Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dreams Are My Reality ...

Disclaimer: This is going to be an absolutely boring post! I take no responsibility if you happen to fall asleep halfway through this post, roll off your chair and bump your head against the floor or something. There, I've warned you already, so don't go sending your lawyers to sue me or something.

The day has been a rather busy one and I blame it all on my service provider Jaring. I could hardly access their network all day cos all their base station went offline for almost the whole working day. It was the first time it ever happened since I've been using their service.

They're normally a very dependable internet service provider and have hardly given me problems with their service. While a lot of you guys out there are using the other really useless service provider (and you all know who that is) that perpetually give problems, I was always happy with mine until today, that is.

I shouldn't be too hard on them cos this was really the first time ever I experienced no connection at all the whole day but I'm so pampered and used to the excellent service they provide that the slightest hiccup on their part will have me screaming bloody murder especially so when I had to drive all the way from my office in pouring rain, getting caught in traffic and traveling all the way to the city centre just to send my client two miserable pieces of visuals for a press advertisement that I could have just as easily emailed to them had their service been working!

Man, what a time for them to go offline and I didn't even have any backup internet connection. I couldn't even go home and get online cos I use the same service at home. What could have taken me 10 minutes or less to get done ended up taking me three whole hours. It's sad when we've come to depend on technology so much that when it's not around, things get so screwed up.

And worse still, they made me miss an assignment that was due today and there went some good money down the drain too ... siggghhh ... Oh well, thank god everything is back to normal now. Ok enough of my bitching. I'm not being fair to them. They are an excellent service provider and I should give credit where credit is due. Lets just hope they don't make it a habit. I can't take not being able to blog for one whole day ... LOL!

On a different note, I've been having weird and oftentimes scary dreams the past couple of weeks. There are time when I would even end up screaming, well not really screaming, more like groaning for help and the next thing I know wifey would be shaking me to get up. And when I wake up, I'd be totally uneasy and a little frightened for a couple of minutes. I'd sit up in bed, sometimes all sweaty and look all around the room wondering if some shadowy figure will pop out of the darkness and finish whatever it was doing to me in my dream.

It's been happening on and off for quite a while that I wonder if there is any significance to my dreams. I mean, is it a sign of some bad omen to come? Do dreams really mean anything? Do they even come true? Speaking from experience, there has been one or two dreams that have sort of come true. It could be a coincidence or something but it does freak me out when it happens.

There have been times that I'll dream of something and then a couple of weeks or maybe even months down the road, I'll be doing something that I feel I've done before and then it'll hit me that I actually dreamt about it before. It'll be exactly like what I experienced in my dream. The strange thing is I can totally forget about the dream until the scene unfolds itself again weeks later and then I'll remember every single detail of the dream. It's so surreal yet freakingly scary! In fact just last night I had one more of those scary dreams again.

These dreams always involved people I know who are close to me like family and friends and it'll start out like your everyday dream and slowly proceed along to having something or someone trying to get me. Sometimes it's pure evil, like people getting up from the dead, exorcist kind of scenarios and stuff like that and sometimes I can't really tell who or what it is that's after me.

I'll be trying to run and get away and it'll always end up catching me and I'll be screaming and struggling to get free and that's when thankfully wifey will always be waking me up. I don't think I want to see or know how the dream ends! Damn, I'm getting the shivers just writing this post.

Wifey is sound asleep and the places is all quiet and I'm getting all jittery just recalling the dreams. My hair is even standing on end! You all know what a great coward I am, ya? What compelled me to write about scary dreams so late at night, I have absolutely no idea! Maybe I should have written about acne treatment or sponge Bob square pants or something.

But then there have been dreams that I absolutely love and hated it when I woke up halfway in the middle of them. One of my best and most favourite dreams I ever had was when I dreamt I was a secret agent along the veins of James Bond ... hehehe ... I was out there chasing baddies, deactivating bombs, screeching car chase scenes, saving the world and had women falling at my feet and all that ... LOL! I can remember every single detail of that dream till this very day but unfortunately no matter how hard I try I can never get a rerun of that dream.

Then there have been dreams where I shall not even mention here for fear of having my blog rated X or something ... LOL! Oh and another of my favourite was when I dreamt that Jennifer Garner and me were an item ... hehehe ... sorry honey, but you know the crush I have on Jennifer Garner, ya? :D Then there are the sick and cruel kind of dreams when you dream you're sleeping and the alarm clock goes off and you have to get up for work and the next thing you know, the alarm clock really goes off and you really HAVE to get up for work. Those kinds of dreams I really hate!

But all that said and done, it's a nice cool night (it rained heavily today after almost 3 hot weeks) and I hope to be able to get some nice decent sleep and not have any dreams at all. After last nights dream session, I'm not looking forward to more of those kinds of bad dreams. Here's wishing you all a good night and sweet dreams :D


  1. Hey, this post wasn't boring! My last post was boring.

  2. Hi Nick,
    WOOHOO! Dreams that come true! If you ever dream of hitting the jackpot, don't forget to share the winning numbers yah!!!

  3. Tammy - It wasn't? LOL! I had some scary moments writing about my scary dreams though ...

  4. Jen - That's just the problem I have. I have NEVER dreamt of winning numbers la and even if I do dream of them, I probably wouldn't be able to remember them ... LOL!

  5. WooO..Jennifer Garner, she's HOT! boring post? No, I didn't fall asleep halfway through this post..

  6. Oh dear,I would attribute the bad dream to stress. Maybe your mango tree cutting incident had been giving you alot of unnecessary stress. I remember having those kind of dream like running away from people and falling or tripping and helpless when I was a teen. It was scary! How about you put a water fountain like the one in my office. The sound of water dropping is so calming, I doze off at least once a day :-)

  7. You totally need a break. I get bad dreams when there's just too much going on in my life too.. like stress or just being plain bz. I hate it because I always dream nonsense too. Scary nonsense.

    Anyways, hope you get some aromatherapy oils out or call the sandman or something and put you to a nice relaxing restful sleep!! :)

  8. Monica - She is isn't she ... hehehe ... Glad you managed to stay awake throughout the post ... hehehe ...

  9. BT - Well, I have been facing a lot of stress the past 2-3 weeks, so that just might be it.

    Wifey and me were actually looking out for a nice water feature for the house. Just like you we find the water flowing to be so calming ... Maybe we should get one real soon.

  10. Shemah - Yeah, I think it could be down to stress. I do need a nice long holiday though :D

    I had a good nights dream free sleep last night though. Hope it's the same tonight too :D

    Happy weekend to you.

  11. nick, when you have a dream that has blood or dead body in it, do tell me ya!! hehehe my dad is just so gooooood translating those dream to become a 4D!!

  12. Nick, i think you need a break from all the pressure and demand from your work! I remembered some of your older posts were about some crazy datelines you were trying to reach.

    Too stress, too stress, that's why you got those catching dreams. I would have them too, if i am too stress up!

    Hmm, on the other hand, to dream of being a secret agent sounds cool...

    TAKE CARE and have a great weekend ahead with your love ones...

  13. This post didn't make me sleep. I've just gotten out of bed, lol! You need to watch James Bond films over and over so you can dream more of it, and perhaps Jennifer Garner films, too. :-D

  14. Kadus Mama - LOL! You'll be the first to know if I do dream about blood and dead bodies ... And make sure you share those 4D numbers with me, ok? Hahaha ...

  15. KM - I still do have those crazy deadlines! LOL!

    Yeah, it could be too much stress. I'm long overdue for a holiday though, but with my current workload, that looks like a very distinct possibility ... siggghhh ...

    You have a nice weekend too and enjoy the Olympics :D

  16. Marlene - LOL! Yeah, maybe those James Bond films just might make my dreams more pleasurable ... hehehe ...

    And glad you didn't fall asleep reading this post :D

  17. You? James Bond? LOL!....ok, ok...every guy should have at least thought of himself as James Bond lah.

    i ever dreamed of someone dear to me died, and i actually cried when i woke up.

  18. btw, i ever dreamed of 4D number. i told hubby about it but i didn't pay much attention to the dream cos i was at that time, warded in the hospital. lucky hubby did. he bought 5 tickets of the number and guess came out first prize. ^_^

  19. Carol - LOL! Yeah, which guy doesn't dream of being James Bond at some point of their lives?

  20. Carol - Wow, I wish I could dream of 4D and win some money too ... LOL!

    I've never dreamt of 4D numbers before though ...


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