Friday, November 9, 2007

That Darned Pesky Client ...

You know what I hate most about working? My clients calling me up and interrupting my blogging sessions ... LOL! I mean, there I was so intent on my blogging when my cell rings and my client goes ...

Nick, I need something done really urgent, can you please help me?'

Urrmm, isn't everything you guys want done are somehow always related to the word urgent? Don't you people know it's a Friday and it's almost 5.00pm and that I'm in the midst of blogging and would be packing my bags and getting ready to go home soon? Why don't you call me at 7.00pm when I'm already home and tell me that I'm needed back at work. That would suit your warped mentality just fine now wouldn't it ... LOL! Of course I didn't tell them any of that. See what happens when I'm interrupted from blogging ...

So, of course, me being me, I said no problems (my wife hates it when I say those words to my clients, she says I baby them too much ... hehehe). I've got no choice, they pay the bills honey. Besides, I don't want them having to depend on any other Agency now do I? They did say 'please' ... LOL!

Ok, so I stop my all important blogging session, get whatever it is they need done, then hit the print button on my printer and guess what. The stupid, ungrateful, pathetic, moronic printer refuses to print and makes this strange abnormal beeping sound and has this small tiny red light blinking continuously. I groan ...

'Aw, come on, give me a break, it's almost time to go home, what the heck is wrong now?'

So, I look at the status screen on the printer and lo and behold, the darn thing has run out of ink! For gods sake, what else could go wrong. Well, I've learned never to utter those words again cos whatever else that could go wrong went wrong. I open our supply cabinet to get a new print cartridge and what do I see? An empty cabinet staring back at me! Siggghhhhhh ...

I look at my watch, it's already 5.30pm so I call the store we normally order cartridges from and ask them to send me a new one and they ask me what's the model number? Huh? Model number? How the heck would I know? I don't do the ordering of supplies here. The person who normally does that had already gone home and does not answer her cell phone (smart woman). I'm going to kill her when she comes in tomorrow though.

The client is already harassing me to get the print outs to them ASAP! So, what do I do? Luckily, I remembered that during my rudely interrupted blogging session just now, I came across this site called Cartridge Finder that would be able to help me located the right kind of cartridge for my darn useless printer.

So, I logged on and browsed their site and with hardly any effort I was able to locate the name and model number of the cartridge that I would need to order. Cartridge Finder is just heaven sent. See, blogging does have its benefits after all ... hehehe ...

They don't just limit you to printer cartridges alone, you can also find the right cartridges for your copier and fax from over 10,000 different models available and it's so easy to do with their user-friendly menu. You can browse by major brands, which is always updated regularly for reliability. They're also linked to check's merchant listings to find you the best price on the product you need.

And the moment I got the model number, I called the store again and within half an hour (they're pretty near my office) the cartridges arrived. To cut a long story short, I managed to get the print-outs for the client even though they ruined at least an hour or so of my precious blogging time. Thank god for technology. If this happened in the old days. I'd be here all night and through the weekend even! So, alls well that ends well. Happy weekend folks :)


  1. You know, I didn't think it was a paid post until I came to the last para of your post. It's so well written and I hope they pay you what yours posting deserves. Well done mate!

  2. Yeah.. I hate it too when my customers called at the wrong time. Especially when I'm blogging too! :P

  3. I used to do all the ordering for an office once and the golden rule was NEVER let anything run out completely. You worked that ad in very nicely Nick. So how's this paid posting thing panning out for you anyway?

  4. Andy, awwwww shucks man, you make me blush with your comments ... LOL! But thanx for the compliments anyway :)

  5. Cindy, you got that right, How rude of them to interrupt my blogging sessions ... LOL!

  6. Gypsy, I try to practice that too but my office has people this 'couldn't care less' attitude at times ... Well, I've learned my lesson today :)

    The paid postings are coming along just fine. I'm hoping to make my first millions in about 3 to 4 centuries time ... LOL!

  7. I think 'clients' have special sense of knowing when you're in a hurry, or going home already. That's when they want something ASAP!

  8. Sweetiepie, Yup, they definitely do have this uncanny sense of knowing when to bug me ... LOL!

  9. wow, your smart wire just got sparked up again, i really admire your creativity, happy weekend to you too, nick, nice post here, really^^

  10. Hey Lord Manila, happy weekend to you too :) Well, that incident really did happen so it wasn't to hard to sneak that link in ... LOL!

  11. Hi Nick! I'm going to stop babying my clients too!

    Last week I angrily called a client for payment and guess what? He angrily scolded me back! Can u imagine the cheek of the fella, dah la he's owing me..can scold me some more...So I've had it and he's definitely blacklisted now. When it comes to doing his AR next year, watch me say NO!! :(:(:(

    Sorry, had to vent! ;)

  12. Yeah... Nick saved the day...:-)

  13. Marzie, vent all you want ... LOL! I know how that feels. I have this AR client who is paying us in installments! Can you believe that? LOL! Next year, I'm asking for payment up front before we do their work again!

  14. Lady Java, saved the day? Cool, I feel like a hero ... LOL!


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