately I have to work! Why, oh why are the gods so cruel to me ... LOL!

  10. Sweetiepie, it's a lovely park. This Saturday, drag the whole family there :) I'm sure you're going to enjoy the flowers and plants they have there :)

  11. Bobo, yeah, it pays knowing some waiters there, ya? No need to line up like the rest ... LOL!

    Me and wifey lovely? thanx Bobo, I'll let wifey know you said that :)

  12. Cindy, LOL! Luckily I didn't post pictures of what wifey and me had for dinner, lagi you marah ... LOL!

    Oh, wifey even took some pix of me dancing around the trees in the park like Bollywood movie la ... LOL! And no way am I going to post that one! :p

  13. Nick, what happened to the diet.... Mind you, I'd probably do the same thing faced with all the delicious choices.

  14. Sharon, with all the food that's on offer, the temptation is way too strong ... LOL!

  15. Wow, the park's beautiful, Must be so nice to run there. Food looks yummy too. Love spicy food! Yum!

  16. BT, the park is so much nicer now than the days when I used to run over there. I love spicy food too but nowadays I take it in moderation.


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