Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Late Nighter ...

I'm really not as young as I used to be anymore (what? you already knew that?) I knew I was going to be needing to use the computer at home this weekend for some work ... urmmm, ok, ok for some paid postings (this isn't one of them by the way) and I knew wifey was also going to be needing it. I took home the office router so we both wouldn't bug each other for internet usage time. Yes, we're both internet junkies already ... LOL!

So after I came home from work yesterday, I cooked dinner for both wifey and me ... urrrmmm ... fried rice only but she said it tasted pretty good. Now you guys know why I love her :) Anyway, after dinner, we said we'd watch the finals of Project Runway Malaysia (which was won by that everyone loves to hate character, Felix) and after the show we wanted to blog till the cows came home. Wifey was a little skeptical about me being able to stay awake for so long though.

There I was so enthusiastic about blogging till early morning cos I don't normally get online on weekends. But somewhere halfway through blogging, I think it was only 12.20 am, I was beginning to feel the pull of sleep calling me! Damn, back up to a couple of years ago, I could stay up till the cows came home and have breakfast with those damn cows even. But not anymore. My old body just isn't up to keeping late hours.

I read somewhere that as you grow older, you require less and less sleep time. I wonder who the heck came up with that research cos it doesn't work for me. I get sleepy real fast and require more sleep as I get older. Oh, where has the time gone? Is there some time machine lying around that I could borrow to return to my youth of innocence? Ok, maybe not so innocent la :D

I did manage to stay on till around 2.00 am or so though cos I saw my buddy Adrian online and we chatted in his shoutbox a little. He was up doing his paid posting and was having problems with it. Don't you worry buddy, I had problems went I started too but I have wifey, the paid posting expert with me to help me out ... hehehe ... so, after my buddy called it a night (or was that morning), I turned in and slept immediately like a baby :) Guess wifey was right about my staying up power (and don't you guys get any filthy ideas about that staying up power bit. LOL!)

I think from now on I'm going to restrict my blogging sessions to daytime only when I'm wide awake and my mind actually works. I may have been up till 2.00am last night but my mind just wasn't working to get any postings out! How I envy all you young punks out there ... LOL! I wonder what time those cows really did come home.


  1. The part about the 'staying power' is so funny! You're a clown la:D

  2. Sweetiepie, aha, a dirty minded woman ... LOL! But seriously though, I am getting old. sighhhh ...

  3. How old are you Nick.. or actually how young?? I heard about the sleeping less when you are older somewhere too.. and I do believe it is true.. I dont need as much sleep as before.. hehe.. in fact I blog till wee hours of the morning and still wake up early to go breakfast with just need to get used to it lahh....

  4. Lady Java, urrmmm, lets just say I'm younger than Genie King ... LOL! I think my sleeping early part is due to laziness more than old age ... LOL! I seriously wonder how you guys do it, stay up late, get up early.

  5. Coz we are not lazyy lahh...hehehe... jgn marah eh...;-)

  6. Lady Java, oh, I am a lazy person by nature, that I'll proudly admit ... LOL!

  7. heheh.. oklah Nick.. Have a great weekend.. ttyl


  8. Oh btw.. if you are interested in more cat tales.. check out kitties site ya..

    See ya

  9. Lady Java, thanx for the site. Will check it out.


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