Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise ...

I actually wanted to stay away from blogging for today and just enjoy the day, not that I wasn't enjoying it mind you. But in the end I just couldn't resist the pull of my blog. I thought I'd just check in for a bit and see what' been happening. A few minutes, I promised myself but then, this led to that and that led to this and I ended up replying all my comments and blog hopping ... LOL!

My day started out pretty early, remember in my previous post I said I wanted to stretch the day for as long as I could so getting up early was one good way of doing that. And the next thing I did was log on but ended up not being able to get connected, so I called up my internet provider and gave them 3 or 4 pieces of my mind. They didn't really deserve it cos they have been pretty decent service providers (I don't subscribe to Streamyx by the way) and I was so used to their efficiency that I can't stand it when they have connection problems. Can't let them be too over confident now can I? LOL! That was scolding number one from me.

Then scolding number two came along pretty soon when I had to call this particular bank, which I shall refrain from naming for fear of being sued or something and scream my lungs out (well, not really scream but somewhere along those lines anyway) about something that they've been so utterly inefficient with for so many months. After bawling out the bank officer, I was shaking with so much rage that wifey asked me to calm down ... normally it's the other way round ... LOL! With that out of the way, the rest of the day was pretty good.

We decided to have our breakfast outside and do our grocery shopping at the same time and stock up on some tidbits for American Idol tonight. We were expecting the place to be a packed cos of those doing their last minute CNY shopping but the crowd at out regular Hypermarket turned out to be pretty manageable. We were done with our shopping in about an hour which was pretty fast for us. Then when I came home I had another pleasant surprise waiting for me.

I walked and saw this hamper on the table and my mom came down and told me some guy named K.K. left it for me. Whoa, I was surprised. This guy is actually the supplier for my office who provides us with colour separation and printing services. A very nice guy who always helps me out no matter how crazy a deadline I give him. He's so far never failed to get my stuff out on time and has NEVER let me down in any project that I give him. I initially didn't like him when I first met him but he turned out to be a nice guy and is also a friend now. And the best part is he lives right across the street from my place, so that makes sending and collecting materials from him all the more convenient!

He did send a hamper to my house also last year but this year I wasn't expecting anything cos my office has been a little slacking in his payments and he wasn't at all pleased with the delay though he didn't blame me for it. He knows I've been doing the best I can to get his payments out as soon as possible but offices being offices are sometimes just plain slow in preparing them. It's the normal, 'our clients haven't paid us, we can't pay you' nonsense which is normal in this line of work but something that I find to be absolutely ridiculous. I think we should all honour the credit terms given. Even though our payments have been slow, he's never refused to do a project for me whenever I ask him. A true professional.

Like I said I was not expecting anything from him but was pleasantly surprised and happy to see the hamper when I walked in this afternoon. It was really pretty decent of him to do that. And it's a really nice looking hamper as well. I haven't opened it yet though. Keeping it till tomorrow when CNY starts to open it. No particular reason though, just for good luck or something ... hehehe ... Wifey has 'booked' the Ferrero Rocher chocolates in there. She has to fight with the boys on that one cos my younger son wants it too. Thank god I'm not a chocolate lover. My mom has her eye on the Birds Nest thingy in there, she's welcome to it cos I don't eat the stuff. I have my mind set on the white wine in there. Now no one gets their hands on that one. Though I'm no alcoholic, I simply love a good sip of wine every now and then. As for the rest of the stuff in that hamper which I can't really make out until I open the hamper tomorrow, its gonna be a free for all ... hehehe ...

At least the year of the Rat looks a little more promising. Well, I hope so anyway :) Ok, I've got to go take my shower now and then grabs some din-dins before American Idol starts but not before I try and beat wifeys score on this game she's been playing online. She's getting a tad to good at it and my high score is in jeopardy ... LOL!


  1. Haizum - Though I don't celebrate the CNY, but thanks anyway :D

  2. I always try to stay a way from blogging....never works...

    ha ha ha...we stock up for American Idol too...

  3. Meleah - At least I'm not the only one who gets sucked back into blogging ... LOL!

    I actually stock up for all kinds of shows! LOL!

  4. Wow, what a lovely surprise that hamper must have been. How thoughtful! It all looks good enough to eat!

    Enjoy the wine!

  5. Nick! Low Yatt was packed with people today especially towards 4.30pm to 5pm. I guess pple all wanted to work on their PC this break so everyone's there and buying stuff... but traffic was bearable and yeay hubby's car got aircon already!!.

    Nice hamper.. I love the cherry blosson... nice!!

    Happy Chinese New Year Nick!!

  6. Happy CHinese New Year Buddy! Looks liek the Year of the Rat is going to be a good one for you!! hehe I guss I won't have a chance to even smell those FR chocs eh? LOL

    Cheers! :)

  7. The world according to me - I'm happy to get it anyway ... the wine will definitely be enjoyed ... LOL!

  8. Lady Java - Low Yat is always paced la ... LOL! Glad that your hubbys car A/C is fixed. You really can't drive in this day and age with our air conditioning!

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too ...

  9. Hey Bud, Thanks for the CNY wishes but I should be wishing you and LO instead. Gong Xi Fa Cai to the Bateman clan.

    Nope, not a chance in hell you're getting any FR, the moment it was open it disappeared in thin air.

    The wine on the other hand I could share with you :D

  10. You and every other girl on this planet, Tammy ... LOL!

  11. What a lovely CNY hamper... got flowers some more :) I like the basket... hehehe

  12. Nessa - Yeah, it was thoughtful of him to send the hamper wasn't he? At least it's a good start to the year of the mickey mouse for me. Man, poor Mickey is going to be totally abused this year, merchandising wise that is ... LOL!

  13. Ha ha ha... I totally enjoyed ur scolding stories lolz... and what a nice hamper! Hope u're enjoying ur CNY vakasi! :):):)

  14. Marzie - What to do, I'm getting old, so scold people more these days la ... LOL!

    So far, I'm enjoying every bit of my CNY vakasi ... :D


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