Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Starvation Is Spreading To All The Nations ...

I'm not the sort of person who will do a tag or meme immediately. I'd normally keep them piling up until the the tag alarm on my desktop goes off or the tag police come knocking at my door will I even consider doing the tag. That's the lazy sort of person I am.

Now, this tag that I got from Rozella over the week just couldn't be put on the back burner. I decided that I would do this tag first cos it's actually for a really good cause. While we're all complaining about the price of food going up but still stuffing ourselves silly with good food, myself included, have we ever given a thought for the many people suffering out there due to the lack of food?

I doubt many of us do. We have the tendency to even waste our food and throw them away. I've been guilty of this sin many times myself. And I must say after seeing some of the images of suffering and hungry children out there that I feel absolutely guilty for the times I've stuffed myself silly at Tony Roma's, McDonalds, KFC or even at the local Chinese restaurant. Some of these poor suffering people have never and would never in their live time taste some of these food yet there I am happily munching away on a nice Big Mac! Shame on you, Nick.

Well, I can't really do much to help solve the current food crisis that's happening worldwide, but I can do my part, no matter how small it is. Below are some links for a few of many organizations out there doing their best for the hungry people of the world. What you can do to help out is click on a link, play a game, click to feed, make a donation, sign a petition, purchase an item even. Any small gesture is a big help to a starving child.

I'm going to do my part today, what about you? I'm imploring upon you guys to join me in spreading the word of the good work of these sites by linking them and getting some of your blogging buddies to help in any way they can. It won't cost you anything except your time.

So, I'm tagging everyone in my blogroll and I EXPECT you to do this or I'll sit here and bawl my eyes out all day! I'm serious! So, I'd better see this tag in your blogs the next time I come a calling or I'll get Spiff to harass the day and night lights out of you guys. You wouldn't want a fate like that to befall upon you now, would you? LOL!


  1. Its crazy how food is such a luxury for so many people but we often take it for granted. It makes me feel really guilty...

    Thanks for doing the tag so quickly. I promise I'll leave you alone until result nite :P

  2. Rozella - As human beings, we take a lot of things for granted la ... Sometimes we think we have loads of problems when in true fact we're really a lot more privileged than a whole lot of other people in this world.

    No problems on the tag, it was for a good cause after all :D

  3. Nick, I'm not in your blog roll, at least I didn't see my blog there so is Spiff going to catch me too? :o)

    But I'll do that too!

  4. Cidao - LOL! You will be in my blogroll now. You don't want Spiff hounding you now ... hehehe ...

    But hey, thanks so much for doing this. Whatever little we can do goes a long way :)

  5. Oh my God... I'm scared!
    I think Spiff is under my bed...

    I'll do it tomorrow, I swear!

  6. Cidao - LOL! Yeah, that Spiff fellow can be frightening at times ...

    No worries my friend, do it when you're free :D

  7. Great causes and I agree that we are far too wasteful in our society. I'm always telling my daughters when they complain about what we're making them eat (perfectly good food, not the poison you'd think to hear them complain)to think about all the starving children in the world.

  8. Gypsy - That's the thing, people just don't appreciate what they already have. It's always complain, complain and more complain.

    There are people out there who'd give and arm and a leg to have a fraction of the privileges we already have ...

    Human beings ... sighhh ...

  9. Oh Rozella tagged me with this one too, someone is efficient in their tags it seems! ;)

  10. Marzie - It's for a good cause and besides, Rozella promised she won't tag me anymore at least until the AI finals is over ... LOL!

  11. Cidao - Hey buddy, thank you very much for spreading the word. I'll come over and check it out soon :D

  12. Hope you don't mind, i am not in your blogroll, but would copy this tag into mine and share them with my readers.

    Hope this help alittle bit to this hungry little ones...

  13. KM - By all means, please go right ahead and do this tag. The more the merrier :D

    Don't worry, any little thing we can do is a great big help already ... Thanks for doing the tag voluntarily :D


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