Thursday, July 31, 2008

Skin And Bones

Back when I was a little kid I was a very skinny little fellow. I could eat and eat and eat and not put on an ounce of weight. And I could really eat those days. In fact my world revolved around eating and sleeping. I was like the glutton of the family. If I wasn't sleeping back then, I was eating. And no matter how much I ate, I was always the same skinny fellow. Even up to my teens I could never put on weight.

These days though, I don't even want to bother talking about my weight. I've been having this see saw battle with my weight for as long as I can remember. The only good thing is ever since I started my diet a few months back, which by the way I'm still on, my weight has been a little more constant and stable :D And the diet has helped me crave for lesser food though once in a while, the glutton in me will awaken and I'd feel like eating everything insight, including the kitchen sink ... LOL!

We had a big family when I was growing up. My cousins and me all lived in the same house. There were six of us plus my mom, grandpa and grandma, my cousins parents (three families in all) and me. When it came time for dinner, us kids would have our dinner first followed by the elders simply because the dining table couldn't accommodate all of us.

Grandma would do the cooking and she'd cook a big huge pot of rice for everyone. I remember there were times when the rice would not be enough for the elders and grandma would have to cook more rice cos I'd eat at least 3-4 huge servings of rice. Really I did. I could eat like a champion back then.

And that wasn't all, before actually having dinner, I'd already be stuffing myself with snacks from the sundry shop across the road with stuff like chocolates, sweets, twisties snacks (one of my favourites back then) and immediately after dinner, I'd rummage through the fridge and whip up one of my favourite snacks back then which was a condensed milk sandwich.

I'm sure some of you would have whipped this up before. Take two slices of bread, smear it with a thick layer of condensed milk, close it and dig right into it. I can still remember the condensed milk dripping out the sides of the bread on my finger and licking them clean after that ... yummy!

And through all this I remained the same weight for as long as I can remember. No matter how much I ate, I was always skinny and my cousins were envious to the point they said I had this huge worm inside me eating up all the food. They were simply jealous cos I was so urrmmm, slim and they were fat little kids! Hahaha ... Even up to my late teens I was still pretty small sized. I think my buddy Adrian can testify to that. When he first knew me, I was way smaller than I am now.

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And now back to our regular programming ...

Hehehe ... ok, ok, I know that was a cheap shot at squeezing in an assignment but hey, at least it was original!

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, about me eating like a pig and not gaining weight. Those were good times. I could still remember the size of my waist when I was somewhere around 23 yeasr old was just a mere 28 inches! And no, I'm not going to tell you what my waist size is these days. I think maybe my cousins were right about me having a huge worm in my stomach or something.

I guess I started losing the ability to eat and stay slim the moment I bought my car. Before I had my car, I used to take the bus wherever I needed to go and that required quite a bit of walking. But the moment I got my car was when I really started to bloat up a little. I stopped 'walking' and drove everywhere and that probably was one of the reasons why I could not stay slim anymore. That and also the fact that I got lazy.

These days I really have to watch what I eat and also the amount of food I take. Eating a little too much will make me feel bloated and uncomfortable the whole day. The diet I'm on has helped me quite a bit I must say. I can't eat big portions of food anymore and that really is indeed a blessing for me. I'm more comfortable with my weight now. But I do long for the days when I could eat a barbecued horse, two steamed dinosaurs, four fried wholly mammoths and a dozen grilled whales and still have room for desserts and not grow an inch bigger!


  1. I had two sisters like that when I was growing up, but I was the chubby one. :o(

  2. You lucky guy! At least you had your skinny days. I was never skinny. Oh, you bring back memories of this comfort food, condensed milk sandwich!! I have totally forgotten about its existence. Now I remember eating too. Yummy!!

  3. *kicks nick.. *envy. U're one of those skinny kids hmph~ I owez had weight problem all my life. =_=" life's unfair. My bro in the other hand had those skinny genes when he was younger. Not now though. He looked like a big whale now *cough cough...*touch wood, we dun want karma to strike back do we *cough cough.

    Anyways, I guess lack of exercise is the correct word to staying in shape? XD But heck, I'm not an exercise person, and I watch what I eat >.<"""

  4. Wow, people really do admire your teenage!
    Oat meal is really good for diet!
    Cheers! :)

  5. I remember my cousin who eats like a pig when he was little, that one night he slept with a piece of bread in his mouth, hahaa! I do have a memory, too of that condensed milk sandwich, lol! I loved it.

    You always do your assignment in your own original way and this one is more than original. It's a unique way, hehee.

    And your desserts must be honey-baked elephant pie, lol!

  6. Tammy - LOL! I know my cousins always hated my slim figure and they never failed to let their displeasure show ...

  7. BT - I wish my skinny days were back again ... LOL!

    It was one of the yummiest sandwiches ever but these days I don't really have a sweet tooth anymore ...

  8. Maslight - Yes, I was one of those skinny little fellows that remained the same throughout my childhood ... hehehe ... But unfortunately I can't same the same about my size these days ... sigghhh ...

  9. Lianny - LOL! I don't think they admired me as a teenager. They probably admired the fact that I could eat like a pig and not gain weight :D

  10. Marlene - He actually slept with food in his mouth? LOL!

    That condensed milk sandwich was good, ya :D I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one who loved it ...

    Honey baked elephant pie, now why didn't I think of that ... LOL!

  11. I have to force my children to eat. How I wish my children are like you. Can you imagine, they dont like durian, mooncake, cookies, bread, chocolate, cake..... Oh, but they like things that I dont like, fried things which are not healthy, which I will not cook for them...

  12. Hi Nick,
    I know EXACTLY what you meant with wish that sometimes, occassionally, you can still a whole horse, dinasour and so on especially when you go to the buffet dinner or something like! Not too bad if you are not paying for the buffet (i.e. boss paying!haha) but when you are paying, you just want to make sure you got your money worth but your tummy wont allow you anymore! SIGH! Those were the days!

    But then, glad that you managed to maintained your weight and that you are still sticking to your healthy eating plan ^_^

  13. I'd kill to have that metabolism! Eat a lot but cannot get fat. *hee*

  14. Hi Nick!!! I'm baaaaaack, did u miss me? He he he! ;)

  15. LOL! I love your commercial break! I've been so busy with real work that I've not been doing any "commercial break" lately he he!

    Hey, at least you tasted the life of the skinny masa kecik! 3-4 servings of rice, banyak tu! ;)

  16. Wow!! I'm wondering whats the dinosour taste it delicious?? hehehe
    I can eat as much as i can..though i gain a lil bit weight, it is not that difficult to shed the extra pounds..thank god for that.

  17. now you blame the car for it :P
    Of course it is all because of the car!
    Get rid of it asap!! ;)
    Can you? :P
    On a serious note... whatever weight it is now, it is good for you. Imagine if you put on weight since childhood, then what weight would it be now? Be grateful :D

  18. I love food and I love eating. So, I prefer to have a huge worm in my stomach..LOL

  19. Molly - I suppose when you're a kid, you tend to like different kinds of food. It's just too bad that the food kids love tend to be bad for them, ya?

    A happy weekend to you ...

  20. Jen - Those days I could eat the whole buffet table clean. LOL! I really had my moneys worth eating buffets back then but not anymore.I get bloated if I eat too much ...

    I'm glad and surprised that I am still on my diet la ... hehehe ...

  21. Cindy - So would I Cindy, so would I ... hehehe ... That would be just great, ya? To be able to eat all you want and not get fat :D I miss those days ... siggghhh ...

  22. Marzie - Welcome back :D So you finally completed all your work for your clients huh? Good to see you here again :D

  23. Marzie - LOL! I just could think of any other way to fit that assignment into my post la ...

    Yeah, it was good to be skinny and eat all you wanted and not get fat. I was a rice bucket la Marzie, I could eat the whole sawah padi if I had to ... LOL!

  24. Kadus Mama - Lucky you! These days if I eat too much, I put on weight pretty fast and it takes ages to get rid of it la ...

    And I'm sure that dinosaur would have tasted delicious ... LOL!

  25. Lena - I have to blame somebody, right, why not the car? LOL! And no, I can't live without my car ...

    Yeah, I'm thankful that I'm healthy but I wish I was maybe 5kgs lighter though.

  26. Monica - I'd prefer the worm anytime too ... LOL!

  27. I love chocolate of any kind!!! I'm addicted to it...

    Well, I'm eating one now!!! :o)

  28. Cidao - Hahaha ... I love chocolate if it's a Mars Bar!

  29. What can I this age, the circumference of your waist is in direct proportion of the amount of food that goes to your tummy!

    Unlike previously, more food is not equal to zero waist-gain. Amount of food equals X to the power of 10 inches.

  30. At least someone's diet is working out! I have to wait till Syura is back in KL! hahaahah.. as if lah before Syura came back there were any significant weight loss. LOL!

    Don't say at your age lah.. even at my age I don't have the luxury of eating all I want and not getting fat. :(

  31. Perry - You just lost me there my friend ... LOL! Maths wasn't my strong suite in school ... hahaha ... But I agree with you on though :D

  32. Shemah - Sure, blame it on Syura, in fact I think I'll blame my weight gain on her too ... LOL!

    I think when we all come to a certain age, that worm in our tummy wilts away and we can't really eat all we want and not get fat, ya?


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