Thursday, May 8, 2008

Me & My Headaches ...

I know I shouldn't be blogging right now. In fact I shouldn't even be staring at the PC at all. I've got this horrendous throbbing headache since early this afternoon. But I couldn't help myself. I'm kinda free right now and I just couldn't sit here in my office not doing anything at all, especially not touch my PC and check my blog, right?

That would be blasphemous wouldn't it? Having free time and not blogging! And using something like a headache as an excuse! Shame on me if I did ... LOL! So, here I am, with this pounding at the back of my head that feels like I have Gloria the Hippo from Madagascar and those pesky Lemurs (is that what they were?) doing a jig on my head and going :

'She likes to move it, move it,

We like to move it, move it,

You like to move it, move it ...'

I actually knew I was going to have a headache later in the day the moment I woke up from sleep this morning. I can sense stuff like this. The instant I woke up, I felt a little heavy in the head and that to me is normally a sign of a headache later in the day. And I was not proven wrong (as much as I wish I had been) cos somewhere around 10am or so, I started to feel the first tiny throbbing of the beginnings of a major headache.

Since young I've always been able to tell when I would get a headache, it's like a little talent that I have (albeit a really stupid one) and normally I'd pop a few painkillers to keep them in check before they hit. But I've taken so many of them in the past that I've grown immune to them. Bad, I know, but it's too late already.

Back then, whenever I had a headache I would only need one or maybe 2 tablets to suppress the pain, now even 4 at one go is not effective and I've just given up taking them, unless the pain is totally unbearable. These days I just get wifey to give me a nice massage and most of the time it works so much better than any painkiller I know. Unfortunately this time it didn't work.

She did give me a nice massage this afternoon when I was home for lunch and the pain subsided a little but it's back with a vengeance. I guess I'm going to pester her again for another massage when I get back in the evening ... hehehe ... I'm glad I don't get this headaches too often. Most of the time it happens when I sleep too long or I don't get enough sleep at nights, which is really seldom for a sleepy head like me.

But back when I was a kid, I used to suffer from head splitting migraines. It it used to occur quite often that I'd even miss school, which wasn't a good things cos I'd be laid up in bed in total darkness (well, as much darkness as could be achieved in the afternoon, that is) with all the curtains drawn and suffering in pain. And I was only about 9-10 years old at that time.

My mom took me to the hospital to actually get me checked out cos she was afraid it was something more serious, which thank the good Lord, it wasn't. And in time the migraine totally vanished and I was glad that it did. It really gave me such a horrendous time. I could remember all my cousins would be playing happily or watching TV and I could not join them cos every move I made sent loads of hammer like pain shooting through my brains (what little I had anyway). I wonder if my mom had taken out any medical insurance for me back then?

The worse thing about a headache is actually getting one and you're not able to do anything about it cos you're in the midst of work and have no access to painkillers or in my case, wifey's magic massages. I remember about 2 or so years ago. We were in the midst of preparing a parade float for the the national day celebrations for one of my government clients.

On the eve of the event, we had to transport the almost completed float all the way from Petaling Jaya to Putrajaya. As the float was a darn big and slow moving vehicle, we left like 12.00am in the morning when traffic was light. It took us almost 6 hours to travel from point to point which would normally take no more that an hour tops with a car.

I didn't get enough rest, enough sleep, enough food for the entire time I was there (3 whole days) and we were like in the middle of Putrajaya, our administrative capital where the parade was going to be held and that godforsaken place is famous for not having anything at all and that was when this huge and I mean really HUGE headache decided to keep me company for the duration of the three sleepless days I was there.

I didn't know where to find a pharmacy to buy any painkillers. None of my colleagues and production crew had any and on top of that the client was there to oversea the final preparations and she was a BITCH with a capital B! I was in pain throughout. I could feel my head throbbing. It really felt like it was going to explode and I thought I was going blow a blood vessel in my head and collapse right there .

That was the worst headache that I had to endure for 3 whole days and nights that I can hardly remember how I drove home safely after the whole thing was over. All I know is I reached home and slept for an entire day and a half without waking up at all. From that day onwards, it thought me a lesson that I needed to always have some painkillers in my car at all times.

In fact I think I'd better go check if I still have some cos my headache just picked up a few notches already. And I seriously better step away from this PC as well or the glare is just going to make things even worse for me. Honey, you'd better have those magic fingers of yours all ready for me when I get home cos I'm sure going to badly need that massage of yours!


  1. hey! mother's day is coming up.. shouldn't YOU be the one massaging her? :-) hope your headache clears soon ya..

  2. Hi there,

    I feel your pain. I get migraines too (passed to me from my mother - thanks Mom!). The crappy thing is, most people don't understand the difference between just a regular headache and a migraine...and tend to think you're dramatizing it. I just say, "Ever had a headache so bad you threw up?" The resulting "no........" is satisfactory.

    Hope your head is better!

  3. I loathe having a headache more than anything else. I get those debilating migraine kind where you cant even more of be exposed to any light. I feel your pain.

    I usually get them in spring and I think it might me allergy related?

  4. I rarely get headaches, so when I do, I don't know how to handle them. I don't think cracking my skull open to massage my brain would be prescribed, so I settle for sleeping it off, which is a hit and miss. :S

  5. Hubby gets me to rub the back of his neck when he gets a head ache. I hope your headache goes away soon.

  6. Sting - Urrmmm, you have a point ... LOL! But not yet, mah, still got time ... hehehe ...

    The headache has cleared up, thank god!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you :D

  7. Angi - First of all, let me welcome you to my blog :D

    Yeah, there is a vast difference between a headache and a migraine and only some who actually experienced a migraine can tell you how freaking painful it can be!

    My head is way better than yesterday, thanks :D

  8. Meleah - Well, there is one thing I hate more than a headache and that is a toothache, now that can put a real damper on your day!

    I'm glad I don't get migraines anymore though. I've had enough of it in my childhood!

  9. Haizum - Lucky you :) I only get them when I sleep too long or I don't get enough of sleep, kinda contradictory, ya? LOL!

  10. Tammy - Does it work for him? I get wifey to do the same thing but sometimes it doesn't work tough ... The head is back to normal today :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you Tammy.

  11. Sorry to hear that. I hope you are feeling better!!! and have a good rest of the weekend!

  12. Hope your feeling better too and yeah, I'm gonna agree with Haizum. You should sleep it off as soon as you get a chance :) Get well soon!

  13. Oh dear, poor thing. I get the occasional headache and already find it so suffering. Yours must be intolerable.

  14. Poor Nick, now it's your turn to suffer a headache yeah?

    PS. I have a tag for u, but you can check it out when u're feeling better, have a good weekend. :)

  15. Monica - I'm feeling so much better today, thank you.

    You have a great weekend too, k?

  16. Rozella - Well, it did go off eventually and I'm feeling perkier already :) Thanks for the get well wishes ...

  17. BT - It was and being silly I actually sat here and blogged even. That made it worse. I deserve the pain I suppose ... LOL!

  18. Marzie - Yeah, now it's my turn but I'm all better today. A new tag for me? I haven't even finish the 3 million you gave me earlier and I get another one ... LOL!

    Thanks Marzie, I'll go look at it in a bit :)

  19. hey nick! glad to hear you're all better! take good care ok. have a lovely weekend! (btw, what r u getting for your lovely wife for Mom's Day? (o;)

  20. Osindak - Yeah, I'm glad the headaches gone too :D

    Urmm, I have no idea yet, but I'll think of something special for her ... hehehe ...

  21. Headaches happen everytime. Work, family, bills...
    I wonder if thoses headaches doesn't appear because of we are in front of a computer or TV set. Many headaches I have comes up this.

  22. Cidao - LOL! Yeah, bills really do give me such a huge headache every single month!

  23. I hear you on the migraines Nick and they are the worst. I don't know how you could blog, I can't even bear my eyes to be open when one strikes and usually I vomit for 17 hours straight with mine - every time I move, breathe,'s the most unbearable pain I've ever felt.

    Hope wifey was able to lessen the pain with those magic hands...what would you do without her?

  24. Gypsy - Welllll, blogging has a stronger pull on me than anything a migraine could dish out ... LOL!

    Wifey's magic fingers did help quite a bit ... hehehe ... yeah, what would I ever do without her :D


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