Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here We Come A Caroling ...

As usual, I've been a little busy again, but not with work, more with the Christmas preparations and it's fun being busy for Christmas. The only snag was we had a 24 hour water cut since 8pm last night and by the time the water came back earlier this evening, all of us at home were smelling like a herd of water buffaloes ... LOL!

The carolers came today (in fact they were here about an hour ago) and I had a busy morning messing with my decorations at home. My day started a little on the late side cos I slept in till about 9.45 am, yes, that is sleeping in for me nowadays. A long time ago, sleeping in meant only getting up at 1.00pm or so! The first thing I did was check to see if there was some signs of a few droplets of water but alas, no such luck. The taps were drier than a cow counting sticks (ok, I made up the cow part ... LOL). So I brushed my teeth and washed up as best as I could and then we took the kids out for a late brunch.

After brunch, we went to get more stuff for Christmas cos I wanted to make the place look snowy. Went to a nearby stationary shop and got some styrofoam to go back and cut out the snow scene. I kinda regretted doing it cos it seemed so easy to do when I was thinking it up but when it came to actually cutting and shaping the thing, it was far from easy. I made a total mess of the place but the end product was well worth the mess :) I managed to make my staircase area seem like a snow cavern ... hehehe ...

My snowman project ended in disaster though. The snowman I made ended up looking like a genetic experiment gone wrong, that's why you don't see any pictures of it here ... LOL! I ain't gonna put up a pix and humiliate myself with that piece of thrash. But I haven't given up yet, I know where I went wrong so I'm going to try again, maybe tomorrow and by George, I'll make a snowman or my name ain't Brad (wait a minute, my name isn't brad to begin with!) Well, the kids were thrilled with the snowman from hell. They thought it looked pretty cool (thank god for small miracles!) But I'm going to really try again, after all there's still 10 days to go before Christmas, ya?

After all that, the water started flowing again and I really needed a good bath by then. But before I could do that I had to release all the trapped air in the pipes cos the water just weren't flowing at all. Thank god I had some experience in plumbing. So, after getting that done, we all had our much needed baths and my younger boy got ready to follow my mom for the caroling sessions. The carolers came to my place close to 9.30pm and belted out four Christmas songs, Silent Night, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer (one of my all time favorites), Joy to the World and Felize Navidad. It was fun singing along with them and all that. It kinda reminded me back to the days when I went along with the carolers from house to house. That was way back in my teens though and I sure do miss those times.

Wifey and me made some little small gift bags (or little hampers as she put it) and gave them away to all the carolers. We bought some sweets, chocolates, this marshmallow thing (I have no idea what it is) and bought some transparent plastic wrappers and made them into little gift bags. It was wifeys idea though to give all the carolers a little something. I thought it was a cool idea from her :) We stayed up till 2 am making these little gifts bags, of course we had to wait for the boys to sleep or they would have just been in the way, hence doing it at that ungodly hour!

Now that the caroling is over and done with, we've got to start planning in more detail about the Christmas dinner. We still have a few more stuff to get like the curtains, table cloth, the boys clothes, etc, etc, etc. At least all the presents are bought expect one which is for my best buddy's little girl. We're having a little problem figuring out what to get for her. We have some ideas in mind though, so maybe we might just find what we're looking for tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow we'd probably be going shopping again after church ... hehehe ...

Ok ladies and gents, that's it from me for today. Will be back with more updates again tomorrow, that is if I can pry the laptop away from wifey ... hehehe ... Only reason I'm here online now is cos she's downstairs watching TV, otherwise she'll be here doing all her paid posting assignments. I guess once she's done with her TV show, she'll be here tapping away on the keyboards. As for me, I'm going to hit the hay sack and call it a night!

'Yeah, I know it's only 11.30pm and the night is still young and all that, but I'm just soooooo tired, yaawwwwnnn ....'


  1. Tired but for a good cause. Can't complain I guess :-)

  2. Waterlearner - Yup, a good cause it was. I don't mind being tired when it comes to Christmas stuff ...

  3. Brrr!! it''s so cold here lah dude! Nice snow job! :)

    Hey you know what this year we've not heard form our carollers...not sure if they are coming now! :( Wish I knew earlier or I'd have come to your place to join in the fun! :) and steal those sweet sacks LOL

    Call be on the snow's really easy...but then again male pride is really a tough thing to live with LOL

    Cheers bud...and don't fret too much on the little one pressie (you were talking about her right)...she appreciates anything and everything :)

  4. Spreading Christmas spirit through the blog is something that really needs appreciation :)
    Thanks a lot for doing this, loved this post ;)
    And well, tired for a good reason, nahh?? Have a great Sunday! :)

  5. Wow, your place looks great Nick with all that snow.. well done!

    And the little hampers.. who else would come up with such a good idea if not the women folk right?? lolzzz

  6. Eh, how come the carolers looked very santai one? Can sit on the sofa and relax-relax to sing sumore! LOL!!!!! Got semangat to sing or not like that?

    Anyway, WOW.. nice decorations lah! I don't think I can EVER make those snowy stuff for my house. Too lazy to cut those things lah. Hahaha. You have a beautiful house tho, Nick! Very pretty! And I love those candies you made for the carolers. That is so sweet of you guys. :D

    Well.. isn't it nice to have a digital camera? FInally you can take all the photos you want and post it in your blog. :D

  7. Adrian - Yeah it made the place all that much cooler ... hehehe ...

    You should have come over la, the carolers were pretty good. I'm sure lil Ellie would have enjoyed it ...

    There's still a lot of those little sacks left, will give them all to you la ... LOL!

    And I ain't going to give up on the snow man or my name is mud or was it Brad?

  8. Lena - I love sharing my Christmas joy with everyone through my blog and I'm happy when everyone joins in too :D

    A great Sunday to you too ...

  9. Thanx Lady Jave, it was hard work cutting all that snow though.

    And my wife takes the credit for those little hampers. It was all her idea, a good one too ...

  10. Cindy - I guess they were tired by the time they came to my house which was the second last house. Lagi pun they all tua-tua lagi ... LOL!

    But they did put up a great show for me so no complains and they did sing my favourite Rudolf song ... hehehe ...

    I'm heavily into the Xmas spirit this year, that's why I've been making loads of stuff. Thanx for the compliment on my house but it really is a small house only.

    Yeah, it's great having a digital camera, can post immeditely like Berita Terkini ... hehehe ...

  11. You did a great job with the snow Nick. It looks fabulous. The carolling looks like fun and I bet they enjoyed their little hampers. What a thoughtful idea. I'm sure they appreciated it.

  12. Wow Nick! Great decorations! I love the foamboard snow, looks real! Anyway, just drop by to tell you that you're the 2nd lucky winner for my 4th contest! Need your address to send the notepad! Cheers!

  13. two really have the time to prepare all the goodies and decor too..i want to go to your house la.

    i asked hubby if he wants carolers to come to the house, he said not for tree and party is i need to 'tumpang' people's house to listen to one..if ever your house is in kk..hahaha

  14. Gypsy - Thanks. Best I can do to get a feel of a snowy Christmas ... LOL! Yeah, the little hampers were a hit. Glad wifey thought it up :D

  15. Emila - What? I won something? Woohoo ... now that is a nice surprise indeed :D Gee, Christmas sure is getting better by the minute :)

    Thanks for the compliment on the snow, I tried my best to make it look as real as I could. Now if only it was really cold too ... LOL!

    Will email you my address. Thanks once again for the prize :D

  16. Deana - It's fun doing things together, especially Christmas stuff :D

    Pujuk la your hubby sikit about the carolers. Christmas not really complete without carolers singing la ... Well, my house is always open to everyone to join in the festivities ...

  17. i miss having Christmas carolers coming singing at our home. For some reasons, the parish priest here in our district didn't allow Christmas carols from hse to hse since a few years back. :(

    i remember my mom requested for a special Christmas caroling at our home to celebrate my 11th birthday. How sweet!

    So Nick, how to make the snowman? It's less than 10 days more. LOL

  18. and oh ya..i agree with cindy...the carolers all very santai saja. I remember the carolers in my hometown church always have different uniform every year oh.

  19. Chegu Carol - What a bummer that Parish Priest is. How can he not allow house to house caroling? Wow, a special caroling request for you 11th B'day, that must have been something :D

    Oh and don't la remind me about snowmen! LOL! I'm still trying to work on it, sabar, sabar! LOL!

    Yeah, they did seem to make themselves at home didn't they .... :D

  20. Woww.. cool effect with the styrofoam! Two thumbs up, man! Am I invited to a Christmas party cuz I wanna come to your house and santai like those carolers! LOL!

  21. I like the snow in your house! And how lovely it must have been to have carol singers in your home.
    How festive I feel now.

    Great gift bags!

  22. oh I know... all this holiday cheer, cooking, shopping, wrapping has KICKED my ass...(and its not even Christmas yet.

  23. Syura - thanks, I was trying to give the place that Winter feel, now I only wish it was cold as well ... LOL!

    Sure, my house is always open, but you'd have to fight with everyone for a place to santai ... LOL!

  24. The world according to me - the carolers did put me in the mood for Christmas even more, that's for sure :D

  25. Meleah - oh, you're absolutely right. I'm just looking forward for Christmas day itself so I can finally relax and enjoy ... :D

  26. I am slackin! That snow you made is freakin bad I couldn't send you and your family the real thing!!

  27. Diamond, now that would be cool wouldn't it. I resolve to one day experiencing real snow at least in my life time ... LOL!

  28. You have a beautiful house. I love that colour! I love that colour for a house... very cheerful and mediterranean like. You have got good taste!

  29. BT - Thank you :) The colour was chosen by wifey. We actually wanted a slightly different shade of the yellow but it turned out okay ...

  30. OK Nick. I really, really have to ask.....

    Why is it always that we got foot shots of you?


    I can probably take a guess by now how many pairs you own. he-he-he

  31. Sharon - You really wanna know why? Well, my foot looks way better than my face ... LOL! Truth to be told, too shy to show my face ... hehehe ...

    Go ahead, take a guess how many I own ... :D


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