Monday, January 7, 2008

The Invasion ...

I've been invaded or rather my desk has been invaded! Wait, before you start saying that maybe I need my head check or anything like that, let me start from the beginning.

'Oh, oh, here goes one of his long winded posts again, better get comfy!'

You're still here with the sarcastic remarks I see. Anyway, I bought this urrmmm packet, bar or whatever you call it of sweets. It's one of my favorite ones called Halls Vita-C with real fruit juice in it. While I'm no sweet addict, I just happen to love this particular one. It has about 9 pieces in there and it comes in different flavours of lime, orange, strawberry and grape fruit with lime being the one I love the most.

I'll always have this with me whenever I'm in the office and I totally forgot about it when I left work on Friday and so it was left lying on my desk the whole weekend. When I came in this morning, There were ants crawling all round the sweets. Drats, there went the sweets. I took the whole thing which actually only had 3 pieces left and dumped it in the bin, cleaned my desk of the few ants that were having a riot on my calculator and thought that was the end of it.

So, this afternoon, I went for lunch with wifey and when I came back to the office, I looked at my keyboard and it looked like it was moving! I cautiously inched closer to it. I'm a coward remember and moving keyboards bordered on the supernatural. But I was even more amazed when I got closer and saw that there was this huge colony of ants swarming all over my keyboard! They were crawling out from every single alphabet key like they was a sale or something.

I ran out of my room and got the insect spray and sprayed the suckers. Man, I sprayed like there was no tomorrow and I think I got them all but my keyboard bit the dust from all that spraying! I did try to open my keyboard and clean every single component in there but no luck, I couldn't resuscitate the lil fellow :( Now I've got to go inform the papa keyboard that his little fellow bought it but not before going down like a hero ... LOL! Ok, ok, I think I inhaled just a wee bit too much insect spray!

This really wasn't the first time it's happened to me. It's like the third time already if I recall correctly. I have this habit of leaving my sweets on my desk and forgetting all about it and next thing I know there's a whole colony of ants having a time of their life on my desk. This is also the 5th keyboard that bought the farm with me. Three were invaded by ants and 2 had a tsunami happen over them with some coffee ... LOL! What to do, I'm a junk food addict. There I've admitted it!

I just love junk food. Everytime wifey and me go grocery shopping I'll always get stocks of junk food for myself. And I'm very possessive with my junk food. I don't share them with anyone, including wifey and the boys. And they know better than to touch my junk food stock. I have this habit that I need to munch on something while watching TV or even reading. I can't simply sit there without something to chew on and just watch TV, it doesn't work for me. Somehow I won't enjoy the show or the book or the papers as much.

I know it's not really the worlds best habit to cultivate but I've been like that ever since I was a little kid. Even back then, I'd always run to the sundry shop opposite the house I lived in back then and buy tons of junk food and put it on my mom's tab. My mom had a line of credit at this particular sundry shop which she paid for every beginning of the month and so that made it easier for me to just pop over and buy my junk food and say charge it to my moms account! That was my version of American Express back then ... LOL! I used to buy this ready to eat instant noodles snack called Mamee Mee by the dozens and I really mean dozens. In fact I still do buy it right up to this very day (*blushing*).

There was also this sweet called Hudsons that I used to buy quite a bit right along with that Mamee Mee snack. I'm a sucker for sweets and I still am (which probably explains the toothache I have right now). Back then you could get four pieces of these Hudsons sweet for a mere 10 cents! Now you only get a miserable 2 pieces and they just don't taste the same. I used to hoard loads of junk food back then and my cousins would always try to steal them from me. No matter where I hid them they would somehow find it and sneak off with one or two packets and I'd get so mad at them that I'd go running and screaming to Grandma (I was Grandma's pet remember) to complain and Grandma would buy me some more to replace the ones that my stinking cousins stole! LOL! Gosh, I sure miss good old Grandma :D

I'm glad my two boys are not into junk food like I was. They do ask wifey and me to get them snacks when we go out grocery shopping and stuff but they don't ask for it all that much, unlike me when I was small. As long as we get them something, they'll be happy. My younger boy just loves this cultured milk drink and would everytime without fail get a whole six pack of it. At least it's healthy and it does come with a free toy ... LOL! He can finish the whole pack at one go. A regular drinker isn't he? Well, I can't blame him for this addiction cos he's been drinking that cultured milk ever since he was a little lad of 2 years old. He just adores the stuff.

'Are you through with this post already Nick or are you going to bore them to death all day?'

Awwww shaddup! Ok, ok I think I'll stop here. You guys know me la, once I start 'talking' I can't stop. LOL! Besides I need to get some work done before I head home, well, not work really it's an assignment I got on some Cat6 products that needs to be completed by tomorrow or was it today? I forgot already, better go check if it's expired yet or not. Till then, have a beautiful week ahead people :D


  1. OMG ants are my ultimate insect phobia.. especially an army of 'em all in one spot! So it's no wonder I don't really like sweet things that much haha..

    And your post is long, true, but it's very entertaining to read! :)

  2. Being long winded must be a Pisces thing Nick. I'm always being accused of running off at the I'm loving your sarcastic interloper (even your blog is being invaded it would seem). He/she is very funny although you might not think so hehehe.

  3. Ants in your keyboard! That would have freaked me out!
    I've worked my way through a few keyboards - I keep spilling coffee over them and keep having to explain 'another accident' to the IT department! I'm so clumsy.

    Hmm, after reading your post I have a sugar craving!

  4. oooo sweets & coffee..ok, now that I know you are a normal human being with the excessive need to talk alot, I feel much better since I am starting to feel that I am not normal with my blogging addiction...*tsk tsk*
    Just teasing about the first part but not about me being addicted to bloggin!! OMG! I hope my boss dont find out what I do during my 'unofficial' breaks!

  5. Hey we have the same taste! I love those Halls Vita-C Juicefuls.. I love the lime ones the best.. and also the green Hudson sweets. Don't see them around anymore.. :(

    URgh.. dread ants. I cant stand em.

    And since u mentioned expiring posts, I've got 2 already expired. My mind is just not in the right place at the moment.. hehehe.. if there IS such a thing.. :D

  6. I hate ants, spiders I'm okay with, but ants give me the willies.

  7. Jacq - I have the same phobia, when it comes to insects wifey is the braver one ... LOL! Ants is okay with me, just like what you said, an army of 'em in one spot! Now that is a little freaking scary ... LOL!

  8. Gypsy - LOL! Yeah us Pisceans sure love running our mouths off but only in my blog, In real life though, I'm as quiet as a mouse ... LOL!

    Good point you bring up abut that sarcastic little whiny interloper. I don't even know if it's a he or a she ... LOL!

  9. The world according to me - Oh, I can relate to having to explain just what it is with keyboards and me to the office. This time I think I'll just buy a new keyboard with my own expense and replace it. I'd hate to have to explain to them that ants invaded my keyboard (again) LOL!

  10. Jenjen - LOL! Normal may not really be the right word to describe me! Yeah, blogging's and addiction and a good one I might add.

    There are so many instances I've actually pushed my work aside and blogged instead and then rush like crazy to finish it ... LOL!

  11. Shemah - Cool! Yeah, I happen to prefer the lime ones too. But I always alternate between the flavors. I swear by my life there is no better sweets than these ... LOL! The green Hudsons were one of my favorites too but they don't taste the same now. Siggghhhh ...

    Hope you get you mind in it's proper place soon, don't want to be missing all that money making assignments now do you ... LOL!

  12. Tammy - I'm the exact opposite, Spiders (even the tiny ones) freak the life out of me ... LOL!

  13. im not really into sweets but into keropok,im sure u know the 10cent keropok like mimie and the bluefairy cheese,all 10cent,and i love them so much, i can keep on eating them non stop...whenever i brought back the keropok to home my dad always ask me "kau mau buka kedai kah shana" ..hehehe i am keropok addict!

  14. Oh, you're still eating junk food? For some reason, we don't have a habit of eating so much junk food from young (maybe cos we lived in a village and the stores are many km away). Now the only snack we have in the fridge are prunes and raisins :-P yuck!

  15. Shana - Oh I know those 10 cent keropoks and they're pretty good too ... LOL!

    I can imagine the amount of keropoks you bring home until your dad thinks you wanna open a shop ... LOL!

  16. BT - Yeah, I'm still eating junk food ... LOL!

    Prunes and raisins? Yucks is the right word for it ... hehehe ...

    I wish I was living far away from the shops but unfortunately 7-11 is just a few minutes away ...

  17. Something like that happened to me once in the jungle. My tree house was being "cleaned" by a certain type of ants. One only had to sleep elsewhere and wait for them to leave the next day :)

    Have a nice day,

  18. From where ants came to the office?? :O
    I mean i also leave some sweets on my desk from time to time but no insects, thanks God!! :P

  19. The ant colony sounds yucky la!! Try not to forget ur sweets next time! ;)

  20. Grapefruit is my favorite! I had a smile while reading this, thank you for that~~
    Hugs, Judy

  21. La Delirante - Oh, I know those kind of ants. Not very nice. Wow, you had a tree house ... I wish I had one :D

    Have a nice day too.

  22. Lena - I have no idea where those ants came from but they have a way of knowing when there's sweet stuff around. Actually I just bought two more packets of those sweets but they're unopened yet so hopefully those pesky ants stay away this time ... LOL!

  23. Marzie - yeah, it sucked alright, especially my sweets, I had to get rid of 3 whole decent sweets cos of them! Man, was I mad ... LOL!

    This time I'll make sure I take them home with me ... :D


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