Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not Too Bright!

I think I have to be the worlds most stupidest and dumbest person in existence. I was complaining yesterday in my other blog Spiff, The Spaceman that I have been getting just way too many assignments and I have been rushing to complete them like crazy. And in my haste to complete all of them as quickly as I can I kinda fail to actually read what is required for the assignment like which blog I'm supposed to do it on!

Yes, folks, you guessed it. I did an assignment that was supposed to be done here on Spiff's blog instead. And it was damn embarassing cos wifey was sitting next to me when I was checking my emails and discovered the post was rejected. She was pretty amused with my stupidity and I could see that she was really trying to keep her laughter in check!

'Go ahead honey, you can laugh you head off now!'

Gee, I'm probably the only one in blogsphere who is this dumb and Adrian, you keep your nasty remarks to yourself too! LOL! The predicaments of having two blogs, all that much harder to maintain. How do those folks with 4-10 blogs do it? Anyway, here's the post that embarrassed me :)

Do You Have A Health Plan

I just posted something about my gums swelling and causing my inner cheek to scrape against my tooth and hurting my cheek. And I said that it was really my tooth's problem but then I got down to thinking. How could my gums swell if it wasn't something to do with my teeth right?

Lets put it this way, I don't have the most perfect teeth in the whole wide world, It's not bad or horrible or anything like that mind you. It's just that when I was young I kinda neglected to really take care of my teeth. I was a kid and I used to make up tons of excuses for not brushing my teeth those days and going to the dentist was kinda scary for me. In fact I'm still afraid to go to the dentist even right up to this very day ... LOL!

I'm afraid of pain. Sometimes I suffer through the pain before I even work up the courage to see one. The sight of a needle being injected in my gum is enough to make me faint right this very minute! Another reason is also the sky rocketing price of a visit to the dentist. Man, it's enough to drive a person broke! I know they are plenty of medical discounts and dental plans available out there but how do I even begin to find one that is decent and affordable? In fact the very cost of health care is astronomical!

Well, if you were living in the US of A, there is this plan called Ameriplan which is basically a discount medical and dental plan. It's also an alternative to insurance. Ameriplan understands the importance for people to have an affordable health care plan. It doesn't matter what your needs are, be it general or specific health care benefits, they will have something that will suit your individual needs. With the low monthly membership fee offered by Ameriplan, over 400,000 medical service providers are available to you throughout the country. Cool, isn't it?

Anyway, if you really are searching for a decent, affordable and reputable medical and health plan, then check out Ameriplan today. Who knows, it could just save your life one day. I wonder if they have stuff like this in my country. Maybe it's time I found out about the medical and health plans available here.


  1. running multiple blogs myself I have had that happen too. You are not the ONLY dumbest blogger on the planet. I gladly join you in the ranks!

  2. Meleah - Oh thank you. I was getting a little worried I was the only Dumb one around ... Welcome to the Dumb bloggers club ... LOL!

  3. Hi! I don't have a clue how some people can manage with 4 or 5 blogs! I already have enough with one :)

    Have a lovely day Nick!

  4. Hi Nick,
    Dun wori. We all have one of those days that we feel like banging our head against anything for doing something silly. We are human after all:P
    p.s. I have problem with just one. Cant imagine managing multiple blogs...

  5. hmm.. you are the first blogger that I know who "complained" about too many assignments! but that's a good complaint :-)

    Well, one thing good about getting these assignments is one can always re-post it and won't get scolded left, right and center like one would if one messed up a client's job.. :-)

  6. La Delirante - yeah I know, even with just 2 I get so confused at times, let alone 4 or more blogs! LOL!

  7. Jenjen - I always end up doing silly things ... LOL! Yeah, I guess I can blame it on being human ... hahaha ...

  8. Sting - Oh, I have to agree with you on the scolding part. If I screwed up with one of my clients, I'm sure I would have got it left, right, centre,and every other way as well ... Thank god these postings don't get mad! LOL!

  9. i love rojak..hi first time here

  10. sorry man i had write something wrong in ur page haha anywhere i hate visit to d dentist

  11. Hazel - LOL! No worries, I've done a few blunders during my blogging too ...

    I think a lot of people really do hate Dentists' ... LOL!


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