Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Can't Feel My Hands!

The past couple of days I've been spending a little too much time in front of my computer. I have quite a bit of office work that needs to be completed and not forgetting all my blog assignments that I've been getting of late. There's quite a few of them that's waiting to be completed and I'm going slightly crazy trying to slot them all in.

And all that typing has made my hands and wrist hurt like crazy. I know I need to take a break instead of churning out post after post but hey, with the current increase of every single essential product out there, I definitely could do with the added income. And the more assignments, the merrier it is for me.

I mean, take for instance today in the local papers, I read that they were going to raise the parking rates in the city. And this coming right after the very recent fuel hikes. How insensitive can the darn Mayor be? It's not like we're not already suffering trying to make ends meet at the moment. I travel a lot to the city for my work and I guess I'm going to be forking out a lot more for parking as well ... siggghhh ...

I wonder what else they're planning on raising. One thing I can be sure of is it ain't going to be my salary, that's for sure! So, get ready for a nice round of some marathon postings from me in the next few days :D I do have to finish all my assignments afterall. I'm only hoping I don't paralyze my wrists or something from all the typing I'm going to be doing on this very uncomfortable keyboard.

Maybe I should invest in one of those computer keyboard tray thingy's I saw online. It's actually great for anyone working for extended periods of time on the computer. It's supposed to protect and support your hands while you type so you wouldn't run the risk of getting disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome or stuff like that. I know I wouldn't want such a disorder to befall me so I think I just might actually get one for myself :D


  1. Hey Nick, I've tried this thingy (not this same one of coz) a couple of times oredi, doesn't work la! My hand still sakit!

    Great to see ur assignments are piling up. You must be rich by now, so can I get my Kancil soon or what? :)

  2. wow, so many new posts here.. :-D Nick, maybe you can consider to become a full-time blogger too ;-)

  3. My wrist hurts from too much typing sometimes. The doctor gave my a wrist splint to use when I type and it does help...when I remember to use it. ;o)

  4. I would hate for carpal tunnel to befall you. Lucky for me, I'm getting it by carrying heavy plates around all day, every day. lol Wee hoo!

  5. Marzie - You have? Thanks for the warning ... hehehe ... Maybe I should just use one of those voice recognition thingys and that just might spare the wrists some pain.

    Hahaha ... I'm still a long way from even buying a tyre for a Kanchil la ...

  6. Monica - Me, a full time blogger? Not a bad idea :D If only it'll pay me the same amount I make at work now, I'll definitely consider ...

  7. Tammy - A wrist splint. Now why didn't I think of that? LOL!

  8. Corrina - You must have really strong wrists then :D I think I'll need to do some wrist warm ups before I even start blogging from now on ... LOL!

  9. You must be working too hard! My friend in Klang had to go for treatment on his thumbs because he used his blackberry so much. It became so bad, he had bandages and hadto gofor acupunture.Now he stopped using it already.

    These are some new problems we face huh?

  10. The whole design looks neat & comfy. Too bad I don't get to use it cos I'm using a lappie at home :)

    Have a good weekend resting your hands, Nick :)

  11. i've nvr get my wrist hurt because of long-time typing. Usually my wrist will only hurts when i got the keyboard in the wrong level. :)

    the tray looks very comfy lar! i hope it'll work! :)

    oh, come to my place! i've got something for you! :)

  12. BT - Ouch, that must hurt. Ok, I'm not that bad la. My wrists may hurt but not to the extent of bandages ... LOL!

    Well, no one said over using of the computer was healthy ... :D

  13. Janice - Well, the laptop gives me even worse pains ... LOL!

    A good weekend to you and your family too ...

  14. Jean - Well, actually that really is the reason my wrists hurt, the wrong positioning of the keyboards ...

    Oh, something for me? I'll come over and check it out soon, ya?


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