Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pressed For Time ...

The past couple of days has been real crazy for me and I didn't have much time to mess with my blog or even visit anyone. Since Monday, I've been working non-stop. It's been one job after another and every one of them was urgent. I even had to go to work on Tuesday which was a holiday (even though it was for half a day).

There I was nicely sleeping in on Tuesday morning and I get a text message from my client about something that they MUST have today cos they need it for an event the very same night! Oh boy, that put a damper on my holiday. You should have seen my mood on Tuesday, it was so dark, it made the colour black look brighter in comparison! Well, at least it didn't take the whole day. I still had the afternoon off and I spent it wisely by taking a nice long 2 hour nap ... LOL!

Then yesterday when I was still positively, absolutely busy, my car refuses to cooperate and starts acting up and I had to take it back to my good old (soon to be ex) mechanic and get him to fix the same problem he just fixed again for the third time! Once again I had to leave my car and use his loaner, this time a van, which was equally if not worse than the other loaner he gave me! By the time the day was over I was so stress and pissed off that even wifey kept her distance from me ... hehehe ...

Anyway, all that aside, things are pretty quiet today (and hopefully it stays that way). At least it gives me time to catch up on all your blogs out there and get some sponsored postings done at the same time. Not that I have many assignments waiting, mind you. It's a little slow in the assignment section for me the past week. I'll just have to keep looking I guess.

Christmas is drawing closer and wifey and me still have not completed all our gift buying yet. We bought quite a bit already for my mom, nephew and nieces but still short of a few. We couldn't find what we were looking for so we kept it aside for this weekend. I still have to go around settling the menu for the Christmas dinner. Got a general idea of what we're having, just need to go order it, that's all. Yes, we're ordering quite a bit. Too lazy too cook for Christmas. We're planning for a nice traditional Christmas menu, that is if I can find some places out there offering any.

My mom is cooking some dishes though, and she's making our traditional Eurasian devil curry dish, which is one of my favourites though it's bloody spicy (I can't really take spicy food) but I can't resist the devil curry! My cousin's will be bringing some stuff too though I'm not really sure what but I know there will be shepherds pie on the menu from one of them. Wifey wants to get a cheese cake from Sheraton which she's tasted before at one of my nephews birthday party but my cousin recommended someone to her which she says makes better cheese cake than Sheraton, so we'll be going to check this guys cheese cake out this weekend and order one.

Then this Saturday night, the carolers are coming over. Need to go and also get some stuff for them, drinks and light snacks and things like that. My mom is an active member of the neighbourhood church group and she's in the caroling group too. My younger boy will be joining the caroling with my mom on Saturday and I hope he behaves himself. He can be a handful at times. But then, he listens to my mom more than he does to me and wifey, so I guess he'll be fine. I guess we'll be going out to get stuff again tonight after I'm home from work. So many things to do with so little time to do it with. Maybe I'll try to get off work earlier today if nothing crops up by lunch time.

Then this weekend I still have my snowman to make, which my younger boy has been bugging me every single minute hes sees me asking me this same question over and over again:

'You making snowman today? No? Tomorrow? No? Then when?'

And he repeats that over and over again every few minutes. That is one boy you can never tell anything cos he'll bug you until you get it done ... LOL! I guess if I don't get it up by this weekend, he's gonna incite a riot in my house. Maybe if I'm not too tired I'll try to get it up tomorrow night.

And since I've been talking about Christmas which is the season for giving and receiving, I'd like to thank a few people who has given me a few awards. Some has been quite long and I apologise for taking so long to put it up (just blame it on my lazy genes ... LOL).

First of, Syura has awarded me two awards quite long ago which is the True Blue and Best Blogging Buddies Award. Thanks Syura, I'm honoured to get 2 from you.

The next is from Lena, one of my new readers and she so generously awarded me the Egel Nest Award, thanx Lena.

And finally, the latest one is from Shemah. She gave me the Funny Blogger Award which of course I'm thrilled to get. I'll try to live up to the award ... LOL! And if there is any that I've forgotten, please accept my sincerest apologies, k?


  1. Nick, beautiful way to present the award once again. You are really creative :)

  2. I agree Janice, so pretty.. I am sometimes am just too excited to put it up..until forget to be Nick...and sorry to hear about the car.. I can, sadly, relate, as well :(

  3. Wah, never seen you pissed off like this! I would too, if I had to rush back to work and the car keeps breaking down on me. It's almost like the biggest nightmare.

    Wah, I love devil's curry. I am drooling already.

    Your X'mas seems really happening! I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    BTW, what snowman are you making? Very curious...

  4. Janice - Thank you. I'm kinda free in the office today that's why can do nicely ... LOL!

  5. Lady Java - Thanx. Yeah, the car has been giving me nothing but grieve the past one week. Hope it doesn't act up anymore ...

  6. BT - It was a nightmare. I was on the verge of just leaving the car by the roadside and taking a bus! LOL!

    I'll bet you'll love my mom's devil curry. I know I do but I normally make sure I got lots of water cos I think she puts all the chilli's available in the shop in it ... LOL!

    That's just it BT, I have no idea how to make my snowman just yet, but I'll think of something or my son will harass me all weekend :D

  7. hai nick..

    How's your preparation for this coming x'mas? Still busy with your work?? Amacam ni..:)

    For the awards..congrats deserved to have it..

    I agreed with Shemah..Funny Blogger goes to Nick..

    Dont stress ya..have fun friend!

  8. Nice to know that Christmas is busy the world over ;)

  9. This time of year is crazy isn't it? By the time the big day comes around most people are too tired to enjoy it. Hope things quiet down for you soon Nick and congrats on all your awards. That awards cabinet must be overflowing by now :)

  10. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for the awards!! Wahhh.. syok lah you, so many praises coming to your blog's way. :D

    Secondy (the most important part): OMG OMG OMG did you just said "DEVIL CURRY"?!!! Uwaaaaaaaa.. the last time I had one was like 2 years ago, made by my brother's mom in-law. *sob* Since then, nobody ever made anything like that for me. I'm not a spicy food eater but devil curry.. I LOVE!

    Make sure you take lots of photos of the devil ok? :D

  11. working on holiday!! huh!! grrrrrrrrrrr... can imagine your dark mood!! but then things happen and i believe you took it all with smile ;) or at least you should have been :)
    Congrats for all the awards :)
    and really a cute creative way to present them :) :)

  12. use styrofoam lah! the gigantic ones!

  13. i was jst about to ask you Nick, How do u make ur own snowman???

    Lemme know how u do it alright? i was lookin at some nice snowman decor at a shopping complex the other day but it was way too pricey for me. But i still want a snowman near our Christmas tree!

  14. Hey bud! I'm working on my menu this weekend too...looks like we're gonna be busy, busy busy! LOL

    Looking forward to trying your mum's devil's been a while! :)

    Cheers! :)

    Jolly Genie King

  15. Congratulations with your awards! I love your picture presenting them.

    Curry, cheese cake and shepherds pie. I'm hungry! But that's nothing new.

    Sorry to hear about your car again.

    Good luck with the snow man!

  16. Jiejah - Xmas preparations are pretty hectic and so is work! I'm trying my best not to get too stressed ... LOL!

  17. Hey Loz, nice to see you here. Yeah, everyone, in almost everywhere in the world seems to be busy with Christmas. Isn't that wonderful :D

  18. Gypsy - you're right, the cabinet is pretty full. LOL!

    I agree with you that by the time Xmas finally gets here, we'll all be too winded to really enjoy it. That's why I'm trying to get my stuff all done soon so I can just sit back and wait for the big to come :)

  19. LOL Cindy, I'll definitely takes loads of pictures of my moms devil curry in various angles and close ups for you ... LOL! Why don't you try making your own devil curry?

    Thanks for the congratulatory note. I never expect to get any awards, but it's fun when you get them ... hehehe ...

  20. Lena - well, I had to take it with a smile, the client didn't leave me any choice ... LOL!

    Well, my mood brightened up the moment I got home and got my nap ... hehehe ...

  21. BT - Yup, I'm going to use Styrofoam but cutting it in shape is going to be hell seeing as how I don't have a Styrofoam cutter! But I'll give it my best shot, maybe I'll make a flat one ... LOL!

  22. Carol - yeah, I've seen those snowmen in the malls and you're right, they cost way too much for my liking.

    I'll let you know how it went cos I'm going to try making it tomorrow ...

  23. Adrian - yeah, looks like its going to be one busy weekend.

    I'm looking forward to mom devil curry too ... LOL!

    My menu still not fixed yet, I'm having difficulties making up my mind! You know me la ... LOL!

  24. The world according to me - LOL! I'm hungry just thinking about it too ...

  25. A snowman?

    Mmmm curry. My aunt makes one of the best curries in Singapore (it's been featured on telly and newspapers) but it's too spicy for me. My friends always give me the "how can you call yourself a Singaporean when you can't even take spicy food" lecture. :/

  26. Lis - Any chance you can send some of your aunts curry here? LOL!

    Good, we're in the same boat. I seriously can't take food that are too spicy. I'd suffer all night long if I did take too much spicy food ... LOL!

  27. you shoudl be singing "all I want for christmas is a new car"!! anyways, like the way you decorated the awards :-)

  28. Hi! I have also had a very busy week, and as you said, everything is I hadn't had enough time to visit the blogs I like to visit :) BTW, I have added a link to yours in my blogroll and I hope you don't mind. I meant to tell you before but then again, I have had a tough week :)

    Good luck with the snowman!

  29. Congrats on your awards.

    I too have been mad-crazy-bizy with everything and haven't been out to bloggsville.

    I miss everyone!

  30. If you ever come here for a visit, I'll bring you to her stall for a bite! :D

  31. La delirante - Hey no worries about visiting blogs. I know work is pretty important. I've been busy myself and probably will be until after Christmas.

    And no probs about adding me to your blogroll.

    I'm going to need all the luck I can get with that snowman building ... LOL!

  32. Meleah - Thanx and no worries. I've been pretty up to my neck with stuff as well. Glad you dropped by.

    Have a great weekend, I know I will :D

  33. Lis - Thanx. If I ever visit, I'll be looking forward to visiting that stall ...

  34. Hey hazel, thanks for the tag, will check it out soon.


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