Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Sentimental Fellow.

My wife was going through the wardrobe this morning, sort of spring cleaning all the junk I have in there. Trust me, I have loads of old clothes and stuff that I never use and it's been lying in there gathering dust and taking up space. We have this recycling thingy that is always on every fortnight across the road from my house where this group of people will set up a mobile store to collect old stuff that people don't want. Wifey thought of sending all my old stuff that I don't need anymore to them.

so, while she was clearing the wardrobe and I was in the midst of blogging and cursing my ISP cos the damn connection speeds are down to a miserable 56 kbps crawl (it's some stupid fault on their part according to them) I spotted this jacket that was on the list of giveaways. I immediately said ...

'uh-uh Honey, we're not giving that jacket away'

It's a nice red North Face jacket that holds special meaning to me. You see, Genie King, Seansy and myself bought that jacket when we went to Seansy's hometown in this little old historical city of Malacca for a vacation back in our college days. The three of us have the exact same jacket and colour and we bought it real cheap at only RM5.00 and for a world renowned brand like that, it was a steal.

We bought it at this unlikely place called Madam Kings Supermarket. On hindsight we're not really sure if they're original or not but the quality and workmanship were top notch and for RM5.00 who's complaining. There were even this nice set of Nike track tops that were going for the same price (can't really remember, it was that long ago) and me and Seansy were heavily into running those day so we also bought those. Man, what a steal they were. Imagine, branded stuff like Nike and North Face and we got them for practically nothing.

Seansy did mention that they do have a factory in Malacca producing those goods so we figured they were original stuff :) I don't think I could fit into that jacket now though cos I was way smaller back then ... LOL! I guess I'd better go through all the junk again and make sure wifey doesn't throw all my old stuff away. I'm a pretty sentimental fellow and I do keep loads of stuff even though I don't use them anymore. I even have this really old night dress of wifeys that still has her smell on it which I've kept all these years and she's been trying to get rid of it for ages with no success!

'I'm gonna keep that for the rest of my life, honey, so don't even think about it.' (LOL!)

Oh drats, look at the time, no wonder the kids are hungry. It's almost 2.oopm and I haven't made the lunch yet. I'd better log off and go make them something or there's gonna be hell to pay! :D Happy weekend people!


  1. Haha, forget about cleaning up your closet! Keep everything!

    I keep lots of old clothes too.. some are tiny ones that I hope I can fit into again. Others are just there cos I am just too darn lazy to toss them out!

  2. You won't believe the condition of some of my fav. baju... plenty of holes but the material so soft, can't bear to part with them! LOL

  3. BT, by the time I went through all the stuff, there was nothing to get rid off ... LOL!

  4. Nessa, I believe you, I believe you ... LOL! I have loads of 'holey' clothes too, lovely for sleeping with, right? :)

  5. Ah, you know, I once tossed out a pair of my hubbys boots, I really didnt think he would miss them, as they were thick with dust at the back of the top shelf of the wardrobe for about five years. Lucky for me they had no sentimental value, but he occasionally asks me where they are........I tell him they are long gone and Im sorry - I wont be doing that again!
    On the other hand, he has more clothes and shoes than I do ROFL!

  6. Lavender, I know how your hubby must ave felt. I had this really old, almost disintegrating T-shirt that I use for sleeping, full of holes, etc and one fine day my wife threw it away ... (sob,sob) LOL!

  7. You cant imagine I've got one huge wardrobe to myself & they are eating slowly into my hub's too... LOL :)

    Most of them have sentimental values to me that's why they are still kept though I cant fit into them anymore... ;p

    Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

  8. Janice, my rubbish is eating into my wife's place ... LOL! We're both gonna need a bugger wardrobe soon though!

  9. Hahaha! You remind me of the old clothes I have in my closet. They're wayyyy too many and I don't think I'll ever have the heart to give it away. It holds all my memories of when I was slimmer. LOL! In fact, my mom wanted to donate it to the orphans, but after seeing how sexy those clothes were, she decided not to spoil the young kids. Hahaha!

    RM5 for a jacket?! WOW!!!! You hardly see that nowadays... :(

  10. Yeah Cindy, you don't wanna see some kids running around in any sexy clothing now do you ... LOL!

    I think a lot of people are too sentimental so they probably have the same amount of junk that Ihave :D

    Yeah, where to find things costing RM5.00 nowadays. Keropok also cost about RM5.00!


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