Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rest In Peace, Mr. Motorcycle Guy!

This is probably the longest I've gone without any postings. Five whole days even. It's like a record of sorts for me. And it's not entirely by choice. I've had a pretty good weekend followed by a horribly busy Monday. And to top it all off, I was totally traumatized by an accident I witnessed yesterday in which this guy on a motorbike lost his life in a very horrible manner :( I'm not going to go into the details about it as it's not something I'd like to remember. I was so traumatized by it that I could hardly sleep all night long. Life is so fragile and unexpected at times. May his soul rest in peace.

Anyway, besides that, I had a pretty good weekend. I hardly touched my blog at all over the weekend. Don't worry, I'm not giving up blogging. You guys are not going to get rid of me that easily ... LOL! The main reason was because wifey, the kids and myself were out for most of the day on both Saturday and Sunday and we were just too tired to even think of logging on when we got home. The other reason was also because the desktop PC had been sent for reformatting and we were left with just the laptop and we didn't feel like taking turns blogging (normally we'd be online together) so we just stayed away altogether.

Saturday was spent more on eating and shopping, window shopping really, we did buy a few things though. I even got myself this cool looking urrmmm, super duper key chain with an even more super duper powerful LED (gee, I'm beginning to sound like that annoying Spaceman now) or Krypton mini torch light or whatever it was called. To be honest, there really was no reason for buying it except that it looked cool ... LOL! Well, at least now you know you know I spend my paypal money on useless junk ... :D Well, at least I didn't waste it by buying a couple of new pocket watches or anything like that.

We also wanted to catch a movie seeing as how Transformers was the last movie we've been too but there was nothing good showing. Well, nothing good that the kids could watch anyway. The movies we wanted to catch were all rated PL18 so there went that idea. After hanging around at the mall for a couple more hours, we decided to head back and were just too tired to even think of blogging. We even called it an early night, around 11.00pm, I think. Yes, that early! LOL!

The first half of Sunday was pretty harrowing, church wise anyway. All Sunday school children between the ages of 7-10 had to stay back after their classes and attend part of the late morning mass. While I normally would have no problems with this but I was was totally unaware about this, as were a lot of other parents there and the kids had to wait in their classrooms while the mass started and then ushered in halfway through. As to the purpose of this, I sincerely have no blooming idea.

Now, god, if you're by any chance reading my post, please hang on to that lightning bolt you're twirling around in your hands for just a bit longer and hear me out, k? Like I said, I have no issues with this. But these were 7-9 year old restless kids who at that age don't really know what's going and being forced to sit still in classrooms while waiting for the mass was a little too much.

The mass was a late mass, and the kids were hungry and some were crying. I was restless myself so you can imagine the poor kids. I have no issues with all this but they could do it at a much earlier time or maybe when they're a little older and able to understand all this better. It's not like the kids are going to turn in little Lucifer's or something. I just feel a lot of things are being forced on these kids at such an early age that they just might grow up resenting things.

No offense, ok God, I do believe in you and have absolute faith, respect and all that but I think the way some things are done, it's going to turn a lot people away from you. I didn't go through all these when I was in Sunday school and I didn't turn out so bad or I'd like to think so anyway. That's just my humble opinion. Now, let's talk about that lightning bolt you have there ... LOL!

Anyway, that took almost 4 hours in total, can you believe that? We headed home and both wifey and me immediately headed for the bed (and don't you go thinking filthy thoughts, now) We were both totally drained out from all that waiting and standing around that we just had to get some rest. We ended up having a very refreshing 2 hour nap and then headed out for dinner. I wanted to eat at the Hartz all you can eat joint so we headed there and stuffed ourselves silly ... hehehe ...

The weekend just flew by so fast and then Monday came along and I was just so swamped with last minute work that I didn't have time to even log on and check my blog until late at night and by that time I was just too tired to blog and still too traumatized by what I witnessed a little earlier. Well, at least today my schedule looks pretty decent, for now anyway so I can probably blog a little and do some blog hopping and see what I've missed out in the blogging world. So, hang in there guys and I'll be stopping by your blogs in a bit to see what's been happing. Lots of catching up to do cos I've never been a way from blogging for so long. Lets hope it's not a regular thing!


  1. Hi ya buddy!! Seems like all the catching up we ever do is on the blog nowadays huh? Guess we're both pretty busy...but we really must get together sometime soon!!

    Cheers bud!!!

    PS there is this great game on facebook that you would love...TRIUMPH!! Think command and conquer, people's general etc!! I'm hooked!!

  2. ANd first and second commenter too!! Woo hoo!!! Time to do the first commenter jig!! LOL

  3. Hey Nick!! I'm glad you're back! I guess you went on some sorta blog honeymoon after your 1st blog anniversary, huh?? Hehe..

    I never witnessed an accident before, what more to say a gruesome one! I think I'd have trouble sleeping too..

    Anyways, you didn't really miss much on my part. I haven't really been updating much either.. Yawn! So yeah... cya around Nick!

  4. hi, just passed by...hah already 1 year you do blogging, so happy birthday..

  5. Hey buddy, good to see you here. Yeah, it's pathetic that we find out about what's happening with each other through our blogs! Gotta change that. It just is not right at all. Will call you later in the noon.

    Facebook eh? I'll check it out. If you're hooked to that game, I guess I will too. We love the same kind of games anyway. Catch you on the phone in a bit, bud.

  6. Adrian - LOL! You just gotta teach me that commenter jig la ... wanna do it the next time I get first commenter in your blog :D

  7. Syura - LOL! A blog honeymoon, I like the sound of that ... I'm glad I'm back too.

    I'm still not fully recovered from the trauma just yet, the horrific images are just too fresh in my mind at the moment.

    You've got two blogs, right? So I can always check out the other one ... hehehe ...

  8. Hazel - Thanks for passing by. And yeah, I'm one year old already, soon I can start crawling ... LOL! Thanks for the wishes though.

  9. What a horrible thing to happen and to witness. Take your time getting back to normal. We'll still be here for you.

  10. Tammy - Yeah, it was horrible and though the images are still fresh, I'm getting back to my loony self again ... LOL!

  11. I witnessed an accident before too, only the guy in the bike didn't die. (I think) And yes, I was totally traumatized from it too. Rest in peace to that guy.. :-(

    Oh yeah. I noticed about that Sunday school thingy over here in KL too. Those poor children! Back at the church where I went as a child, our "Sunday school" is actually on a Saturday morning. Our parents drop us at the church in the morning and came to fetch us by noon. I think every church should do the same thing too. (OK, I hope I won't get any hate mails for this. hehe)

    Anyway, glad to see you back! I was wondering why you haven't been posting for a while. :P

  12. Hi Nick

    That must have been awful seeing the accident. I hope you're okay.
    Probably best that we don't keep mentioning it, hey?!

  13. Dude...remember the motorcycle guy and the lorry on the way to Rawang!! So terrible huh!!

  14. welcome back.. and hoping the incident will not leave you traumatized for too long ya.. :-)

  15. welcome back! sounds like you've been rather busy! :)

  16. I thought you still in a holiday mood.:)the accident sounds so bad.Take you time and rest well. I will follow up with your daily post.

  17. Well I missed your postings Nick and was wondering what had happened to you. I know how much you are addicted to blogging LOL....

    Sorry to hear about the accident. It does make you stop and think about how fragile life really is and how you can be here one moment and gone the next. Sorry to be morbid here but I guess it's one of life's little jokes on us.

  18. Cindy - Accidents are never nice to witness. It's still haunting me even though it's been 3 days already.

    Sunday school on a Saturday, now that is a good idea :) Don't worry, if you get hate mails, I'll probably be getting a lot worse ... LOL!

    But on the serious side, they really should be putting kids these young through so much at an early age.

    It's good to be back :D

  19. The world according to me - I'm getting better but it'll take me a while to erase the images from my mind though.

    Yeah, best we don't keep mentioning it ... LOL!

  20. Adrian - I remember that all too well buddy. That was terrible right? Well, this one I saw was even worse! So you can imagine the nightmares I've been going through the past 2 nights!

  21. Hey Sting, I'm glad to be back posting again too. At least it'll take my mind of the accident.

  22. Meleah - Thanks for the welcome. Busy is putting it mildly ... LOL!

  23. Sweetiepie - LOL! I am still in a holiday mood, in fact I'm always in a holiday mood. Was just busy with work the past few days. Thanks for dropping by ...

  24. Gypsy - You're absolutely right about the addiction part! LOL!

    It does, I'm still affected by how easily one can lose their lives. So best to enjoy every single minute of it cos just like what you said, you never know when that thing called life is going to pull one his his little jokes!

  25. You sound so busy alright...

    I know how it feels to witness an accident. Once I saw this motorbike that got involved in an accident on the highway on a rainy evening. The rider was lying on the road, blood streaming across the road. I was so overcome with emotion, I almost couldn't drive after that. I found out later in the papers that he died.

    Another time, while stuck in a jam, I saw this car speeding from behind(in the next lane), and crashed into the car next to me. It was so frightening, I burst into tears.

  26. BT - Busy is an understatement!

    I hate witnessing accidents. I'm never good with blood and things like that and actually having to see someone die horribly right in front of your eyes makes it even worse.

    I was and still am affected by it. Been having 2 bad sleepless nights already!


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