Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The day has been a crazy one. Work was so rushed that I didn't even have time to go to the toilet! That's how busy things were. My boss has a presentation today, with Mr. Smelly breath VP, better her than me I would say and even though I managed to finish what she needed for the presentation yesterday, but true to her form, she required last minute changes like as it it was simple to do! And on top of that the notebook computer that I did the work on was giving me hell today.

That took me the entire morning rushing like some chicken without a head to complete things for her on time and I've finally got some free time know cos she's just left the office. Phew, thank god for small miracles. So here I am messing around with my blog. I don't really have anything much t write today so I thought I'd do a tag. Yes, I'm actually going to do a tag. LOL! You guys just know how much I 'love' being tagged with meme's right :D That must explain why no one tags me anymore ... hehehe ...

The thing is I feel shameful about doing this tag cos it was given to me by Sting quite sometime ago that I think even she would have forgotten about it by now ... LOL! I'd had it lying in my draft for quite while and I couldn't let it gather dust anymore. In fact it's kind of an interesting and fun tag to do and I'm going to be happily tagging all my favourite bloggers at random after I finish with it and you guys better make sure you post it, ok? I really wanna know what your most embarrassing moment is.

Yes, this tag is about embarrassing moments and I've got loads of them. It's easy to accumulate embarrassing moments especially if you're a doofus like me :D I can't really remember all of them but this one comes to mind right now. And Adrian buddy, correct me if I've left out anything seeing as how you were there when this happened to me. Stamford library and 'legs', remember buddy? LOL!

Ok, let start from the top. This one happened to me while I was still studying in college years ago. Back then I used to hang out with this group of people, seven in all. I think I've mentioned about them in a few of my previous posts before. We hung out together, went everywhere together and did everything together. We even had a name for our little group but I shall refrain from mentioning it here for fear of being put in prison ... LOL! Just kidding, we weren't that bad. But we weren't that good either.

We were all teenagers and had the usual teenage crush for particular girls in college. Each of us had our eye on one particular girl and in fact sometimes we all had an eye for the same girl ... LOL! We'd normally sit on this wall just at the entrance of the college every morning before class and watch all the girls go by. We'd sit there all seven of us in one row and go:

'Ok, I want her!'

"No, she's mine!'

'No, I saw her first!'

'Well, I want the one in the red jacket!'

Well, you get my meaning don't you ... LOL! Hey, we were teenagers after all right? There was this particular girl that I, urrrmmm, set my eyes on. Bear in mind she probably didn't know I existed. She had this great pair of legs and we all gave her the nickname of 'Legs'. Well, actually all of us had a crush on her (right buddy?). But they knew I liked her and my buddies can sometimes be a tad too helpful! And it's not always a good thing.

We always hung around in the college library cos that's where the girls were at (we did anything but study there, mind you) and one fine day my two good friends, Adrian and Dougy went up to 'legs' and gave her a note supposedly from me. I didn't know until it was too blooming late and she just got up, gave this nasty stare in my direction and walked out the library. Damn, just what did those two write in that note anyway? Till today I have no idea. I was so bloody embarrassed and if I wasn't on the tanned side, you'd probably see me turn redder than a lobster.

Ok, but that wasn't really the most embarrassing part. The next day, we were in the library again (we're there practically everyday) and 'legs' was there at her usual spot. I was sitting way behind and was trying to get a glimpse of her, so I kinda leaned back on my chair pushing it up on two legs and the next thing I knew, I leaned just a wee bit too much and in typical dramatic slow-mo TV fashion, the chair tipped over and I landed on the floor in a very quiet library with a huge bang and lay flat on my back with my legs up the air!

First there was utter silence that you could even hear a pin drop, then everyone in the whole blooming library, including 'legs' turned to look in my direction and burst out laughing hysterically. And that included my supposedly good buddies! There I was lying flat on the floor like some doofus and all they could do was join in the laughter. I don't blame them though, I would have done the same thing if it happened to either one of them. And the worst thing is when I looked in 'legs' direction, she was looking at me, shaking her head with this look of incredulity on her face.

Man, I was so embarrassed that I packed up my things and fled from the library and never returned there for the whole week. And I avoided being anywhere in the vicinity of 'legs' ever since that day. There went whatever little hope I had of impressing her. That really has to be one of my more embarrassing moments to date. I can still remember the way I went down in slow-mo right up to this day that I never again balance my chair on two legs anymore. Once bitten twice shy they say :D

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And now, I would like the honour of reading the following 'lucky' few and their most embarrassing moment. And don't think of not doing it cos I'll get Spiff to bug you till you actually post it ... LOL! So here goes the lucky few:

Aunty J
~ First Time Dad ~ Guru-Guru Life ~ Mumblings ~ Mariuca


  1. haha.. that's a good one, I mean embarrassing one :-) thx for being a good sport.. err, is your wifey reading ah?!

  2. LMAO! Now that must have be utterly embarrassing buddy!

  3. Sting - It was just lying in my draft for way too long ... LOL!

    Oh, it was so embarrassing that it ruin whatever image I had in college, not that I had much to begin with mind you ... LOL!

    Yeah, my wife reads my blog :D

  4. Andy - You just cannot imagine how embarrassing it was for me! And the worse thing is I still had a year of college left to live with the embarrassment. LOL!

  5. macho guy wannabe turned bad!! hahahahahaha....I wonder if the girl still remembers her you probably is THE 'LEG' person!! hahahaha

    oh btw, you're soooo evil for having to tag me!!! Ayooo!!! But I'll be a sport since its Friday!! Happy wkends and pl don't laugh at my post ok!!

  6. Wahahahahah! Lucky pants tak koyak too ya! Hahahahaha!!

  7. Oh no! Sorry, I laughed too, when I read it! I can imagine the embarrassment though!

    Crikey, it sounds like the sort of thing I would do. Not looking at women's legs, I hasten to add, but falling off my chair with my legs in the air...

  8. Buddy!! Firstly happy Birthday you old monkey boy!!! And yes folks the story is true I'm shamed to say!! LOL We did some rather stupid things back then but it was all in the name of good clean fun!

    But dude wasn't I a nice faithful guy back then and I didn't ogle the girls with you fellows! LOL I was busy studying in the Sec. 8library! hehehe

  9. LOL. Sounds like a scene right out of a comedy. Funny!

  10. Ha ha ha I am laughing at ur moment and I have to do this tag after this! I feel really "lucky" for being chosen Nick lolz... ;)

    Wonder what Legs is up to now!

  11. Yeah that's kind of embarrassing, but I think I can top it. My husband is a twin and I actually grabbed his brothers butt once by mistake. They still tease me about it. Have a great weekend!

  12. I don't even want to remember some embarassing moments I had with girls in the past... It freaks a lot!!!! :o)

  13. I won't be around for a while Nick so I have just popped in to wish you a very Happy Birthday for the 15th. I hope you get spoilt rotten on your special day.

  14. Aunty J - Urrrmmm, I should hope not! LOL! It was too embarrassing and even if she does remember me, I'll deny it ... hehehe ...

    Looking forward to reading your post soon ...

  15. Cindy - Cukup la jatuh from the chair like a fool, lagi you want my pants to koyak. I would have had to leave the country like that la ... LOL!

  16. the world according to me - LOL, it's okay, go ahead and laugh :D I had a good laugh writing it ...

  17. Adrian - Thanks for the wishes buddy, I was trying to actually forget I'm one whole year older though ... LOL!

    We did a lot of silly things back then bud and I sure do miss those times. We were carefree and full of mischief ... LOL!

    Yes, I'll give you that. You were a faithful fellow but I shall not even get into details about what goes on in the Sec8 library ... LMAO!

  18. Meleah - Yeah, it was and the library was packed that day too!

  19. Jillian - It was something right out of a comedy, unfortunately I was the blooming main actor! LOL!

  20. Marzie - Go ahead and laugh, I'd be laughing too if I didn't happen to be the centre of attraction on that day ... LOL!

    Looking forward to reading your embarrassing moment soon. As for what legs is doing now, I don't think I'd like to find out ... LOL!

  21. Tammy - LMAO! Yes, that definitely tops it!

    Great weekend to you too ...

  22. cidao - LOL! I'm sure we've all got loads of embarrassing moment tales to tell ya?

  23. Gypsy - Thank you for the birthday wishes :D I intend to be spoilt rotten today ... hehehe ...

    Great weekend to you.

  24. Did someone mention your bday is on the 15th? Today? ;)

    Anyway, when i found out that you've tagged me, I instantly reminded of my Valentine & Watermelon juice post. I guess that was one of the most embarrassing moment ever happened to me. Gee, i need to take some time to think back other awful embarrassing moment of my life. That means, you'll have to wait to on my post, Nick.

  25. hahahahahahahahhahahahhaha... wait ah.. drink first... hmmm... ok
    hahahahhahahahaaaa.. damn it.. hahahha. Man.. that was so embarrassing.. hahahaha. Like Cindy said, nasib tidak koyak sluar kah or something else more. Great great stuff here.

    pheewww... lucky im not in this tag thing :D

  26. Thanks for the tag :) You've been tagged too. Quick before Spiff snaps it! LOL

    Happy belated birthday! You're officially a senior citizen... naik MAS murah oredi...hahaha

  27. That's embarrassing! There's something about legs that guys go crazy about, hahaa...

  28. Oh man, that's such a traumatising thing to happen to a young man! Poor thing!

    Funny how the guys only go after the same girl. When I was in Junior college, my best friend was the 'school flower' and practically all the guys in school went after her. The rest of us were invisible.

  29. Carol - Urmmm, yeah, I think somebody did mention it was my birthday on the 15th ... LOL!

    That watermelon post was pretty funny. Don't worry, I'm a patient man, I'll wait till you can post a really embarrassing post soon ... LOL!

  30. Papajoneh - LOL! I'm glad you got a good laugh out it my friend :D Embarrassing is a mild word, I was wishing the earth opened up and swallowed me whole! LOL!

  31. Nessa - A tag for me? Ok, I've got to get there before Spiff does ... hehehe ...

    Thanks for the birthday wishes :D Ya, I think I qualify for senior citizen discounts now already ... LOL!

  32. Marlene - It sure was. LOL! Yeah, there is something about the pull of legs that makes a man do silly things ....

  33. BT - It was traumatising. I'm scared of libraries now ... LOL!

    I think it works the other way round too. One of my buddies was the centre of attraction with the ladies too and the rest of us were like non-existent at times :D

  34. hahaha!! well i bet she doesn't even remember anymore..

    your birthday was on the 15th?? Same as Rafiq's... Well happy belated birthday Nickkk~!!!

  35. Syura - If she did, it'll be for all the wrong reasons ... LOL!

    Yeah, my bday is on the 15th too. And thanks for the wishes :D

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