Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nick, The Thief

I'm a conniving thief. Nessa awarded this tag to that annoying Spiff fellow a while back. And I'm actually stealing it from him to do it over here! Muahahahahaha!!! Well, that bum sat on it for too long and I do DESPERATELY need some in-between posts right now.

Sorry Nessa, I just had to steal it from Spiff ... hehehe ... Besides it looks like a nice tag. How come you give me all the hard tags and give that Spiff bum the easy ones? Well, let's get straight to it then before the blog police come and arrest me for stealing people's tags! LOL!

This tag is about answering 15 questions and since 15 is my favourite and not to mention lucky number (if you believe in those sort of things that is), I'm going to enjoy doing this. I'm not going to bother with explaining the rules cos if you don't know the rules by now, then you're a doofus just like me!

The Questions

When you buy a greeting card, are the words or the picture more important to you?
Urmmm, the price la! LOL!

What's your favorite kind of cake?
I don't really like cake except for one which is Chocolate cake

Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?
Well, I did make my own card for my good buddy's baby's baptism, does that count?

What's your favorite holiday?
Any holiday is my favourite holiday

Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where?
Well, if I managed to strike oil in my backyard, then yes!

What was the best party you've ever been to?
Haven't been to a party in years, so I can't really remember

If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?
Something where I wouldn't have to spend a single cent! LOL!

What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?
Receiving a Casio G-shock out of the blue from my girlfriend - now wife :D (which I'm still using to this day)

What's your favorite girl's name?
Laura Ashley

What's your favorite boy's name?
Calvin and Hobbes (He's a boy tiger, ok!)

Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?
Jennifer Garner

Which female celebrity do you find beautiful?
Jennifer Garner

Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
Nicholas Phillips (Hahaha)

What is your best character trait?
Work best under stress

What is your worst habit?
I'm a cleanliness freak (can that be constituted as a worst trait?)

And there you have it. I'm not going to tag anyone with this. I'll just let that Spiff fellow figure out who to tag. I mean I did steal this and all, right? LOL!

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  1. You dirty lil' thief you! Wait till that Spaceman finds out and he'll blast you to bits with his super duper ray gun! LOL

    Nicholas Phillips ~ Male celeb the most attractive??! Cis, perasan kes betul! Ekekekeke

  2. Nessa - Hahaha ... what to do la, I was desperate for in betweens la. And besides that Spiff fellow is such a lazy bum, so why waste a good tag, right? LOL!

    What? You haven't heard of Nicholas Phillips? He was the guy that acted in that show called arrrrr, urrrmmm, ahhhhhh ... hahaha ...

    Ok, ok, I'm perasan sikit! LOL!

  3. Your answers are funny!
    How can you not like cakes???

  4. BT - I don't really now why I don't like cakes, but I'm a sucker for chocolate cake though :D

  5. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
    Nicholas Phillips (Hahaha)

    OMG!!! U are vain!! hahahahahhahaa!

  6. That looked fun! I loved your answers too... Good luck striking oil in your back yard!

  7. Kadus Mama - LOL! Yes, I can be a vain pot at times ... :D

  8. Corrina - LOL! I sure could use some luck right now!

  9. I agree with BT! How can anyone not like cakes? It's insane! I still can't believe it until today. It's like not liking chocolate or ice cream or those annoying sweets that are so freaking sour when you 1st start sucking on them. Hehehe

    Anyways, Happy Father's Day Mr. Celebrity! Hope you have a great time with your family. :)

  10. Rozella - Hey, sweets, ice-cream and all that I love, it's just that I'm not too fond of cakes, unless they're of the chocolate variety la ... hehehe ...

    Thanks for the Father's Day wishes :D


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