Saturday, December 1, 2007

Games Children Play ...

It's December already. How time flies. Only yesterday I was like ushering in the New Year and here I am about to get ready to usher in Christmas. I'm not complaining though, though once Christmas is over, I've got to wait a whole year for it again. Well, best not dwell on that and enjoy the season while it's here :)

And speaking about Christmas, yesterday when wifey called me and left me with a huge responsibility for the Christmas dinner thingy. As most of you who drops by here often would already know by now that I'm having a Christmas dinner at my place for the whole clan. And since I was going to have to be around for it, I've also invited my two best buddies and family over. So, wifey called me and said ...

'Hon, how about we organize some games for the kids during the Christmas dinner?'

Now let me tell you a little bit abut how this idea came about. You see, when all the kids get together, it'll seem like a riot is going on in the house. They'll be running, screaming, shouting, jumping, diving, etc, etc and wifey thought it'd be a good idea to get them to take part in some games to keep them reigned in and besides, it would be fun. So I'm all for it. And she says ...

'Great honey, so now you're in the head of the game organizing committee.'

Huh? What? Wait a minute, what do you man I'm on the game organizing committee? When did I volunteer to be the head of this so called committee? What do I know about organizing games? And she so sweetly says ...

'But hon, all the kids listen to you, so it's easier for you to handle them.'

LOL! That's a little true though. Half of the kids listen to me cos in their eyes I'm this great big clown to them and the other half listen to me cos they're just plain intimidated by me! Well, I'm all for the idea but I'm left with this great big predicament. I have no idea what kind of games to organize for them. I would have gone for the usual musical chairs nonsense but wifey said that's so lame and said ...

'Be creative honey, think of something more exciting ...'

Man, now that's pressure ... LOL! I've done events before but nothing about organizing any kids games. These kids are gonna need something spectacular to keep them entertained. And for the life of me, I can't think of a single thing right now. Well, at least I've got a whole 25 days to go before the 'event' ... LOL! Hmmm, it just occurred to me that there's also got to be prizes for the winners. Oh man, that's more work for me. But seriously, I'm actually looking forward to organizing it. I'm sure it's gonna be fun and I do hope whatever kooky game ideas I come up with, the kids will get a blast out of it.

Oh and feel free to offer some suggestions okay? Don't just sit there and laugh ... hehehe ... I'm all ears :D Actually I'm all excited at the prospects of this Christmas dinner now that I know my buddies are coming over too. They're like family to me and it means a lot to have them share the joy together with my family.

Oh and I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, well it's already Saturday early morning so it's tonight really cos I'm going over to my buddy's house and we're going to have our pre-Christmas bash and bake some pies, sing Christmas carols and celebrate the night away. We do this every year (not the pie baking, this year's the first time for that) and like I mentioned in my earlier post, it's sort of a tradition with us. I'll try and take some pictures and hopefully post them here when I get back later, which will probably be early Sunday morning :)

Ok, I think I'm going to do some blog hopping before I call it a night. Have a great weekend folks!


  1. Whoa.

    I cant manage ONE child, or organize his clothes for the week...

    THAT my friend is ONE hellava task!


  2. Nick, I love your new X'mas header, so creative :)

    Janice Ng

  3. Meleah - ah, someone here who see my predicament and sympathizes with me ... LOL! Thanx Meleah, luck is what I need!

  4. Janice - thank you. Someone actually noticed. LOL! It was just a real quick thing I thought up. I'm not too satisfied with it all.

  5. You can try some of these:-

    - Passing Parcel
    - Musical Chairs
    - Guess The Word
    - Christmas Quiz

    Good luck managing those kids!

  6. Lolzz Nick.. I wish you luck managing those kids ya.. make sure they don't bully you...and have a good time at the party....

  7. Oh yeah la...he he header for Nick! Good luck at organizing ur kids games k he he he... I can only think of musical chairs for now! :):):)

  8. Sweetiepie - you're godsend :) Those seem like fun and easy games to organize, or at least I hope it's easy ... LOL! I'm going to try all of them for that night. Thanx a bundle for your suggestions :)

  9. Lady Java - Yeah, that's what I'm worried about, getting bullied by all the kids ... LOL! I'll try to have a great time though ... hehehe ...

  10. Marzie - I only thought of musical chairs too, in fact it was the only thing I could think of ... pathetic ain't I? LOL!


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