Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Kid In Me ...

How many of you still play with toys? Yes, I'm referring to you. You don't? No? Seriously? Well, I have a confession to make, I still do (*blush*) and I play with them whenever I get the chance. I even play with my kids toys at times. Yes, you could say I never really grew up. It's sad isn't it? A 40 year old, urmmm 41 as of a few days ago who loves playing with toys! Geez, I'll never get used to referring to my age as 41. As far as I'm concerned I stopped aging when I was 19! LOL!

Just a couple of days ago I bought myself this remote controlled car that I've been eyeing for quite a while. It's not one of those really cool mean machines that Papa Joneh has. Those are a bit too expensive for my budget. I bought this one from the gas station that was having a promotion where you can buy either one of 4 different models of remote controlled cars at a special price if you fill up your tank with RM40.00 and above of petrol.

I've always wanted to get it but have been putting it off and since my fuel is paid for by my office and besides the promotion was going to end pretty, so I bought one for myself. It even comes with free batteries ... hehehe ... The guy at the pump who was helping me select one made a remark that my son would just love it. I told him it's not for my son, it's for me. He stopped what he was doing, looked up and gave me this weird look and said:

'You yang nak main, bukan anak you?' (You're going to play with it, not your kids?)

And I smiled at him in my most innocent little boy look and and said yes. He just gave me an exasperated sigh while shaking his head and punched in my order for the car and after filling up I just couldn't wait for work to be over so I could get home and 'play' with my new toy. Now I just had to figure a way to sneak the car upstairs without the boys seeing it. I'm very stingy with my toys and if the boys saw that car, they'll hijack it right out of my hands, thats for sure ... LOL!

So when I reach home, I hide the car under my shirt (not the best of hiding places, I know) and quietly run up to my room. The kids were too busy watching cartoons to notice me (thank god for cartoons ... LOL!). I dash into the room so fast and lock the door that it startled wifey who was busy blogging at that time. She looked at me and asked me what's wrong and I gleefully pull out the car from under my shirt and give her this big huge smile of contentment (she knew I wanted to get the car for quite a while now!).

She just gave me this 'there's no hope for you' head shake and continues blogging ... LOL! And before you can say car insurance quotes, I had the car out of the packaging and maneuvering between wifeys legs irritating the life out of her. You should have seen some of the maneuvers I made, even Schumacher would have been proud of me ... LOL! Wifey turns and looks at me again and says:

'You're like a little kid, just like the boys la!'

But Honey, I am a kid at heart, always have been ... hehehe ... Yeah, I am a kid at heart. I've always loved playing with toys and even up till now I still do. I guess that's why the boys aren't really afraid of me. They probably see me as some big huge kid!

Even when we go shopping, especially at the bigger malls, if we're anywhere near the toy department, I'd be there right along with the kids messing around with all the toys there. You know how a lot of toys these days have places where you can press a button or push a lever to try them out? Well, I'll be the first to every single toy and its actions out. You should see some of the stares I get ... LOL!

I can't help myself when it comes to toys. I just love them considerably! And I just wished I had kept all my childhood toys a little better. Who knows if I had them now, I may not even be blogging all that much from playing with my toys ... LOL (Yeah, right!). Well, I think I'd better post this now and go do more wheel spins on that tiny little remote controlled car which by the way, the boys still haven't found out about it yet. I don't know how long that will last though cos they have a knack for finding things :D

'Honey, you'd better watch your step in the room cos there's gonna be a mean machine on the roads tonight .... vrrooommm, vrroooommmm!!!!'


  1. Nice post :) I am also a kid at heart :) I like lego a lot :) I guess that I will have a great time playing with my kid/s when I have them ;)

  2. I still LOVE remote controlled cars. Man they are sooo much fun. You made me want to go out and buy one!

  3. That's so cute Nick!

    My husband does the same thing. He told me that for Valentines day he wanted to get one of those small rc cars and since we both work at home, it would be such a nightmare!

    He already had one of those before and he kept on making it zoom in circles around my chair, my desk, when I get up to do my laundry....

    Ugh, sounds like fun though.

  4. You're not alone, Nick! I have loads of toys in every bedroom I've slept. Back home, over here.. and my other room in KK. LOL!

    But er.. I can't imagine you playing the remote control car lah. Hahaha! Eh.. did you get the Ferrari as well from "that gas station"? I got ont! HAHAHAHA!

  5. *laughs* I so feel this post!!

    I don't have kids yet but I do have a horde of nieces and nephews! I work under the cover of "showing them how to use/play with the toys". That way I usually get to play them first before they do. *chuckles*

  6. I'm a kid! I collect comics and card games, I like to watch Cartoon Network, I've got little metal cars...
    It's good to be a kid! Makes you forget life problems and bills.
    And I don't want to change!

  7. At first i thought of saying, "are you serious?", but suddenly i remember hubby wanted to buy that ratatouille dvd, which i thought ridiculous for we don't have kids. Hahaa, the kid in you must be real.

    Anak? I suppose it means kid or children in the family. Same word in my language.

  8. My husband has toys that he won't let the kids play with too. LOL

  9. Hey!! When was your birthday?? Did I miss a post or did you purposely not tell??? HMmmmm...

    An RC toy?? Cool.. I don't think it's odd for a man to be playing with one. Look at PapaJ! Hehehe..

    You see laa.. once I get that Ultimate Bumblebee for Buddy, I can bet you, my brothers will be fighting over who can transform it for him better! LOL!


  10. I hope I never grow out of playing with toys!

  11. Nick,
    BOYS! babe oso like u lar! So, dont wori, u have a friend~

  12. ha ha, I understand. Men never really grow up! I bet when you buy toys for your kids, you choose something that you like right? Don't care if your kids like or not :-)

  13. La delirante - Lego, oooo, I had quite a bit of those in my younger days. I'd build all kinds of stuff with them. But I wished I'd kept them though. It sure would be great to pass the time when I'm not blogging ... LOL!

  14. Meleah - So what are you waiting for, go out and get one already :D In fact I think I'm going to fire up mine tonight after the kids are asleep ... LOL!

  15. Sharon - It is fun. Your hubby's a cool guy. I hope he goes and gets one, it sure is fun bugging the wife with the car going round in circles between her legs ... LOL!

    Hopefully she won't get too irritated and stomp on it ... hehehe

  16. Cindy - Hooray, at least I'm not the only big buffalo kid around ... LOL!

    No la, that Ferrari tak syok la. It's pull back action, cannot irritate wife very much with it ... LOL!

    I got my younger boy one of those Ferrari's though.

  17. Haizum - Ah, you're back blogging again :D

    Oh yes, that's the best excuse to actually play with the toys first. I do the same thing when I have to assemble anything for my kids. I'll get first pickings with the toy and it's such fun ... hehehe ...

  18. Cidao - Comics, I love comics. I have a horde of them. I've kept them since my childhood days and I still read them over and over again every chance I get :D

    It's always good to be a kid where you don't have a worry in the world :)

    Oh and I had tons of those little metal cars too, now my son has a huge collection of them. He just loves those cars :D

  19. Marlene - I suppose most men will always be kids at heart. The kid in me is so very real ... hehehe ...

    yes, anak mean child or children here. I think a lot of words we have here are about the same as yours :)

  20. Tammy - LOL! I'm the same too. I'm really stingy with my personal stuff. The kids know better than to ask me for it ...

  21. Shemah - Urrmmm would you openly admit you were turning 41 now? LOL!

    PapaJ's ones cannot be considered toys la. They're more like real cars with real fuel and all and they're probably cost more than my own car ... LOL!

    Without a doubt your brothers will definitely be fighting over bumblebee ... LOL!

    And thanks for the B'day wishes ...

  22. Jillian - Amen to that :D I think I'll still be playing with toys when I'm old and grey. Hey, wait a minute, I am old and grey ... LOL!

  23. Jen - LOL! Yeah, us boys are all the same when it comes to toys ...

  24. BT - Hey, you're right about that. Every time I buy any of those match box cars my sons loves so much, I'll always be getting the ones I like and even if he's choosing any, I'll always try and prompt him to get the one that I fancy ... LOL!

  25. Are u still hiding ur toy car from the boys? ;)

  26. Marzie - hehehe ... yes la, still hiding it from the boys ... it's mine I tell ya, all mine ... muahahaha ...

  27. Nick Phillips, *um* that's how I broke the other one.

    I stomped on it and pretended for it to be an accident.

    I know I'm evil. But I can't believe he had that crazy car follow me around the house!

  28. Dude when the petrol pump guys shakes his head at you, thats whenyou know youre in trouble lah! LOL

    PSWhy didn't you buy me one also then we can race each other!?!?!

  29. Omg. I so do that in the toy stores too! Push all those button thingies and make them dance and whatever! Hahaha Yay! I'm not alone!

    And since you confessed then okay, I still collect Barbie dolls! Hehe "Rozie you're not a child anymore!" "But Maaaa! It's a collector's edition! It will be worth a fortune in the future!" Hahaha

    Oh ya btw, check out the dance vids on my post "You gotta watch this." I think you would love it! It's so hilarious! Count your laughter as your 41st bday present from me loh ho? :P

  30. Sharon - What? You stomped on it? How could you? LOL!

    Let's not be give my wife any ideas here now, ya? LOL!

  31. Adrian - Yeah, pathetic isn't it? I don't look that old do I? LOL!

    I'm planning to get an other one during my next fill up ... I'll keep you in mind, k? LOL!

  32. Rozella - Hahaha, welcome to the club. I simply cannot resist pressing all the buttons. It's just so inviting ... :D

    I know what you mean as it becoming collectors items in the future. I have comics from my childhood days that I haven't thrown away cos I KNOW they are collectors item ... LOL! (yeah, right, Nick!)

    Don't remind me that I'm 41 la ... LOL! I go check out the video soon, I could do with some laughter! :D

  33. Hahaha I still can't get over that video! I was just over at Shemah's today and I was teaching her son some of the dance moves and she was like "Buddy what lah your aunty Rozie teach you!" Hahaha It was too too funny cos it did menjadi. We just need to practice that big leap in the end! Hahaha

  34. Rozella - LOL! I can just imagine you and buddy doing some of those slick moves ... But it was one hilarious video though :D


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