Thursday, June 12, 2008

Those Annoying Sales People

I had an early appointment this morning. It was a long drive to a place called Klang so I left early cos I don't like being late for appointments. I don't like having to make my clients wait for me. I rather be the one waiting. But sometimes they can be such inconsiderate people and take advantage of that.

There I was nice and early waiting when the receptionist comes to me and says that the guy I'm meeting will be late by at least about an hour an a half! Ok, it's the first thing in the morning, so he couldn't have any other appointments scheduled before me and he knows about our appointment cos I called to confirm the evening before.

I knew he was just taking advantage of me. He knows I'll wait for him no matter what. And it's a good thing I didn't have any other appointments. Darn, what am I going to do for at least two whole hours? So I decide maybe I'll head to the mall nearby (there was one just a walking distance away). At least that would be better than sitting there and staring at his grumpy secretary. I wonder what her problem was. Must have got up on the wrong side of the bed.

So I head to the mall to pass two hours away. When I'm in a mall browsing I don't like people interrupting me with some annoying sales pitch. I think you know the ones I mean, ya? Those people that set up stalls or booths and start pushing leaflets in your face asking you to try this, buy that, subscribe to this. Yeah, those kinds of people. And they don't really take 'no, I'm not interested' for an answer. They annoy you even more by following you and blabbering non stop.

The best way to avoid these kind of people is to not make eye contact with them. But today I made the mistake of looking at this sales person and she instantly saw the words 'sucker' flash all over my forehead cos before I knew it she was harassing me and trying to get me to sign up for a new credit card.

I politely told her no, I'm not at all interested. But do you think that dissuaded her? No, it only prompted her lecture me on the best credit card rates they have. And no matter how many times I told her I wasn't interested, she kept on her sales pitch about low interest rate credit cards, instant approval, balance transfers, no annual fees and all that. About how good her cards were compared to the rest. I finally got so fed up of being polite that I stopped in my tracks and asked her:

Me: 'If I choose your card and use it, would I have to pay back at the end of the month?'

Annoying sales person: 'urrmmm, yes sir, of course you would!'

Me: 'Then please explain to me what is SO GOOD about your card?'

Annoying sales person: 'Ahhhhhhhh ............'

Me: 'Now will you stop bugging me and get lost?'

And with that she just left ... hahaha ... I was so happy. I've always wanted to tell them off but have always refrained from doing so cos I know they're only trying to make a living but sometimes they just don't know when to back off. I'm always polite to everyone but sometimes even I have my limits.

If I really wanted to get a new card, I could just log on to and choose a Discover credit card or something. I mean they easily have one of the most current and up-to-date information about credit card offers. They're pretty extensive in their information and I can find just about anything I need to know on credit cards in my own time without being harassed in public.

I seriously think some of these banks and people who promote things should learn some proper sales etiquette instead of just harassing some poor shopper who just wants to be left alone. If people were really interested in their product, they would stop and ask questions. You wouldn't need to practically shove leaflets and sales pitches right into their faces!


  1. Oh I know Klang has the nicest bak kut teh! My business partners in Malaysia are all based in Klang because it is where the port is.

  2. BT - Yes, they do have some really awesome Bak Ku Teh there :D In fact you just got me drooling over it now ... LOL!

    Yeah, that's basically where our port is located. And they also have some great seafood there too. Darn, now I'm really getting hungry ...

  3. Yahoo!! Good for u Nick! I also cannot stand these ppl. And I hate it when they try to persuade u into buying, even though u politely refuse them at first. And they just like to talk really fast so we don't get a chance to interrupt. Bet the girl went home crying ha ha ha! ;)

  4. Same to me here..hate those sales people who keep bugging me (it is obvious i'm not interested with their product at all).
    Me and hubby was once chase for 20meters by a Credit card promoter persuading us to sign up for their so called best credit card in town..Well, we just walk of without even saying a word to time to 'layan' this people.

  5. annoying la this girl!

  6. you said that?! LOL! I think i'll use this trick next time... ;-)

  7. I really hate mall people. Fashion Paramedic calls them Carnies! LOL They are one reason I avoid malls at all costs. That and baby strollers.

  8. Marzie - LOL! No la, I don't think she went home crying. These kinds of people got really thick skin!

    But they should really learn to take no for an answer and not bug people anymore ...

  9. Kadus Mama - I know what you mean. I've been chased by them so many times before that sometimes I'm tempted to call security la.

    That's why these days I avoid eye contact with them. It doesn't always work though ...

  10. Monica - Annoying is too mild a word to use for them ... LOL!

  11. Sting - Yes, I really said that :D You should try it next time. I'm sure it'll work just fine too ... hehehe ...

  12. Corrina - At least I'm not the only one. I mean, I don't hate all of them, just the annoying ones who don't leave you alone.

    And baby strollers, I've almost had a few 'nasty' accidents with them at malls myself ... LOL!

  13. I can still live with those annoying sales BECAUSE i am in the sales industry myself, but but, i am NOT one of those stationed in a mall, looking out for SUCKERS!!

    The part i hate is being stood-up and it's 1 1/2 hours in your case... have a great weekend with your love ones..

  14. KM - No offense to you. I'm in the client service line myself but they do get on my nerves. I know they're only doing their job but can't they just take a polite no? :D

    A great weekend to you too ...


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