Saturday, February 23, 2008

All I Have To Do Is Dream ...

It's been a so-so day today. Nothing really interesting happened that's worth talking about. In fact to be blunt, it's been an uninspiring day. I have no complains about today though, after all it is Friday and as everyone here knows, I live for weekends.

In fact the day has been so uninspiring that my creative juices just aren't flowing. I was a little busy with work in the morning and all that but then after completing all that was needed to be done in the office and after my usual lunch date with wifey I went back to the office and was totally free the whole afternoon.

Ah good, I thought. I can blog away the afternoon. I rub my hand together with glee at the prospect of having some free time to blog in the office. So, with a smile on my face, I log into my account and hit the new post button. And I sit and stare at eagerly at the new post page. And stare and stare and stare and stare ... for the life of me I just couldn't think what to write about.

The past week or so I've posted about being a Valentine grouch, my blogs one year birthday, an accident I saw that traumatized me all week and even my moronic neighbours. I really didn't want to post anything negative for a while, especially on a weekend. You guys could use a break from my rantings and complains for a while. So I decided to just give it up and play some online games until it was time to head home.

Maybe I'll get some inspiration to write later tonight. It is after all American Idol results night and I'm anxious to find out if some of the people I predicted got booted out and then a little later there is the local talent show, One in a Million. I'm sure there would be lots I could post about later. How wrong I was. My mind was still a blank. Geez, this is so unlike me. How can I not have anything to write about. I was thinking of calling it a night but I wasn't sleepy. I could read my Star Trek book, but I wanna save that for tomorrow.

So, I did the next best thing I could do. I decided to do this Dream Gadgets meme passed on to me by Marzie quite sometime back. I've been sitting on it and letting it collect dust for a bit and besides I feel bad for not getting it done much sooner especially after I so confidently mouthed off that I'd complete all memes given to me within the week. Me and my bigmouth ... LOL!

It's actually a pretty fun meme to do where I get to tell you guys some of the gadgets that I would like to own but can only dream about right now cos there is no way in hell I could afford them at this point of time. God, that's going to be a little tough though cos I have so many dream gadgets that I'd love to have that it would take me the whole night just to list them down. So, I'm going to limit myself to just telling you guys about two for now.

Oh and if any of you do feel the sudden need to go out there and get one for me to make me feel better, you won't hear me complaining ... LOL! I'd be greatly indebted to you. Well, let's get to it already. Number one on my list is the MacBook Pro. Now, for those of you who owns a Macintosh or has ever used one before, you'd all agree with me that a Mac is comparable to a Ferrari! Well, I think it is anyway. I salivate just looking at a Mac! And yes honey, I salivate just looking at you too ... hehehe ...

I work in the advertising industry as most of you already know and the first time I saw a Macintosh was when I first started work as a total fresh doofus in the industry and we only used Macs those days (PC's were unheard of back then) and I fell in love with it on first sight. And I've never stopped loving it. The thing is a Mac was and still is an extremely expensive machine.

Right now I'm totally head over heels, foot over toes, thumb over pinkies in love with the MacBook Pro. While it might not look like a classy machine in the likes of the VAIOs, Dells (which I hate to admit that I'm using right now to type this post) in terms of its appearances but man, that machine rocks! But alas, it would take me close to 2.35 million years or so to save up to be able to afford one ... siggghhhh ...

Ok, the second item on my gadget dream list is none other than the iPhone. I mean, it's obvious right, since I love Macs so blooming much that the iPhone just had to be on my dream list as well. Unfortunately the iPhone is currently not available in the markets here and just so you know, those of you who visit my blog and do own an iPhone, let it be known that I hate your guts! LOL! Just kidding people. But seriously I do envy you if you have an iPhone. This is one gadget that I simply must have when it becomes available here. As far as I'm concerned it's an iPhone or bust for me!

'Oh wow, would you just look at that. No inspiration to write it seems ... you are such a fibber, Nick, not to mention a blooming bigmouth!'

Wellllll, when it comes to a Mac, I do tend to get a wee bit carried away.

'Wee bit, Nick?'

Ok, ok, I tend to get totally carried away. Are you satisfied now? I think I'd better end this meme now by tagging the following bloggers before that annoying interloper starts being too much of a smart ass. So, Nessa, Sting, Shemah and Adrian, consider yourselves tagged :D Have a great weekend people.


  1. Cool picks Nick! How much is the MacBook btw? Of course I'll get u one when I become a millionaire lol! :)

  2. Thank God you didn't tag me. I'm hopeless with gadgets and gizmos and am always years behind the times.

    You've got a birthday coming up. Maybe the birthday fairy will bring you one if you are a good boy. Hehehehe.

  3. An award for you. Have a nice day.

  4. Marzie - Thanks but I really wish the pictures would turn into reality ... hehehe ...

    I can't remember how much it cost now but definitely somewhere in the range beyond my means ...

    When you become a millionaire can you also please thrown in the iPhone? LOL!

  5. Gypsy - LOL! Well, thank god I didn't tag you then.

    Gee, don't remind me that I'm going to get older pretty soon ... LOL!

    What? You mean they is a birthday fairy? Gee, why didn't anyone tell me, you don't happen to have her email now do you? LOL!

  6. Hazel - Woohoo, an award for me, cool :) I'll go check it out soon.

  7. Hi Nick! To make a nice Saturday for you, you receive not only 1 but 3 awards from me! :) Check them out! Congratulations!!

    Have a wonderful weekend to you and family.

  8. Rose - 3 awards? for me? woohoo, thanks! I'll go and check them out soon.

    Wonderful weekend to you and your family too ...

  9. thanks for the meme.. dream gadgets ya?

    err.. tag for tag, got one for you too.. and I'll say I'm so looking forward to your post on this tag.. muahahaha!

  10. Hi Nick! I don't mean to make you jealous but.. my bf saw my comments on Nessa's blog about how I'm still using a 2yrs old phone, and guess what? :P He asked if I'd like an iPhone!!!! xD

    Enjoy your weekend, Nick!

  11. Nick, hope you found your inspiration for the weekend.....

    I get like that sometimes too. I get very eventful days, even weeks, and then nothing exciting happens for a day or two.

    Well, at least it's the weekend. You are allowed to have a little bit of brain freeze.

  12. Sting - Oh, a tag for a tag, huh? LOL! Okay, I'll go check it out and see how difficult a tag you gave me ... LOL!

  13. Cindy - Oh man, now I'm going to have to start hating your guts! LOL! Just kidding.

    Man, your boyfriend is getting you an iPhone? I want a boyfriend like yours ... LOL!

  14. Tammy - It would be even cooler if I actually could own these stuff ... LOL!

  15. Sharon - So far the inspiration is still not there just yet. Hope something comes to mind soon.

    But like you said, at least it's the weekend :D

  16. Hey, thanks for the tag! :)

    I don't like phones that are too hi-tech/complicated, too lazy to learn (excuses for not being able to afford one!) LOL

  17. What?? No complains Nick!! You gotta be kidding! LOL... Just joking joking ya Nick! I can totally relate to you staring at the screen waiting for inspiration! It's kinda been like that for me these past few months! My mojo isn't back yet! :(

  18. Nessa - you're welcome. I'm dying to see what your dream gadgets are :D

    Well, with that old clunker of a phone, it's time to get a nice complicated hi-tech one, don't ya think? LOL!

  19. Syura - It's unheard of that I have nothing to complain about. What is this world coming to, huh? LOL!

    I hate not having anything to write when I'm in front of my blog. I hope it's not a regular thing :D

    What? You still missing that Mojo? I'll put out an ABP on it ... LOL!

  20. I can't wait for you to get an iPhone! You're going to LOVE it! I love mine so very much. I want to marry it and have it's babies. I suspect you'll love yours a little less than that. :-)

  21. Corrina - You're now another person whose guts I'm going to have to thoroughly hate! LOL! Just kidding.

    I'm already salivating over the iPhone, let alone owning one. I'd probably faint ... LOL!


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