Monday, November 19, 2007

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays ...

I hate Mondays! I know I've been saying this every Monday and I think Monday hates me too. In fact I think there's this secret organization out that the bestows ill tidings on me, especially on Mondays. I've never had a Monday that has been good the whole day for me.

It started with me rushing some presentation materials out for a client (no, not that stupid client from last week). Actually I can't blame Monday for this, it was my own fault for procrastinating. Managed to get it completed though, then rushed to the heart of the city to get there on time to present it, and guess what, the client happens to be on leave. My wife is probably going to say ...

'I always remind you to call your clients first before going over, hon.'

She's been telling me that everytime I complain to her about my clients taking leave and not informing me about cancellations in appointments. Serves me right for not listening to her. Never mind, gritting my teeth, I tell my clients assistant to call me when she gets back from her leave so I can fix a new presentation time.

Then I head out for the next appointment. For a while things seemed to be going fine, the traffics all clear cos of the school holidays and I'm enjoying the drive with the music on. About a kilometre away from my next appointment, I hit this HUGE pothole. When I say huge, I really mean huge. Everything that wasn't attached or bolted down in my car flew every which way, my teeth almost severed my tongue, my brains felt like it smashed right up to the top of my skull and I almost crashed into the rear of this other 2 or 3 cars that went into the pothole before me ...

So we all stop by the side of the road to examine our cars and thankfully there was no damage. None that was visible to the naked eye though. Who knows, tomorrow the doors might fall off or something. Ok, by this time I'm cursing the president of the local City hall with every profanity I could think of and in every language I knew! Petaling Jaya, the area I was in, had just a few months (I think) ago been awarded City status and instead of things getting better, it's getting worse. So for the life of me I cannot see the justification of them being awarded City status!

Never mind, after putting this incident behind me, I continue for my appointment and by some miracle when I arrive there I actually find parking right in front of the place I have the appointment in. This place is always crowded and those of you who know Section 14 in PJ would know how impossible it is to find parking here during working hours.

'There is a god after all'

So, I park my and smugly walk out and smile at everyone else still looking for parking space and go for my appointment which went just fine. After the meeting, I head to my car and see this other car parked right behind my car. No issues I say cos the driver is in the car. I walk over and with a smile on my face, I wave at him and indicate that I need to reverse out of the parking space thinking he would move his car forward a little so I can reverse out. There is a lot of space in front of him to move his car.

I was surprised when he wound his passenger window down and said to me in this slightly irritated voice that he was waiting for his wife to come out from the bank! I stare at him in disbelieve. So I say to him (still with a smile on my face) ...

'I would appreciate it if you could move a little so I can reverse and be on my way' (seeing as how he's got tons of space in front of him)

Again he replies that he's waiting for his wife to come out of the bank and looks at me like as if I'm irritating him! And he just sits there and doesn't move an inch. so I say to him in a slightly louder tone (the smile no longer on my face) ...

'Urmmm, buddy, I need to reverse, you're parked behind me in a no waiting zone and you could move forward about 5 feet so I can reverse and be on my way cos if you don't I'm just going to reverse my car anyway and smash into you.'

And without waiting for any response from him, I get into my car and start reversing out. I seriously was going to reverse into his blooming car if he didn't move. I think he knew I was serious about it and also slightly insane by now, that he immediately moved forward.

'There, that wasn't so difficult now was it?'

I finally drive off and head back to the office all the while hoping and praying that Monday doesn't decide to drop an airplane or something on top of me. I seriously think Monday hates me. I'm just glad to be back in the safety of my office and I'm going to keep a real low profile until Tuesday. Now, Tuesday is a much nicer fellow, not as good as that Friday chap but much better than Monday :D


  1. Seriously, there's so many stupid and irritating drivers here in KL lah! Today only, a lorry carrying ice cubes just stopped in the middle of the road because he wanted to send new stock of ice cubes to the shop. All of us behind had to wait till he's done! (we can't move to the sides because stupid people parked their cars in a no parking zone too!)


    Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.

  2. Hey Nick..

    That sounds like a pretty sucky day.. but once you're at home, things should look better and brighter.. :D

    I had a pretty bad day too.. Allie was rushed to the hospital and everything was just.... just.... umm.. Check out my latest post to find out all about it..

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for all of us..

  3. Anyone who loves Mondays must have a few loose screws on his head... well, unless they're being paid a million bucks or they have the greatest job on earth!

  4. Lord yes, it does always seem to be on Monday that every bad thing happens. I wish we could just skip them altogether. And what is with Mr. Rude who wouldn't move his car - I loved that you psyched him into doing it. I just don't understand people like that. I can't blame you for deciding to stay in the safe confines of your office for the rest of day,I sure hope your tomorrow goes better, and your car doesn't fall apart!

  5. I hope you don't think I'm cruel for laughing at your misfortunes but geez that was a funny post. Only funny because of the way you wrote it, not because of what happened. The guy outside the bank sounds like a complete tosser.

  6. Can't believe the nerve of that jerk!!! Some ppl are just so stupid, sorry but your guy in this story made me angry! :(

  7. Cindy, stupid doesn't even begin to describe some of the drivers here in KL. I"m too much of a gentleman to utter so of the profanities I have running in my mind about drivers like these!

    And yes, I hate those people who park wherever they like as if the road belongs to their great grandfathers or something.

  8. Shemah, I just checked out your post and I'm really happy to know that your little Allie is fine :)

    I'm sure you went through hell waiting for news from your mom. What I went through seems insignificant compared to this.

    I'm really glad things turned out for the best for you guys. Phew :D

  9. Sweetiepie, you are absolutely right on that one, girl! The only way, I'm going to like Monday is if I'm paid a million bucks. Well ... urrrmmm ... I'll settle for half a million also ... LOL!

  10. Josie, I'm hoping they'd allow us to skip Monday to Friday all together ... LOL!

    I guess with the rising cost of fuel, he didn't want to waste that 0.0002 cents of fuel to move his car forward! And I really would have reversed into him if he didn't move his sorry ass! LOL!

  11. Meleah, I couldn't have said that any better myself :)

  12. Gypsy, how could you laugh at my misfortunes? LOL! Just kidding ...

    I'm glad I can give people a good laugh at what I go through daily with some of the idiots who inhibit this earth :D

  13. Marzie, you're angry just reading it, imagine how I felt experiencing it. I think road rage sometimes starts with inconsiderate idiots like these, ya?

  14. Oh dear, porthole in the middle of the road!! I remember having to avoid the portholes and the sewers without sewer cover (becos people stole them) in the streets of KL.... imagine falling into the manholes!!

  15. Hey, BT, KL is infested with potholes, you need a tank to drive comfortably around here!

    Yeah, you really have to keep your eyes open when walking around KL at times. I almost fell in one before ... LOL!

  16. nick, section 14th PJ is my lepak place for nearly 6 years.......only a walk away from section 11, suddenly i miss kl..but, not the jam la.

  17. Deana, Section 14 used to be the in place those days. KL would be a nice place to stay if not for the jams, the potholes, the idiotic and inconsiderate people, etc,etc ... LOL!

  18. I hate the roads at PJ! And that guy waiting for his wife is stupid! So there!

  19. Hi Nick! Glad that the man finally came to his senses and moved forward. Sometimes some people just like to pick a fight and show that they're the powerful ones. I, too, has this parking-behind-me problem, not only on Mondays but everyday! Imagine the horror I have to face when I couldn't find the owner of the car and was already late for an appointment! I have to take a cab instead!

  20. Syura - LOL! that was well said :) You forgot to mention KL roads, they're just as bad!

  21. Emila - You actually took a cab? OMG! I'd have cancelled my appointment and waited for the owner! I really hate inconsiderate drivers like these ...


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