Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Almost Sportsman ...

It rained so bad yesterday in my neck of the woods that the roads around my office area was submerged with water and I had trouble leaving the office just to get home. I live only about a 10 minute drive from my house and yesterday it took me at least half an hour to get home. I can imagine those leaving for home from the heart of town. I'll bet they were stranded for hours. My sympathies people. Then again, wait just one minute. Did it even rain in the capital city? Since it rained here I presume it also rained over there. Gee, what the heck am I talking about rain for? How interesting ... LOL!

Well, the good thing about the rain was that when I finally got home, it made my daily evening run such a joy. The weather was just perfect for the run, nice and cool. And I did enjoy my run thoroughly. In fact I just absolutely LOVE running. But it wasn't always that way, you know. I seriously didn't like running or any physical activity for that matter.

When I was young, I hated sports of any kind. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a weakling or a sissy boy or anything along those lines. I just didn't like sports all that much. I would of course enjoy the occasional game of football or badminton with my cousins but I was more the timid kid who would rather be at home curled up in bed either sleeping or reading my comics. I didn't really like mixing around with other kids and joining them for their games and all that, especially if it required some form of running and stuff like that.

Even in school, I would shy away from sports or any physical activity for as long as I could. Well, of course I couldn't escape when it came to Physical Education classes. Then I'd be forced to partake in whatever barbaric physical exercise the teacher thought of. I'd even not take part in any extra curriculum activities organized by my school and my school didn't really force anyone to join in. That worked out just fine with me until one fine day the school decided that every student HAD to take part in at least one extra curriculum activity.

Darn, that put a damper on my plans. There went my afternoon naps after school cos most of these activities were organized after school back then. With no choice left in the matter, I had to pick something and since my ambition at that particular time was to be a policeman, I joined the police cadets thinking it would be pretty cool and besides I heard how women always loved a man in uniform ... LOL! Furthermore I thought I wouldn't need to do much running around. How wrong I was. The damn cadets was like prison camp. We had to practice our marching in the blazing sun and all kinds of other torturous things that I decided to switch to something else.

I joined something much safer with was the Leo Club and that suited me just fine. No strenuous running around or anything too physical to do. I even made it to the main committee as an assistant treasurer. Cool I thought, at least I had a nice cushy position ... hehehe ... And it remained that way until finished my secondary schooling (equivalent to high school in some parts of the world). After that I decided to do my studies at a private college where I met my buddies Adrian and Sean. And that's really when I started to take a more active interest in physical and sporting activities.

It was during this time when I was first introduced to martial arts, namely Tae Kwon-Do. They had a martial arts recruitment demonstration at the college and I was intrigued by it, so I signed up for it. All of us signed up for it but most of my other buddies gave up on it leaving only me. And strangely enough, for someone who wasn't at all keen on physical stuff, I took a huge interest in Tae Kwon-Do and even became obsessed with it. I used to attend training almost everyday by following my instructor to all classes that he conducted elsewhere. Even my buddies thought I was a little too crazy about it.

I was practically at every class my instructor taught and I would be actively involved in any recruitment demonstrations that they had. I actually became good at it. Which surprised the hell out of me. I was NEVER really good at anything in my life. I enjoyed this so much and was so committed to it that one day my instructor actually gave me one of his classes to teach. Boy, I was on cloud nine and three quarters. I was over joyed. I even thought maybe this could become a career or something but that was before I decided I wanted to get in advertising. On hindsight, maybe it was the wrong choice ... LOL!

But once I started my graphic design course, I hardly had time for martial arts and eventually gave it up. It was also around this time when I decided to take up running with my buddy Sean. And it was at this time that my affair with running really started. We ran 9.25 km almost every single day. I enjoyed it so much that I got fanatical about running. I ended up buying all kinds of running magazines, the latest running shoes, full running kits and whatnots. It was an adrenalin rush every time I ran and even more so during the times we took part in half marathons.

Then work and distance got in our way and I started running on and off and at one time completely stopped altogether. It went on that way for at least a year until I decided to start running again. And as every runner worth their salt would know just how blooming hard it is to start running again, especially on your own. I hated it at that time, I wanted to quit because I was so unfit. I couldn't even do decent times. I was impatient for improvement. I couldn't wait to see results and when it didn't show I was depressed and gave it up again. It's been an on/off thing for the past couple of years. And my body started to balloon, especially my tummy which wifey always points out to me :D

So, I started running consistently again and loving every single pounding step of it. I realize I've been lacking motivation in the past but now wifey is my inspiration to run. Besides, she did say a while back that if I did get healthy and fit again like I was before, she'd let me sleep with Jennifer Garner ... LOL! Just kidding honey :D But I hope the old bones will cooperate and not ruin my appetite to run. I wish I could like find a fountain of youth or something and go back to the times when I was really fit as a fiddle but then what's a little hard work, ya?

Oh boy, would you just look at this. I think I got carried away with my post. I hope none of you fell asleep halfway through reading this but if you made it all the way through, congratulations, you've just won the grand prize of 2 million Zorkian dollars ... LOL! Ok, ok I borrowed that from that Spiff character :D


  1. I am not a 'running' person coz I'll probably drop dead in less than 5 mins of running! Hee...yeah, am not fit but I'll choose badminton, walking or aerobic over running... I can play badminton for hours though (well, maybe not as long as last time...)but ask me to run, I'll just turn 'deaf' ;p

  2. LOL... I've been reading a lot of posts lately about getting in shape.

    I think the universe is trying to tell me something... if only I knew what! :-D

  3. I hate jogging.. in fact come to think of it .. i hate any form of exercise.. I'm just sooo lazy lah Nick... especially in my old age...lolzzz... eh if you do find that fountain of youth.. tell me ok.. i want one as well...heheh

  4. I was like you Nick and avoided all sports and physical activities like the plague at High School. One day the whole school ran a marathon (without any preparation I might add) and I don't know what happened. I just kept running...and running....and running and came 10th out of 1,000 kids. They were onto me after that and so ended my career as a spectator. Damn it.

  5. OK, I want my 2 million whatever zorkian dollar.. man... i thought you don't have idea what to write.. but when u do... u can definitely write many books on just one topic.

    I understand the part about joining martial art thing. I went for tang soo do. but end up quit too. I love badminton very much other than my rc hobby but its the time that slack for me. totally no time for self enjoyment. all and everything around the family.

    its good for you to run. I wish i can but my knee got problem during the tang soo do era :D

  6. I can tell from your post how much you love running! It's good to have a healthy activity that you enjoy.
    Personally I prefer a gentle jog on the tread mill! But at least it's something I suppose, and stops me sticking my head in the fridge...

  7. You know what? First, I bought a cross-trainer. Ditched.

    Then I bought a threadmill. (well, bf bought for me la. :P) Ditched after a week..

    Next, a skipping rope. Ditched after 3 days.

    How to motivate myself to keep running??!! >.<

    Anyway, yeah.. it rained like crazy yesterday, I thought my car would turn upside-down before I reached IKEA.. haha

    Happy running, Nick! I might get inspired to run again if you can post pictures of your weight loss or something. (Before & After jogging) :D

  8. You always get carried away with your post, Nick, lol! I hate rains cos I hate bringing umbrellas, hehe...

    You must be in good form now, like the form of Ben Affleck. What was that Leo Club? Sounds like a Glee Club? lol!

    Anyway, good luck to your running again and hope you achieve a more healthy body condition.

  9. Don't feel guilty cos I have been slacking too. I didn't run last week and it has been raining so much this week, it provides another excuse to stop running :-P

  10. hey I hate jogging.It's probably because my heart is kind of small and can't run more than half KM.I think it's never too late to exercise keep it up buddy.I am proud of you!You can do it.

  11. Wow Nick! It is unusual to hear from a man dislike sports. I thought sports and men go along well? :) I never like running, because it can be boring especially running at the same location most of the time. If I do run, I would run with a friend or hubby, because I need a motivator to motivate me to run! :)

  12. Aunty J - LOL! I don't think anyone would drop dead from running for 5 minutes but who knows ya ... :D

    I'm not good with games like badminton and all that. I'm more of a single person kind sport ...

  13. Jillian - Good point, I wonder what the universe is trying to tell ya, huh? Could it have anything to do with being healthy? Nah, Couldn't be that obvious, ya? LOL!

  14. Lady Java - Jogging is good for you. Go on, get out there and start running already ... LOL!

    Yeah, it does get harder to exercise when you get older. It takes all that much more effort to get going ...

  15. Wow Gypsy, you've ran a marathon? And came out 10th at that? For all the running I've even been doing, I cannot lay claim to ever running a marathon. The best I've done are half-marathons! Kudos to you :D

    Yeah, I'll bet they were on to your little schemes after that ... LOL!

  16. Papajoneh - You want that in cheque or cash? LOL! Yeah, I can be l o o o n n n g g g winded at times :D

    Cool, you were in Tang Soo Do. It's a little bit like Tae Kwon-Do too. I had a friend who was into that art.

    RC is a great hobby though a little on the expensive side for me. I'll just stick to running ... hehehe ...

  17. The world according to me - I can't really run in one place, especially on the treadmill. I need to feel the wind on my face and see different kinds of scenery as I run :D

    Yeah, it does keep one from sticking ones head in the fridge doesn't it ... hehehe ...

  18. Cindy - LOL! I know what you mean. I had, urrmmm, what do you call it, one of those cycling machines that I think I used for only 5 times and then it became a place to hang things, then I had a stepping machine which became decoration, etc, etc, etc ...

    LOL! Cindy, you don't want to see my pix before and after jogging. It would be a crime to post my pix here ...

  19. Marlene - That I do :D Well, do what I do, I just walk in the rain. I hate umbrellas ... LOL!

    Ben Afleck? LMAO! More like Bozo the clown.

    Leo club is a junior version of the Lions club (I think, LOL!) See, I so hate extra curriculum activities that I don't even know what I join ... hehehe.

  20. BT - Yeah, rain has always been a pretty good excuse for me to skip running :D

    Actually the last time I ran in the rain which was about 10 days ago, I ruined my running shoes :( Now, I'm going to have to get a new pair soon ...

  21. Sweetiepie - A lot of people hate jogging la ... LOL!

    With practice I'm sure you'd be able to run further, so why don't you give it a try? Who knows you just might end up liking it ... hehehe ...

  22. Rose - I don't really dislike sports. I just hate taking part in it ... LOL! Call it laziness!

    Yeah, I have to agree, it's always better running with a friend but unfortunately I got no friend to keep me company on my runs over here ...

  23. the weather has been totally crazy everywhere!

  24. Hey I remember the Leo Club he he...I wonder which school u went to Nick! ;)

  25. Meleah - yup, the weather is getting freakier by the day.

  26. Marzie - Do they still have clubs like that in school now? Another club that I remember was the Interact club. They were like our number one rivals ... LOL!

    I went to Bukit Bintang Boys School, both primary and secondary, the rivals of my buddy Adrian's La Salle PJ school ... LOL!

  27. I'm awake, I'm awake...How much did I win??? LOL Have a good weekend!

  28. Its raining so badly recently that the boys are kept indoors most of the time. There goes their one week school holiday.... sigh!! :(

  29. Tammy - Well, kudos to you for lasting till the end of this post ... LOL! Your 2 million Zorkian dollars is in the mail :D

    Happy weekend to you too.

  30. Janice - Yeah, same here. The weather is so unpredictable that you just can't plan anything these days. Hey, the school holidays there and here are at the same time, huh?

  31. I'm not a running person because I hate any physical activities too, but I walk every day going to my work, twice a day and it lasts almost one hour. I'm 43 and I'm a little bit of overwheight. Shame on me!!!

    Yesterday was a rainy day in São Paulo too. And the traffic was huge! São Paulo is a big city but has a lot of problems, such as flood, overpopulation, violence but I love this city!

  32. Cidao - Hey, walking to work everyday is a pretty good exercise in itself, you know :D

    Hey, that sounds exactly like the place I'm living in right now too ... hehehe ...

  33. hey nick!! What can I buy with 2 million zorkian dollars? What's the exchange rate?? hhahaha.. considering I woke up at 4.30 am and it is now 11.37am, I read your post word for word and did not yawn even once! That just goes to show, you are not boring! Or I am simply superwoman.. LOL!

    I don't mind exercising.. I know this may not sound right.. but I love to sweat! Hahaha.. not when I'm all dolled up and at a function, I don't. Just meaning to say that i love any types of exercise.

    Hope my journey to losing weight is on track until I really can come up with a before and after pic. Hehehe.

  34. Shemah - LOL! Urmmm, I'll have to check with Spiff on the exchange rate part! And you know how much I like talking to Spiff!

    I'm actually very lazy to exercise but the circumstances demand it. Well, the expanding tummy is a clear indication la ... LOL!

    And I sweat a lot, even more so during presentations, not just exercising ... LOL!

  35. Yay, B went to BB too! And La Salle was our (Assunta) brother school. Don't u just miss the good ol' school days? ;)

  36. Marzie - Whoa, that's cool :) At least you had the sense of mind to marry a BBian instead of those good for nothing La Sallelians ... LOL!

    Urrmmm, no la, I don't miss school one bit ... hehehe ... well, maybe a little :D


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