Friday, December 21, 2007

Third Time Lucky ...

What a day it's been for me and it's only 10.30am! First thing this morning when I came to work, I locked myself out of the car with the keys still in the ignition! Dumb, dumb, real dumb! My car remote control has not been working properly for a while now, so I disabled it seeing as how I didn't get around to fixing it and I manually locked the doors. So there I stood outside my office staring at my car with the doors locked and the keys including my office keys still stuck in it.

Usually that won't be too much of a problem for me cos normally I have a spare key in my wallet. With a smug smile on face, I whip my wallet out only to find that the key is no longer in my wallet cos many moons ago that key was giving me grieve and I threw the damn thing away without getting a replacement. Oh god, how I wanted to give myself a swift kick in the rear! So I call my colleague to see what time he'll get here cos he has another set of the office keys. He's says about 20 minutes, so I'm stuck outside my office till then.

When he eventually gets here, he tries to help me get my car door open. We try all kinds of stunts and finally I used a steel ruler to press down some godforsaken thing in my door and the locks pop up! Woohoo, I breathe a HUGE sigh of relieve. Now I can add car thief to my resume ... LOL! By this time I'm thoroughly soaked with sweat and smelling like a cow on steroids. Guess I'm going to have to head home for a bath during lunch.

Then I head up to my room and reply all my comments in my blog cos I don't have anything to do just yet. While blogging, my colleague downstairs comes up and hands me a package and I look at her a little blur like and say:

'For me? Now who would be sending me a package this early in the morning?'

And when I look at the sender, I yelp in joy that my colleague thinks I'm a little not right in the brain department! The package is from Emilia and it's my notebook prize :D Cool, at least the day is moving in the right direction. I haven't opened it yet, I'm going to keep it till I get home and open it with wifey and share the joy of my gift with her :) I haven't even called her yet to tell her I got it, I'll just surprise her.

Christmas really is looking up and I can't wait for the day to be over. I'm mulling over starting my leave from Monday instead of Wednesday. I'll wait for my boss to come in and discuss it with her. I don't have anything urgent on so I guess taking off on Monday wouldn't be a problem. Yesterdays holiday was spent shopping. Yes, again ... hehehe ... We had some errands to run for the Christmas party preparations. Then wifey wanted to get a pair of shoes so we went to one of the malls we don't normally go to cos it's always packed and parkings a bitch but she wanted to try someplace different so off we went and surprisingly we managed to get one spot the moment we went it. That was a good sign :)

Then we went shoe hunting. Wifey has problems buying shoes and it's not cos she can't decided. The problem is me. I'm really fussy about the kind of shoes she wears. And she, being the sweet girl that she is always asks for my opinion first before buying and if I don't like it, she won't buy it, the same with clothes. And most of the time I really dislike a lot of womens shoe designs out there so she ends up not buying any. But yesterday, she saw one and surprisingly I loved it. It was this urrmmm, brand called Sembonia or something and I liked it the instant she showed it to me. And better yet, it was on 70% sale. That made it a good buy. And I was more excited about the shoe than she was ... LOL! I'm sure she's gonna look gorgeous in it ...

Then we went to look at some dogs cos I'm seriously planning to get one. We saw one at this place called Pets Wonderland, a beagle and I was instantly in love with it. Then I saw the blooming price he costs! My eyeballs nearly popped out. Guess I'm going to have to be doing loads of paid postings before I can afford the little tyke. After that we went home and later at night we had another surprise.

Mom went for the caroling dinner that is organized yearly and she came home bearing a gift from the caroling group. Apparently we had won (again) best decorated house for Christmas ... woohoo ... my third gift for the season! I was elated with the win ... hehehe ... I mean we won last year as well, which was an absolute surprise and I seriously didn't expect to win again this year but it's such a nice feeling to win again. Like I said earlier, Christmas is getting sweeter by the minute :) I guess all that hours and hard work of working on my winter wonderland theme has paid off. I didn't think it deserve to win though but I'm not complaining ... hehehe ... I'll post some pictures of my tree on the 24th like I promised in one of my earlier postings. Hopefully you guys don't laugh at it ...

Will you just look at that, it's 12.30pm already. Where has the time gone? I haven't even done any blog hopping yet and I still have 2 assignments to complete in Spiff's blog. Not forgetting that I have to go home and take a shower later. Guess I'll end here for now and start blog hopping a little and before I sign off, I'd like to thank Emila for the prize :D


  1. Wow.. now i know who to call if ever i need a locksmith..heheh... shop till you drop Nick.. and yey... it's the weekend...

  2. yeyy... 1st here...yey doing my first commenter dance... woott...hehehhe...look GK.. I've made it!! ehehehhe

  3. Wait, you know what a cow on steroids smells like?

  4. Wah, Emila's pressie came just in time for Christmas! :):):)

    Anyway, are u gonna get the doggie for sure or what? Hurry up la!

    Also, I have a weekend meme for u to work on, nothing fancy but I think it's interesting! :):):)

  5. Lady Java - locksmith? More like a car thief la ... LOL! Yup, my favourite time of the week too ...

    LOL, sori la, no discount card for being 1st commenter here unlike at GK's blog ...

  6. Lis - damn, I'm too embarrassed to admit this, but I do know what a cow on steroids smell like ... LOL!

  7. Marzie - Yeah, it came right on time and this time I didn't have to even pounce on the postman at all. I think he just came quietly, left the parcel and ran like hell ... LOL!

    I really want to get a dog, but the price is a real put off ...

    Oh, when have you ever sent me a non fancy tag, huh? LOL! Will check it out, thanks.

  8. wow, it really is your lucky day! you should go buy lottery too. your house must be so nice!'re the creative guy, so no surprises there.

    btw, i tagged you in a meme. do it at your own time please.

  9. It's funny how whenever I go shopping (which I hate), if I get a good car park space I always know that my trip will be successful. Glad wifey found some shoes you BOTH liked.

    Congrats on winning the best dressed house. Don't you love it when the hard work pays off.

  10. Woww!! Things are really looking up, aren't they.. In Law of Attraction, that's what you call your Proof of Abundance. Focus on that, and more will be on your way. According to my mom laa.. heheheeheh..

    I've got so many things to do this whole week.. and the time seems to just fly by!! Tons of ASSignments to do! My sanity is slippingg.. hahahaah!

    p/s: pics of the prize, pleeezzee!

  11. Hi!! looks like you had one of those mornings when many things go wrong...sorry to hear about the car and keys...But then congratulations on your notebook prize!!

    I wish hubby was like that when shopping (shoes and clothes) he doesn't even like to try his clothes on when buying! let alone giving me his opinion about my clothes/shoes :)

    Have a great week!

  12. Bud take the 24th off then can party till the cows come home woo hoo!!

    And bring your dog too!! BTW my sis in law was also looking at a doggie there too! Something with long fur but I can't remember what? Great minds think alike LOL

  13. LJ finally made it woot! how does that dance go? LOL

  14. Delighted to hear that your day went considerably up hill after the key problem. I managed to lock my keys in the car TWICE one day a few years ago, my then hubby was not at all amused about rescuing me the second time. I now carry a spare in my purse, since I usually remember to take that with me, even if I do get distracted and leave one set dangling in the ignition. Have a wonderful Christmas Nick, you are really in the spirit! :-)

  15. BT - I am looking for that lottery guy la, so I can buy a few ... LOL!

    I'm actually surprised we won anything, I didn't think my decor had enough to win, but I'm happy :)

    Oh, I'll check the meme out soon and get it done after Christmas for sure ...

  16. Gypsy - I don't normally get any good parking spaces but I'm glad we did that day and I'm also glad we found a shoes both of us liked.

    Thanks, I was really happy that we won ...

  17. Shemah - Oh, things are definitely looking up :D Hmmmm, you mom has something going there, I'll focus on it and hopefully I'll get more things going my way ... LOL!

    Oh, I don't even want to dwell on the amount of assignment I have waiting to be completed and trying to get them done before Christmas is going to be hell ...

  18. Shemah - oh, will definitely post pictures of the prize once I open them on Christmas day :D

  19. La delirante - LOL! I think all men are like that.

    I don't know, I just love shopping with wifey when she wants to buy her stuff and I'll almost always give my opinion on the stuff she chooses. Guess I like seeing her in clothes that catches my eye :D

    Great weekend to you too.

  20. Adrian - Wish I could take the 24th off bud, but still got a few more stuff that needs my attention.

    All the blooming dogs there had long fur la dude ... LOL!

    Yeah, LJ finally made it. LOL!

  21. Hazel - thanks for the award, will check it out soon ...

  22. Josie - I have locked my keys in the car before, that's why I made a spare but unfortunately after the spare got spoilt I didn't make a new one ... sighhh ... silly me! I've learned my lesson though.

    Oh, I am in the spirit of Christmas alright :) Merry Christmas to you and your family ...


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