Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going, Going, Gone!

The Mango tree has been trimmed. In fact I wouldn't even call it a trim. It's more like it lost every single leaf it had. It wasn't a decision I made lightly but it had to be done. I know it'll grow again in a few months but that doesn't make my mood any better.

I hope the neanderthal is finally satisfied cos this will be the last time I ever give in to him. The next time he complains about my tree or anything else, I'm going to ignore him like he isn't even there. Oh, by the way, his son is such a nice fellow. Must be adopted ... LOL!

The tree cutters came pretty late, somewhere around 6.30pm and I was skeptical that they could complete it before nightfall but they managed to anyway. They also did a pretty good job of also clearing the branches and cleaning the place up all for a small sum of only RM60! I was totally pleased with it. Anyway, here's a little pictorial (not the best photo quality) of the desecration of my mango tree.

Getting ready to trim the mango tree ...

The bottom half disappearing fast ...

a portion of the cut leaves and branches

The broken urmm, what do you call it (?) gate lights caused by a falling branch ...

Two people really not afraid of heights ...

Almost gone ... sob, sob, sob ...

Branches are all that's left ... uwwwaaaaaa ...

A forlorn silhouette against the darkening night sky ... siggghhh ...


  1. adui.. sakitnya hati seeing ur beloved tree kena potong. ok i dislike as well leaves that get blown to the porch and all, but i still can emphatise with u. especially a tree that bears fruits n ample shade. but then got no kerengga ke?
    hopefully ur neighbor wont bising anymore!

  2. OH NOOOOO!!!

    That really is a sad sighttt.. :( I wouldn't really call myself a treehugger but I think since I grew up with a Dad who pratically had every fruit tree planted in the backyard, from mangoes to bananas to jambu batu and even nangka!, I so feel for that mango tree! :___(

    Your neighbor sucks!

  3. Hi Nick,

    I hear somewhere that trimming is actually good for fruit tree, sort of like giving them a fresh new life or something like that. So, don't be too sad. The neighbor might have done you something good without realising it! hahaha

  4. Lxndreasb - It was a heart wrenching sight watching it get chopped la ... sob, sob, sob!

    No la, no kerengga at all my mango tree but got small tiny black ants though that was happily feasting away on those poor guys cutting the tree.

    I'm sure my neighbour will find something else to complain about!

  5. Syura - It is a sad sight, from a nice healthy shady tree to a few lifeless stumps ... siggghhh ... but at least it'll grow back in a few months time (I hope).

    Wow, sounds like you guys had a plantation in your backyard ... hehehe ...

    And yeah, my neigbour sucks big time!

  6. Jen - True, at least I'll get a whole new set of fresh green leaves growing in a few months and this time I'm going to just leave it to grow :D

  7. That monster neighbour...

    You shouldn't give your neighbour the sheer pleasure of getting what he wants (manggo tree being chopped) time, plant rambutan, durian and longan at your front yard. Hope your monster neighbour will move away from your neighbourhood after seeing so many trees planted there. Hehe

  8. Sob sob! That's a very drastic move. It's all botak now! I don't see why the tree had to be cut in the first place. I really dislike people who dislike nature. You poor thing, have to put up with all those inconsiderate neighbours!

  9. Near my house main road we have 2 rows of trees. All the leaves will give shade to the road which is very nice when the sun is burning in the afternoon.
    But once the gov people come trim the trees, it really looks like the picture you put up.
    Not even much left for shade... Look SAD.
    But somehow it is less job for them.
    Really take some time to grew back again.

  10. hehehe! yup! we sure did have our own small plantation. we planted our own ubi keledek and stuff like that.. but after my dad renovated our house and used up the whole of the back yard, we're only left with bananas, coconuts, lengkuas, and some other stuff my gardener planted back there! :P

  11. Kadus Mama - Hmmm, that is not a bad idea la ... LOL!

    Well, I'm not going to be nice to him anymore. Once the tree grows again, I'm just going to let it grow as much as it wants and if he complains , I'll ask him to go live elsewhere ... LOL!

  12. BT - Yes, I feel for the tree. I'm sure it'll grow to its bushy self again soon.

    Ya, I can't understand why some people hate nature. I would think trees add a certain charm and live to a place but obviously some people don't really think so ...

  13. Lianny - They do the same thing to the trees around my area. There is this stretch of road near my place with a nice row of beautiful fur trees but every so often these municipal people will come along and take almost half the tree off ... siggghhh ... good thing that tree grows very fast.

  14. Syura - Wow, I envy you. I'll bet if my neighbour was your neighbour, he'll probably get a heart seizure from all those trees ... LOL!

  15. Boo, hiss to your neighbours.

    I hope the mango tree is lovely and green again soon.

  16. You let your neanderthal neighbor win! And you called that trimmed? You almost killed it, hahaa! Poor tree...

  17. Ohhh only left the botak mango tree :(

  18. The World According To Me - I'm hoping it'll grow into a nice shade again soon too :D

  19. Marlene - Sad to say, yes, I let my neighbour win. I'm going to let the tree grow this time and now to never cut it like that again ...

  20. Aunty J - Yeah, it does look so ugly and botak ... siggghhh ...

  21. Alaaa.. so sayang! Especially now that it's mango season. :( I bet that person can't stand to have us as neighbours.

    Our neighbour's "cempedak" grew over the fence and when it was ripe, it fell on our garage zinc roof and dented the whole lot but we didn't mind because he gave the whole huge fruit to us (plus offered to fix the roof). Sharing is caring, right?? But I bet your neighbour crossly disagrees with me.

  22. Shemah - What to do, we have such morons like these in this world.

    I was actually kinda worried when they were cutting the tree cos branches might just fall into his house and he'll make a big fuss la. That fellow doesn't know the meaning of sharing is caring.

  23. oh nooo...botak mango tree!!
    thats really an unpleasant sight of a tree. :(

    i think, next time when the leaves grow back and bearing fruits, you must pandai2 hantar some to your neighbor. who knows all this while that was what he'd been hinting to you. LOL!

  24. Carol - LOL! Well, after having to practically cut that tree, he's never ever going to get any mangoes from me, the rotten ones maybe la ... LOL!


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