Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Rain God

There are some things in life that are constant and will never change. And one of them is rain after you've just washed your car! It never fails to happen, well to me anyway. Not once have I ever been proven wrong about this. Every time I wash my car, I know for a fact it will rain. The more effort I put into washing it, the harder and longer the rain will be.

We've been having quite a hot couple of weeks. It's that time over here when the dry season starts and it's relentlessly hot all day long with not a drop of rain in sight. It's so hot at times that it saps the very energy from your body. And wifey is prone to the heat more than I am.

It's a nice long 3 day weekend over here seeing as how Monday is a public holiday for us. It's the celebration of Wesak for the Buddhist and we get the day off. We knew it was going to be a hot day, so the moment we woke up from sleep on Saturday, we decided to head out to one of the nearby malls and hang out there. It would be much cooler than staying home.

But of course we couldn't stay out all day and after hours of walking and doing a little shopping, we eventually ran out of things to see and buy. So we headed home, dreading the heat that was going to be waiting to greet us. Worse still, my house faces the evening side of the sun and it tends to make the walls and everything even hotter.

Once we' were back, I decide to do a little spring cleaning in the kitchen seeing as how the weather wasn't going to permit me to take a nice little nap. And while wifey does the laundry, I start with the kitchen cleaning. Pretty soon, we're both sweating away profusely and wifey says to me:

Wifey: 'It's so hot, I feel like I'm melting. I wish it would rain elephants and hippos!'

Me: 'Well, I could make it rain if you want?'

Wifey: 'Don't you go starting your naked rain dance in the yard nonsense now, honey'

Me: 'No, no naked rain dance routine this time, I can make it rain for you'

Wifey: Urmm, sayang, the heat must have really fried your brains la'

Me: No, seriously, let me go wash my car and I guarantee you it'll rain!'

She looks at me skeptically without saying anything for a few seconds and then says she'll even help me wash the car to see if my theory is true or not. So after finishing up with the kitchen and the laundry, we head out to go wash my car. True to her word she even helps me wash it and we have fun splashing water all over the car and also on us. Thank god the boys were in the park nearby or the whole front porch would have been flooded. Besides it was fun playing with water on a blistering day.

But after the wash, the skies were as bright as a fluorescent on steroids. Not a single sign of clouds at all. Wifey gives me this 'told you it wasn't going to work' look but I told her, don't worry cos I'll bet my bottom dollar it will rain the moment we go out. And since we didn't go out right after washing my car, it didn't rain. But I was unperturbed. I knew the rain gods well, and I knew that the moment I drive my glistening and shiny clean car out, it WILL rain.

And true enough, the very next morning on Sunday, just as we were about to go out, we hear thunder in the distance and the skies start turning black and as I start reversing out of the drive way, it starts to pour those elephants and hippos that wifey wanted. I look an her and give her this smug look with 'I told you so' written all over my face! Told you I knew the rain gods well ... hehehe ...

It's always been like this ever since I've had my car. It will always rain after I wash it. It never fails. There are times when I would spend hours washing and waxing and shining my car in the blazing heat. It will be bright and sunny while I'm doing the clean up job, but the moment I finish, keep all my stuff, take my bath and want to head out for a spin to show off my shining and clean car, the darn skies would open up. It ALWAYS happens. Sometimes I even wonder why I bother washing my car.

Well, wifey is a true believer now and she's even prompting and encouraging me to wash my car again ... hahaha ... but honey, there is only so many time I can wash my car in a day, it's already as clean as it can be and my car is so old, it might just rust away from too much washing ... LOL! But since I love you so very much, I'll wash it again for you tomorrow :D

Hmmm, maybe I should offer my services as a rain maker or something. Who knows I just might make more money than doing this assignment on acne treatments ... hehehe! So, anyone in need of some rain?


  1. Happens to me too!! How come ah?? It's so weird. It's some sorta unsolved mystery!

  2. I'll trade ya, you can have some of our rain if you send the sun over this way.

  3. Nick! I got a Wesak Day tag for you! Don't marah lah. It's for a good cause. :P Hehe

  4. Tsk! tsk! I'm working today, Monday and supposedly to be a public holiday..Hate my monday!

  5. Syura - You too huh? Those rain gods are a bunch of sadistic people, that's why ... LOL!

    It's one of those mysteries of life that just cannot be explained la. At least now I know if it rains, it's probably you washing your car ... hahaha ...

  6. Tammy - It's a deal, the sunshine is on the way over. I'll be expecting my rain soon, k? LOL!

  7. Rozella - Another tag? Darn, you really are good at this tagging business ... LOL!

    I'll come over soon and check it out. Since it's for a good cause, I might do it immediately, but then again ... hahaha ...

  8. Kadus Mama - What? You're working today? Kesian ... they'd better pay you triple for working on a public holiday.

    Well, this is one Monday I cannot hate ... LOL!

  9. It's so freaking hot today and I'm hoping for some rain. I've washed my car and I'm now sitting here, and waiting. No rain yet. Maybe tomorrow morning...

  10. The rain have just made your car cleaner, hehee! Now i know when it rains, it means, "Nick have washed his car again". We need rains here, too, it's been a dry spring, hmmp!

    The Rain Maker by John Grisham, why not? lol! It's good to stay at home when it rains, even better when you have much money, you don't need to think about working at all, hahaa...

  11. Nick,
    Can u make it rain this Saturday and Sunday?? It would be great if it can start raining around 7pm till the next day:P
    Thank you very much!

  12. hey nick, the haze here is horrible. bring some of the rain back to kl ok. dont be greedy now yah!

  13. yeah, I need a nasty, rainy day!!! hahaha...

  14. BT - It rained here this morning but it didn't help in the least bit. It's still crazily hot out there. Maybe I'll wash my car this evening ... hehehe ...

  15. Marlene - LOL! I'm going to wash my car this evening after work so it just might rain over there ... hahaha ...

    Now, that is a great thought, staying home and not having to worry about working ever again :D

  16. Jen - ROTFL! I'll try my best Jen but I cannot guarantee if the rains will start at 7pm though ... hahaha ...

  17. Lxndreasb - LOL! I'll try not to be too greedy with the rains ...

  18. Monica - For a nasty rainy day, I'll need to have to wash, wax and polish my car ... LOL!

  19. Well why didn't you tell me you were a drought breaker? We could have used you over here months ago Nick. I would have even paid your air fare.

  20. Gypsy - Well, there's always next year ... LOL! Actually I don't seem to be doing such a good job cos it's still hot like crazy over here!

  21. happens so many times to me too Nick. That's car has not gone for its proper 'bath' since a month ago. Serious!

    And when it rains elephant and hyppo as ur wife described...i assume there must be someone out there that had just washed their car. Hence, the rain. LOL!

  22. Carol - No wonder la got no rain. This weekend since it's the school holidays already, you must go and wash your car so we can have some rain ... LOL!

    Does this happen to everyone of us who has cars? Hmmmmm, worth doing some research on ... hehehe ...

  23. Nick..just to prove your theory is true, I did an experiment today.

    It has been quite hot the past few days here. Remembering this entry, I thought, why not I wash my car today. See if it's gonna rain or not after that.

    So yeahh..I washed my car around 5pm while the sun was still brightly shining.

    Guess what?
    It's raining now!!!

  24. Carol - See, I told you it would rain ... LOL! Hey, keep it up but send some rain over here, ok? I malas nak wash my car la ... hehehe ...


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