Thursday, February 7, 2008

Router Blues ...

I'm well into my second day of the holidays for the Chinese New Year and the fact that I'm here posting something on my blog means I've been so far unable to resist the pull of my blog! LOL! This thing is really addictive. I did somehow manage not to touch the PC until at least 11.30am though. Normally, the first thing both wifey and me would do when we get up is to check both our respective blogs and also see if there are any assignments in our in boxes and then we'd get down to making the kids breakfast and all that stuff.

Well, looks like there's no way I'm going to be able not to check in here for the length of my holiday. Besides my assignment box is kinda full with quite a few new assignments waiting to be done starting with this one on drug treatment that maybe I should look into a little more seeing as how I'm totally addicted to blogging that its become like some kind of drug to me ... LOL! If you had asked me one year ago what I thought of blogging, you'd probably be surprised with my answer. Now, if you ask me what I think, I'll tell you blogging is king! LOL!

Ok, enough with me and my addiction already. You people are just gonna have to get used to seeing me blabber away nonsensically here daily. What am I going to do with my day today you might ask me. Well, to be absolutely honest, I don't really know. I don't have any Chinese friends to visit. It's not that I don't have any Chinese friends, I do have loads of them but none of them sent out any invitations to visit so that's out of the question. I know the boys have one of their friends house, this scrawny little kid, just a few doors away which they've been invited to later today. Lucky them! I'm totally envious of them. I'll bet they'll be coming home with a red packet or two.

I actually haven't really visited anyone for Chinese Year in ages, unless you count my buddy Adrian who is married to a Chinese. But even then, I haven't visited his place for the Chinese New Year in ages. Must go and find me more Chinese friends ... LOL! Damn, I think my router is acting buggy right now cos my connection is slow and I just called my service provider again and they say everything is fine on their part so I tried bypassing my router straight to my modem and everything seems fine. Looks like I'm going to have to get a new router soon. This is going to be a problem cos now wifey and me can't surf at the same time. Darn! Well, that might give me some possibilities to start reading again.

Ok, I'm going to log off for now and see what I can do about the router. It's going to bug me if I can't figure it out. Catch you guys later.


  1. Actually I don't visit friends as well even though I am Chinese.

    I have internet connection problems all the time because we have overhead wires where we live. When it rains too much, the connection gets affected. I think we're the only people in Singapore who face this problem. It can get really annoying. My kids will be in a middle of a difficult quest (their online game) and then poof, we lose the connection. So they complain to me like I can do anything about it!

  2. Hey BT, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

    I don't normally suffer from connection problems cos the provider I use is quite reliable. But the past week or so, it's been buggy.

    I'd complain too if I were your kids and halfway thru my games I had no connection ... LOL!

  3. Nick,
    If I ever do accept tat job and go kl to work, I will make sure I remember to invite u to my hse for CNY visiting ^_^

    But honestly speaking, even here in Kch the tradition of visiting seems to be dying off. Other than visiting relatives and really close friends, most of us just prefer to stay at home with family to R&R I guess.

  4. Jen's place - LOL! that's mighty kind of you.

    I have to agree with you. The tradition of visiting friends and relatives during festivals is fading fast.

    I remember back in the old days I used to visit loads of my friends on all the festivals they celebrate.

  5. Gon Xi fa cai. Happy New Year to you and family. :)

  6. Thank you Sam, hope you're having a great time this CNY :D

  7. tell me about it..this router of ours is making me crazy.i think kl ha better connection than many problems here and there..sigh..

  8. Deana - I hope your router is okay now. At least my service is back to normal. The connection in KL is also probably the same around the whole country. Well, with Streamyx at least la ...


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