Sunday, December 23, 2007

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

A strange and weird thing just happened in my neighbour that borders on one of those unexplained mysteries. No, no, we didn't find Santa stuck in our chimney or anything. Not that we have chimneys here mind you. But this one is even more sinister than that!

Two days ago, wifey and me were on the way out to do some Christmas shopping (what else ... LOL), we discovered that one of our neighbours, a few doors away from us, occupying the extreme corner house is missing. When we passed the house, wifey noticed that the house was completely empty of everything in it.

What's so strange and mysterious about that you might ask? Don't people move houses all the time? Yes, they do, but this particular neighbour just renovated his house nicely, did some new landscaping for his house, painted the place, etc, etc ... And when we passed it 2 days ago, it was totally empty. Not a single thing remained. Nothing, nada, zilch, absolute zero! All his huge flower pots and trees and everything was gone.

'People take ALL their stuff when they move house, Nick, or didn't you know that?'

Yeah, I know that but what made it sinister is that no one even knew they shifted, not even his immediate neighbours. Lets put it this way, to move all the things he had in his house would have required a few trips in moving vans or lorries and it would create a big din in the process and people would definitely notice but no one, not even his immediate neighbour realized he shifted. Now you tell me if that isn't weird and mysterious!

There's not even a single trace of them ever being there. Not even rubbish remains. Even that huge Plasma TV with the custom made tv lifts that pops the TV out each time you want to watch it is also gone.

'Of course they'd take their hugely expensive plasma TV with them when they move, Nick!'

Ok, ok, I'm sure they would though I just love that TV and it's TV lift system. But don't you find it strange that no one knew they moved out? I live five door away so it's not surprising if I didn't notice but what about their immediate neighbour or the one directly opposite the road from them. Don't tell me they wouldn't have noticed moving vans outside. I'm beginning to suspect some real sinister going ons with them and have started coming up with all kinds of theories about their disappearance.

Wifey thinks they won a lottery and just upped and left to bigger and better place. But if they did win the lottery, why take all their old stuff? Couldn't they have just bought some new and better ones (and leave me their plasma TV). I think there's more to it than just winning the lottery. I think they were witness to some horrendous crime and have been put under the witness relocation plan or something. Maybe they were even kidnapped by some super secret Government agency called People in pink, blue, purple, whatever or maybe that quirky Spiff kidnapped them to be slaves on that planet he calls Zork or something. I really don't know but I intend to find out.

I'm not totally convinced that they could have moved without anyone noticing at all and with out a single item left behind, rubbish and all. Gosh, I do hope they're okay. They seemed like such nice people unlike my two left and right idiotic neighbours. Maybe they should have been the ones who upped and disappeared! I'll post about what one of them did to piss wifey off again after Christmas.

Anyone got any ideas or theories on their disappearance? I'm all ears. But until then I shall not stop trying to find out the truth for justice shall prevail ... hahahaha ... ok, ok, I'm just a blooming busybody!


  1. Hmm.. perhaps they did not want people like you hanging around and asking about their plasma tv when they move lah Nick..lolzzzz....

  2. LOL @ Ladyjava!!! Maybe they are in the witness protection program?? Just a thought, does sound very strange though!

  3. I agree its odd that no-one noticed them move because that kind of thing usually causes a ripple or two of gossip in the neighbourhood. You really do covet that TV don't you Nick? Maybe Santa will bring you your very own for Christmas....does your wife read your blog because if she does I'm sure she has taken the hint by now :)

  4. Lol, you've watched too much crime movies, Nick!

    Looks like a mystery to be solved. It's weird when nobody noticed. Maybe they moved away in the wee hours. The reason? I couldn't think of anything, maybe 'Ah Long' is looking for them?

  5. They sure are efficient people. My friend who's moving house did the move in so many days. Things were all over the place...

  6. Lady Java - you do have a point there though. I've been salivating over their plasma TV for ages ... LOL!

  7. Diamond - I'm beginning to think along those lines too. It really is very weird that no one knows they moved ... I am going to get to the bottom of this somehow ... LOL!

  8. Gypsy - That's exactly it. There was not a peep about them moving and no one saw anything. Ohhh, I just love a good mystery ... LOL!

    Oh, and wifey said, it'll be a cold day in hell before she get me a plasma TV ... LOL!

  9. Emila - oh, I watched way TOO much crime movies, that's for sure ... LOL!

    Hmmm, running away from ah longs (loan sharks) ah? I never thought of that. But they didn't look the kind but you never know, ya?

    I'm sure moving away in the wee hours would be even noisier, right? But never mind, I take it upon myself to see justice served! LOL!

  10. BT - that's exactly the point. One CANNOT move house without people noticing and rubbish would be everywhere. This is totally clean, as if no one ever lived there at all!

  11. aliens took them?

    Witness Protection?

    It is odd, I'll give you that. Keep us updated.

    oh, and Google them.

  12. AB - Urmm, I'd love to google them but for as long as I've been in the same neighbourhood with them, I have no idea what their names are ... LOL!

    I think I'll go with the aliens theory, sounds more mysterious ... LOL!

  13. It does seem weird that they disappeared without a trace. Not even a forwarding address huh? Maybe they're running away from something or someone? ;)

  14. Just read your story, and I must say, that is weird!

    Normally there is a For Sale sign, and the family moving would tell neighbours they are off to pastures new, perhaps even a forwarding address would be passed on. And normally you would see a huge removal van and removal people carrying their stuff.

    But, imagine if tomorrow you walked past, and the whole HOUSE had disappeared?!
    That would be weirder!

    I think I read too many Stephen King books.

  15. But what is so strange? Yes, they moved, maybe it was unexpected for them also and they didn't have time to say to neighbors. They could do it very quickly, use man van services and take everything, including plasma TV.

  16. Marzie - would you believe I only saw this comment you commented on Dec 24 today?

    I found out from mom that they just bought a bigger house. Damn rich la they all ... LOL!

  17. The world according to me - If the whole house disappeared then I'm certain they were abducted by aliens ... LOL!

  18. Keith - you could be right. But trying to move very quickly in these here parts is not really that easy ... and doing it on the sly is even more impossible!


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