Thursday, February 7, 2008

MAD As Hell ...

That neighbour of mine sure knows how to piss me off. I mentioned yesterday about her son coming back from Singapore for the CNY holidays and how he would park his car anywhere he so pleases and sometimes he'd just park right smack in front of my gate. Well, the good news is he didn't come back this CNY. I don't know why, not that I care anyway. Maybe the earth opened up and swallowed him whole or something. Thank you earth :)

Well, my joy was short lived cos they had some other relative come visit them this afternoon and yes, folks you guessed it, they park right smack in front of my house gate! It's not like there isn't any other place to park. There were loads of other suitable places around that wouldn't inconvenience anyone but no, he had to park right in front of my gate. And when I say right in front, it means right smack blocking my entrance.

Now I really wouldn't have minded if he did like ask me for permission or something. After all I wasn't going to go out just yet. But no, not a word. Just shuts his car door, walks into the neighbours house as if there is no one living here or something. Oh god, I was fuming inside. So, I go up, change and go down and start my car and go over to their house and call out to them, albeit rather loudly telling them that I need to go out. After a few minutes of shouting (they just seem to be a little deaf at times!) this guy comes out and says sorry to me. You should have seen the look I gave him, it was enough to make Lucifer himself pee in his pants! LOL!

They've done this so many times to me in the past and it's getting a little out of hand! I've had times when I've come home from work or shopping only to find a car parked right in front of my gate denying me access to my own house. And I'd be honking away and no one would come out to remove the car. So, I'd just park my car as close as I can to their car so that they can't move their car without me moving first and just walk into my house. When it's time for them to leave, they'd come over meekly to my house and ask me to move and I'd take my own sweet time getting out and moving. Yes, folks, don't mess with me, I can be very vengeful! LOL!

I totally hate them. They deserve the most inconsiderate family on the block award. Hmm, maybe I'll just design one for them and present it to them one day. I'm sure I'll get the endorsement of the other neighbours as well. They just know how to ruin both wifey's and my day. And since I'm in pissed mood, well, I was a little earlier but not anymore but since I'm complaining anyway, let me tell you about my elder boys Sunday school teacher.

'A Sunday school teacher Nick? How can a Sunday school teacher possibly piss you off?'

Well, let me tell you how. Last Sunday my son was transfered to a different class for his Sunday school and I had to meet his new teacher. Well, no problems with that. So, after mass, we go and send him to his new class and also inform the teacher that he's been transfered here. So I start explaining to the teacher about why he's been sent to this particular class and suddenly his teacher see another parent come in, and without even an excuse me or anything like that, she just ignores me and entertains the other parent! Helllooooo, I was here first and I was in the middle of a sentence with you!

Never mind I say, cos the teacher turns her attention back to me and I continue what I was saying. But another parent walks in and she just cuts me of in mid sentence again and entertains that other parent. Not a word of, 'could you excuse me while I entertain this other parent' 0r anything like that. She justs turns away from me in mid sentence and talks to the other parent. This happens at least 2 more times and by this time wifey already notices my face was turning in Mr. Monster mode. Before I could open my mouth to give her hell, wifey steps in between me and takes over the whole situation!

Well, thank god she did cos the very next words out or my mouth was going to be, 'Hey you stupid Bitch! Don't you have any manners whatsoever?' By the way, can you even call a Sunday school teacher a bitch? And in a church at that? Will I go straight to hell for this? LOL! Well, I don't really care cos I hate rude and arrogant people. I wouldn't have minded it so much if she had excused herself and told me to wait. I guess maybe I wasn't important enough for her. Maybe I looked like some lowly person who didn't deserve attention in her eyes cos I wasn't dressed like someone important. Well, maybe next time I'll use a Tuxedo to church, that'll make me look important and people might just start stumbling over themselves to please me! LOL!

Wow, it's been a day of complaining, complaining and nothing but complaining ... hehehe ... but I seriously cannot stand people like these. I actually wanted to post about this last Sunday but totally forgot about it and since I was in a complaining mood, I thought why not post it now. Besides, it's good to let it all out once in a while right? I'd go crazy if I kept all this in me. I'd probably blow a blood vessel or two. Hmmm, now that I mentioned it, I'd better go check my insurance and see if it's up to date. If it's not, then I guess it's time to get some new life insurance quotes. Cos with the amount of times I'm blowing my top cos of all these inefficient and arrogant people, it's better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Hi Nick
    I am just getting around to catching up on all my blogging buddies and their news from the past week. I don't blame you for being angry with your neighbour's son and especially that rude Sunday School teacher. I'm glad she isn't responsible for teaching the children manners because I'm afraid she would fail dismally.

    I'm glad you got all that out of your system and hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays.

  2. So you don't like your neighbours or the Sunday school teacher then?!

    Seriously though, I don't blame you for being peed off with both of them. I would be. In fact, I am!

    Some people need to learn some manners! And fast!

  3. Hey Gypsy - yeah I'm glad she doesn't teach anyone manners for that matter.

    LOL! I'm glad I got it out of my system too. Feels good too ...

  4. The world according to me - They're definitely on my list of not getting any Christmas cards for this year, that's for sure ... LOL!

  5. You should block your neighbor's gate once a week... give 'em a taste of their own medicine. It's totally rude to block someone's gate, neighbor or not.

  6. Aiyo... I dunno who to get angry at more, the neighbour or the teacher!!! No wonder u need to update ur insurance policy lolz... how did wifey handle the situation with the teacher in the end?

  7. Nessa - I'll get my two buddies to park right outside their gate the next time they come to visit me. That'll learn them.

    They're the worst neighbour I've ever had in my entire life!

  8. Marzie - LOL! Neither do I ...

    I actually don't know how wifey handled it cos I walk out of the room. I never did ask her about it, I was just too furious ... LOL!

  9. I understand how you feel Nick! Are you saying you don't "love thy neighbour"? Hahahahaha:)

  10. Bobby - You think? LOL! They definitely aren't getting any Christmas cards from me, that's for sure ... annoying people, that's what they are!


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