Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Life, Good Food And Totally Unfit ...

I'm in great pain right now. I ache in every conceivable part and in some places I didn't even know could ache! And it's taking me every bit of effort I can muster to drag this old aching body and write this post. I suppose I could just lay in bed all day but that just wouldn't do cos I haven't posted something here since Wednesday and to me that's a mighty long time. So here I am, pain and all sitting here like some lame duck typing away ... LOL!

'and pray tell just why are you in pain, you fat lazy lump of jello?'

Well, that's cos I actually started my running programme again yesterday and I haven't been running since the 22nd of November 2006 and that's a long time for me. I've used the holidays as an excuse to skip my training and have run out of excuses already this year. On top of that wifey has been reminding me that the waist line I lost before the holidays has come back and she's going to have to start calling me by my pet name 'Bulat' (literally means round in Malay) again pretty soon. And I so despise that name! I mean she could call me Mr. Macho, Hunk, Handsome, Gorgeous, God or something like that but no, it's Bulat instead! LOL!

I can't blame her really. I have packed on the pound again since Christmas. So yesterday I decided that I simply have to start running again. After all, I've been harping about how much I love running and all that, right? I dug out my cobwebbed covered (ok, that's a lie, there were no cobwebs) running shoes, put on my running gear and stepped out on the roads again for the first time in nearly two months. And boy, that two month layout sure took its toll cos I am now totally and officially unfit! All that hard work and progress I achieved before has all gone down the drain. I am totally disappointed with myself.

After the run, well, throughout the whole run really, I felt like my legs were made of rubber, I was gasping for breath, I was struggling like someone who's never run in his whole entire life. I could hardly complete the route which two months ago was a piece of cake for me. I could run this route, listen to music and sing along while doing some pretty fast times with hardly any loss of breath, but yesterday it felt like all the oxygen on earth was everywhere but inside my lungs! I was so unfit that the moment I reached home, I collapsed on the floor and lay there panting and gasping for air and hoping the earth would open up and put me out of this misery soon. That was how unfit I was.

'serves you right for bumming off all those months, you tub of lard!'

For once I'm going to have to agree with that good for nothing interloper. It serves me right for taking things too easy and living it up on good holiday food. And those junk food I've been snacking on sure didn't help very much either. Oh and wifey has banned me totally from eating any sort of junk food! She says even if we go out shopping I'm not allowed to buy anymore junk food. Oh man, that's going to be hard to do. I'm a sucker for junk food. But I guess the ban is justified. I do think I've been over doing it on the junk food department. I eat more junk food than my kids, can you believe that? The first few days of junk food withdrawal was and is still hell. But I'll get used to it eventually ... hehehe ...

Wifey: 'And no sneaking any junk food behind my back, honey cos I'll know!'

Drats, there goes plan B ... LOL! Actually I wonder how she would find out if I did sneak some junk food binge behind her back but I don't intend to find out cos that girl has some powerful telepathic skills ... LOL! Actually, it's also a good thing cos this year I intend (hopefully) to get in shape again. Wifey is fully supportive of the idea and has been backing me completely. She told me if I ever get too lazy to run, she'll nag me until I can't take it anymore and go out and run ... LOL! I guess she doesn't want me to turn into a huge woolly mammoth or something like that. Besides, I'm not getting any younger. I need to take care of my health and I'm far from being in perfect health right now.

So, even though I'm in pain and ache everywhere that can ache, I'm going to put on my running shoes a little later this evening and go out there and hit the roads again. And even if it rains I'm going to be out there running, cos the sky looks a little cloudy at the moment. Unless of course there's lightning involved with the rain. I'm terrified to death of lightning. And I live in a housing area that has the highest concentration of lighting the whole year round. Once I was out with a buddy in one of those electrical storms and a bolt of lightning struck not too far away from us. The bolt was purplish in colour, thick and you could literally see the sparks cutting through the air as it struck the ground. Even the air was filled with this burning smell. Man, that was freaking scary!

I guess if it rains, I could always stay home and work out using my can crusher as some kind of exercise tool or something. Oh, that was wifey's suggestion by the way. LOL! Ok, I better go get some rest now cos in about 4 hours I'm going to have to go drag my lazy butt and go running again. If you don't see a posting for the next few days, that probably means I'm laid up in bed! Hahaha ... Happy Sunday folks.


  1. hahahaha! Looks like I've got a friend in pain too!! YAY!!

    Syura actually managed to drag my lazy ass off the bed and away from my games long enough to exercise with her. What was supposed to be an hours exercise was cut down to 35 minutes! The way I was huffing and puffing, I could've blown away mr piggy's stone house away!! LOL! And now every nerve in my body is screaming in pain!

    Anyways, join the club, my friend! Birds of a feather flock together! hahahaha!

  2. *laughs* Oh man! I know how you feel. I just started running again after A FEW YEARS of not doing any physical exercise whatsoever. It hurts... but then again, you know what they say, no pain no gain!

  3. Yayyy!! Way to go Mr. Handsome Hunk! Haha.. That would get you moving right??

    Well, looks like everybody's in their exercise mode! Hoorayyy.... You've got my support man! Make it burn!! Haha...

  4. Shemah - LOL, glad to know I'm not the only one in pain! Now I don't feel so bad anymore ... LOL!

    Well, 35 minutes is better than nothing right? A step in the right direction I would say! At least it got the blood pumping ... LOL!

    And I can relate to all the nerves and muscles screaming in pain. But it'll go away in time (well, I hope so anyway ... LOL)

  5. Haizum - No pain, no gain, now I'd love to find the person who invented that phrase and pound him/her silly ... LOL!

  6. Syura - LOL! Calling me a fat tub of lard might also get me going ...

    I seriously think it's time to get a little serious in this getting health business. I've been putting it off for way too long. The more support the merrier ... LOL!

  7. Nick I suggest you read this post over at Dan's

    and then have a look at my follow up if you haven't already seen it.

    I guarantee it's less painful than running ;)

  8. Hi Mr Bulat! lolzzz... oklah bulat also cute mah..hehhee...but I'm all for fitness Nick, though I myself lack of discipline in that area. I've always hated any form of exercise and the last time I ran was in 1997! ehhehe

    Good Luck and here's to Mr Macho!!

  9. Wow, running twice a day? That's what I call being motivated! I know how it feels after laying off for 2 months. The re-starting part really sucks but you'll be fine after a few more runs.

    We ran through a couple of housing estates in KL yesterday. While running, I imagine your neighbourhood must look something like what I saw. Lots of terrace house with nice playgound for kids and some food centres nearby.

  10. Loz - Thanks for the tip. I'm up for anything that's associated with less pain ... LOL! Will check out the links you mentioned. Thank pal!

  11. Lady Java - I'm not too fond of that bulat pet name ... LOL! So, I'm going to work my butt off to lose that excessive baggage I have ...

    1997 was the last time you ran? LOL! Well, not to late to start again ...

  12. BT - What to do, I'm totally out of shape and need to get back to where I was before ... so have to suffer the pain until I get used to it again ... LOL!

    How did you race go? Oh and that area you ran through in KL is way nicer than my neighbourhood ... LOL!

  13. Ooooh I hope you are feeling a bit better today Nick. Good for you for just getting out there and doing it. The first step is always the hardest.

  14. Gypsy - I'm much better today though the aches are still there but it's much more bearable now ... hehehe ...

    Well, I guess if I want a neat lean toned body, then I'll have to just work for it right?

  15. Good to hear u're running once again. I just can't stand exercising, which I know is bad la. Depending on the many house chores I have to do as my main form of exercise for now! Better than nothing right? ;)

  16. Marzie - It feels good to be up and running again, just waiting for the body to get used to the aches and pains and then I'll really start enjoying my runs again.

    Hmmm, household chores could be the new form of exercising, so I guess that'll do for you ... LOL!

  17. Oh man, I really should start jogging again. I've been putting it off because of the rainy weather. Bleargh.

  18. Lis, rain is a good excuse what? At least it's more plausible than some of the excuses I use ... LOL!


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