Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Of Accidents And Unscrupulous People ...

Phew, I'm glad Monday is over. After the horrible day that I had yesterday, I'm just glad to be able to put it all behind me and start the day fresh. Tuesdays aren't so bad for me. Tuesdays don't hate my stinking guts all that much ... hehehe ... It didn't start out as an easy day though but towards noon it got better.

Anyways, on the way home from work yesterday, I met an accident. Now, before you all ask me how serious it was, don't worry, there was hardly any damage. In fact, it wasn't even a real accident to begin with.

My usual route on the way home would take me around the park near my house and normally, the time I drive home, which is in the late evening, that park will be full of kids playing and things like that. I'm always careful when I pass by the park cos you know how kids can be when they're in the park.

There I was just rounding the corner of the park when I notice these 3 kids riding their bicycles out from the park. Kids just love doing stunts with their bikes here. Since the park is in a residential neighbourhood, there were the residents cars parked all around the park which can sometimes obstruct your view.

These 3 kids, while after doing some silly stunts just rode out of the park without bothering to check if there were cars or not. Like I said, I never speed when I'm near this park cos my boys also play here and it's a good thing I saw these 3 jokers. I knew they didn't see me at all and so I stopped my car to a standstill in the middle of the road.

There they came, 2 of them saw me at the last instant and narrowly avoided me while one of them was not so lucky and rammed his bicycle into the front of my car! It was such a comical sight, something you'd see happening in the movies and I would have laughed my head off if it wasn't such a dangerous thing. Before I could even get out to check on the boy (and also give him a tongue lashing for being so careless), he got up, got on his bicycle and rode away like a scared rabbit!

I guess he wasn't hurt at all but I seriously would have loved to have given him a lesson in road safety. You all know the mood I was in yesterday so he was lucky he just decided to cycle off and not face my wrath. LOL! It's a good thing I wasn't going too fast and I happened to notice them and stop, otherwise I'm sure it wouldn't have been such a comical sight to behold. I'm going to be extra careful when I pass there today. Hmmm, maybe I should go find him and scare him or something ... hahaha ...

And on another note, I'd like to talk a little about the reality show Gangstarz which is aired on our local TV3 station. I didn't really want to bother about writing this but I just couldn't keep it inside any longer. Now, I'm not really a huge reality show fan. In fact I don't think all that much about reality show though I do have a few that I simply cannot miss.

Gangstarz is a locally produced reality show searching for the best group from South East Asia, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. The show is into it's second season and I watched it last year and it was a pretty decent production. Now, this year, the show as far as I'm concerned has deteriorated in terms of the talents participating.

Except for two of the groups, namely One Nation Emcees from Sabah, Malaysia and Paragon Child from the Philippines, the rest as far as I'm concerned should take a running leap of a bridge. They're so bad that I think I sound better in the shower ... LOL!

Everyweek, as with all reality shows, someone WILL be eliminated. That's the way these things work, right? You send in sms's and vote to keep you favourites in, right? And the one with the lowest number of votes get the boot, right? Well, that's how it should work anyway. But how can you have a reality show where there were NO eliminations for 3 concerts and 2 of those back to back at that!

Don't tell me that no one got the least number of votes? How can they not have any eliminations for 3 concerts? Just because one of the favourites possibly got the lowest number of votes, they decide that there will be no eliminations?

Once, I can live with, twice is a bit too much, but 3 times? Now that's like cheating all those people out there who actually spent so much money on sms's to keep their favourites in the competition and the producers decide that just cos one of the favourites got the lowest votes, they will not eliminate anyone just to keep them in the competition.

Well, that's what I'm speculating anyway. I mean, why else would there be no eliminations. like I said, don't tell me no one go the lowest vote? This is a reality show after all and the winners are decided by people who spend money voting through sms's and this borders on cheating as far as I'm concerned.

It's totally unfair to the fans who vote very week. They might as well just not vote cos for all you know there will be no eliminations again this week. Why waste their money, right? The producers might as well just decide the winners for themselves if they already have a group in mind, right? What a bunch of cheats and the telcos are probably laughing all the way to the bank as well! I have lost all interest and faith in this show.

It's a good thing I've never ever voted for shows like this, well, I did vote for Stacy in the recently concluded Akademi Fantasia but that was only in the finals ... LOL! I just had to bitch about it cos unscrupulous people get on my nerves! Gee, I guess I'm back to my old self again ... hahaha ...


  1. if only you can see me cursing (all words like bodoh, buruknya, sumbang will come out! hahaha)while watching the gangstarz or whatever it is..hahaha!! i agree with you that paragon child is sooooo much better than all of the other groups and i hope they will win this contest as they deserved to win it.

  2. I am always in slow driving in residental area. There are all kinds of kids doing silly tricks!
    I nearly did bump into a kid once too! Even I was driving slow!
    Just need to be extra carefull.

  3. You know what? My husband just called at the same time I was reading your post and he was complaining about kids riding their bikes in the neighbourhood too! He was saying that they were doing stunts in the monsoon drain! (What the...)

    Eh, didn't you mention your neighbor had a St. Bernard? 'Coz my husband just said the same thing to me. LOL!

    Anyways, good luck with your Gangstarz group. I've never watched this show.. :)

  4. I just realized that I had a typo from my previous comment to the previous post. My bad @_@ how embarrassing.

    Anyways, kids these days *sigh I dunno what to say. I think they dun really care for their lives. I was giggling while reading ur post about it. Oh man.

    Anyways, never watch that Gangstarz show before. I dun seem to be watching tv that much lately. Too much wasting time in front of the computer. BAD MASSY BAD! XD

  5. I don't know how old are those kids you are talking about, but I just don't understand how some parents let their kids roam around the neighbourhood all by themselves. Haven't they learned anything from Sharlinie's case? Sigh..

  6. Argh! I hate kids on bikes! They seem to think they're invincible!

    And our tv is still dead so I have no idea what's going on out there. 0_0

  7. It wasn't you who met an accident, it's that boy who rammed his bike to your car, lol! Good thing, the boy and your car didn't get hurt, though.

    The Philippines in Gangstarz? This makes me proud anyhow,lol! Darn, can't watch it here. That reality should be considered as unreality show, hahaa!

    I don't remember when was the last time I voted thru sms. But it was during Melody Festival. It's a waste of money.

  8. I'm glad your back to your old self. :o)

    Today was crappier then yesterday for me, but since the day is almost over it can only get better eh! Ahhh, I'm going to tell myself that anyway even if it's not true. LOL

  9. I'm glad too that you're back to your good old self :)

    Lucky for the boy that you were driving slow and you had anticipated his ignorance on road safety. I would've rather that you gave him a good tongue lashing though, as that would serve him a very good lesson ;)

    I don't watch locally produced reality shows. They're just so corny! Hehehe...

  10. I do drive very fast in the HIGHWAY, but NEVER in residential areas.

    And, I am so over reality TV shows already.

  11. Kadus Mama - LOL! I was cursing them like crazy that day when they said they not having eliminations!

    I think the organizers want them to win too cos they're marketable. But there are pretty good, that I have to admit.

  12. Oh these kids! I worry about them sometimes. Recently I have seen some very young kids, maybe primary 1 or 2, jaywalking. They were standing in the middle of the road, on the white line, thinking they are safe.

    I have an idea. Since you live pretty near your office, why don't you walk to/fro work? You get lots of exercise and save on petrol too!

  13. Oh my god! Kids..makes u want to lock up ur own kids and make them play in the hse and yard only doesnt it? Sometimes, not only kids are reckless when they are crossing the road and ignore road safety! I remember last Saturday when I was at Ikea looking for parking, a mother and his son just stopped in the middle of the lane where any cars turning the corner can hit them! Guess what the mom is doing? Busy sms on her handphone! GEEZ!

    p/s: I NEVER watch local reality show. Too fake! :P

  14. Lianny - I have to agree, when you're a kid and happen to be enjoying yourself in a park, you can sometimes tend to be totally careless but I've seen some drivers just zoom through this park at times ...

  15. Shemah - Monsoon drain? Wow, cool kids but that's nothing, I've seen some of them actually use one of those oxidization plants as a velodrome! Man, how could they even stand the stench! Crazy kids la ...

    No, it wasn't my neighbour, it was someone in the neighbourhood, I still can't figure which house that St. Benard belongs too though.

    I've given up on Gangstarz cos it's really a sham la. Not worth wasting my time with it :D

  16. Maslight - No worries, I've got loads of typos too. The main thing is I can understand your comments, cukup la ... hehehe ...

    Kids, when have you ever heard of a kid with common sense ... LOL! Don't worry I spend quite a bit of time in front of the PC too :D

  17. Shern's Mom - I suppose if your kid is a boy, then it's a little safer and besides, we have security at my place. What irks me though is the carelessness of these children ...

  18. Haizum - LOL! That's how a Mat Rempit starts out I think ... You should see some of the cool tricks these kids can do on a bicycle, it puts me to shame ... hehehe ...

    What? Your TV is still dead? Maybe I should start a drive with all your blogging friends to 'Get Haizum A New TV' campaign or something ... LOL!

  19. Marlene - Hehehe, that's true and it really was like a scene from a cartoon or something.

    Yes, there is a Philippines group in Gangstarz and to be honest, they one of only two decent groups. I'm betting that they might even win!

  20. Tammy - I'm glad to be back to my grumpy old self also ... LOL!

    I sincerely hope your day improved for the better today :D

  21. Perky - Yeah, so am I :D

    I wanted to but the little fellow got up and cycled away too darn fast for me to even come out the car and give him hell ... hehehe ...

    LOL! Too corny, that they are, especially the ones on RTM! LOL! But there are one or two that are pretty good :D

  22. Meleah - My car is so old, I can't even drive it fast in the highway even if my life depended on it ... LOL!

  23. BT - I see that all the time near my place. The school is just opposite my house and most of these kids would just dash across the main roads instead of using the pedestrian bridge right in front of them! I've WARNED my kids to never ever cross the road and to use the pedestrian bridge instead.

    Urmm, it's near but still a 5-10 minute drive away and I do need my car for appointments but it is a sound and great idea though ... hehehe ...

  24. Jen - LOL! Yeah, that would be one option.

    Adults are the worse actually. They're the ones who never ever really bother about rules and regulations, makes you wonder where some of these kids get their examples from, ya?

    Well, after the Gangstarz fiasco, I'm inclined to agree with you.

  25. hey nick.. sorry havent been commenting.. the comment page just takes to friggin' long to load everytime so i always just end up reading! *sigh*

    anyways... i saw one of those tv adverts for Gangstarz and that group from Sabah not bad haa... can always count on the Sabahans for real talent! :P But I have friends in the local music scene and I hafta say that what you hear on tv (especially our local network!) is always not the same as real time. The sound just doesnt mesh together nicely on tv. But yeah, talent is talent and if you got it, you GOT IT! hehehe...

    oh and i would have chased that kid down right to his doorstep! lol..

  26. Hmm.. I don't watch Gangstarz or anything else on TV these days. In fact, am thinking of cancelling my Astro since it's such a waste only. So I cannot comment anything on that lah. :P

    But about those kids riding bikes? Uhm, those I see around my parents' place are quite ok. At least they don't make so much noise and the road wasn't really busy - so er.. I dunno what to comment also.

    In fact, I'm very bad in leaving comments lah. Hence I prefer just reading most of the time. :P

  27. I know exactly what you mean re the phone ins on reality shows. There's been a lot of trouble in the UK with phone ins being rigged, and still taking viewers money even when the competition lines are suppose to be closed! I refuse to vote now!

  28. I watched the first season of Gangstarz, not too bad but didn't watch it's second season...coz I go out every Sunday night...LOL

  29. Syura - Hey no worries about not being able to comment :D I know how bad the connection can be at times ...

    They are pretty good and I do hope they win but seriously though, I think the producers have already picked a winner.

    Oh, you friend is definitely right. They is some form of delay in our local TV networks. It's never as live as they say it is ...

    I can imagine you running after that poor kid all the way to his doorstep ... LOL!

  30. Cindy - I think my kids will memberontak if I cancel Astro la ... LOL!

    The kids on their bikes here are like daredevils at times la ... hehehe ...

    LOL! So far your comments all very ngam la.

  31. The World According To Me - It happens there too, huh? I really think it shouldn't be happening but then what can one do except to not vote. Thank god I don't :D

  32. Monica - The first season was way better than the current season.

    And keep on going out on Sunday nights cos it's not worth watching Gangstarz this season ... hehehe ...

  33. Nick, I think the boy was prob bruised and shaken but was too scared to face ur wrath, that's why he scurried off quickly! :)

    Oh I just cannot follow GS! I tried watching it twice, but none of the groups were talented enough to pull me in! :(

  34. Marzie - Yeah maybe he was ... hehehe ... I hope he's okay though.

    Well, don't bother wasting your time anymore to watch Gangstarz cos it has been such a farce that I wanna puke every time I see it now!

  35. Mondays really suck!!! Garfield always says that!!!

    I don't like reality shows. It's a world fever nowadays. I like series most!!! I'm looking forward to Galactica, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Prison break and many others.:o)

  36. Cidao - LOL! and Garfield is absolutely right on that one!

    Greys and Heroes are my favourites too but I can't seem to relate to Prison Break though ...


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