Thursday, August 28, 2008

Partners In Crime

I'm probably the weirdest guy around who actually enjoys going grocery shopping. You won't hear me putting up a fuss whenever wifey says she needs to do some grocery shopping. In fact I sometimes even pester her to follow me do the groceries! LOL!

Ok, I'm sure all you guys are probably going to be shaking your head in disappointment. Yeah, yeah, I'm a bad example for all guys out there but hey, I can't help it. I seriously do enjoy going shopping with wifey. Though there are those rare occasions I'll revert to the typical male attitude of hating having to shop but that's really very rare.

Most times I'll gladly and willingly go shopping and not just grocery shopping at that. I'll even go clothes, shoe, handbag, plants, household items, acne cream and urrmmm, those underthings shopping with her and I'll even offer opinions and advise on the things she wants to buy. Though I'm not always agreeable with some of the things she wants to buy ... hehehe ...

And just cos I enjoy doing all this doesn't mean I'm a softie or anything of that sorts. I'll readily whup your ass anytime if the need arises ... LOL! I just happen to enjoy spending as much time with wifey as I possibly can cos as much as it might make some of you puke at hearing this, I simply cannot get enough of her! :D

Anyways, this is not what this post is all about. This is about me being a hoarder! I have been hoarding 'Aji-Shio Flavoured Pepper' replacement packs for quite a while now. In fact right now I think I have more stock than the hypermarket that I buy them from has! LOL! And the most weirdest thing is I'm trying to make whatever stock they have left on their shelves invisible to every other customer.

You're probably wondering just what in heavens name am I talking about. Ok, let me explain from the start. Maybe you'd better grab a nice sandwich, some coffee and sit back to read this post cos it just might turn out to be one of those long winded ones again ... hahaha ....

Wifey and me always shop at this hypermarket called Mydin which is pretty near our place. I think I've posted about this place and how they sell their stuff at really low prices. It's basically our regular grocery shopping place. We've been shopping there ever since the place first opened a few years back. and one of the products that we discovered that they sell that we could never find in a lot of other places was this flavoured pepper thingy.

We normally buy it in a bottle and it costs around RM3 plus or so while the replacement packs cost something like RM1 plus and just 2 of those packets make up one whole bottle and we save quite a bit by just getting the replacement packs. So we were kinda excited that they sold them here. Now we could save loads of money. It may not be much but every cent saved is another cent extra that we have and we use the flavoured pepper in quite a lot of our cooking anyway.

But the joy didn't last long cos when that batch ran out they didn't replenish the stock anymore. So there went our short lived joy! Darn, we said. We tried looking for it at other places, like Giant, Carrefour, Jusco, Cold Storage and none of them sold the replacement pack. They all sold the whole bottle and even then it was way more expensive than the ones at Mydin.

So we had to resort to buying the bottles again until recently after months of its disappearance, it's made a comeback at our favourite hypermarket. I was just browsing through the aisle one day and caught a glimpse of it and you should have seen the excitement in my face (I know it sounds silly getting excited over pepper but I couldn't control myself) and I instantly ran over to wifey with a whole bunch of it in my hands. She was as excited as I was when she saw what was in my hands. It was as if we found gold or something and we were jumping for joy, ok not really jumping but enough to elicit stares from other shoppers ... hehehe ...

I can't really remember how many I bought that day but it was a whole load of them. And then, worried that the other customers might finish all of it, we both conspired to hide the balance from the others. So, while wifey was acting as lookout, I quickly took loads of other items from nearby that was about the same size and pushed all the pepper packets way back into the shelves and placed this other items in the front so it was hidden from prying eyes ... LOL!

You should have seen the both of us. We were like crooks from a cartoon show or something. There she was hurrying me along while keeping an eye out and there I was grabbing all sorts of other products just to cover our 'treasure'! And cover it we did. It was a professionally done job that you would have never guessed they even sold flavoured pepper replacement packs :D

And so, everytime we went shopping there which is once a week, sometimes maybe more, I'll buy a couple more for my stock at home. And each and every time, wifey and me will be up to our sneaky little trick of hiding them again cos I think the staff of the place rearranges the darn things every day or something. And right now, the stock of that pepper at the hypermarket is diminishing with no signs of it being replaced. In fact at this point of time I have more pepper stock than the hypermarket ... hahaha ...

We make quite a sneaky pair, wifey and me. In fact we've done quite a lot of sneaky things in our lifetime that if I ever told you guys half the things we did, we'd both probably die of embarrassment ... LOL! And that's one of the reasons why I love that girl so much. She's as crazy as I am at times ... :D


  1. I too, enjoy shopping, the only part that gets me all boggled up is when I cough up the moolah!

  2. Gallivanter - Oh ya, that's right. the paying part is not good! LOL!

  3. At a first glance, i thought it was ajinomoto..hehe
    How do you use that thing?? Is it for soup or what??

  4. You funny bugger. You do know they have probably installed cameras just so they can catch the culprit who keeps hiding the pepper. I bet the staff are sitting there watching and having a great laugh because they know as soon as you go they will put them all back to the front of the shelves again.

    Just for the record, I think it's beautiful how much you love wifey :)

  5. Kadus Mama - Yeah, it does look like ajinimoto doesn't it?

    It's just like your regular pepper with a little flavoring and can be used as substitute for salt. I use it with my soup, to marinate my chicken, even sprinkle some in my salads at times ... hehehe ...

  6. Gypsy - You know you have a point there about those cameras. I'll probably see a nice poster with both wifey's and my face one fine day labeled as the 'Pepper Hiders' or something ... LOL!

  7. hahahahahaha!! that's hilarious!! The thing is, me and Syura love to do that too!! LOL! But it depends on what laa.. even clothes shopping!

    Mr. & Mrs. Pepper Bandit! LOL!

    p/s: I didn't make a sandwich and coffee before I came here but I did make instant noodles. :D

  8. Shemah - Hahaha ... you know, wifey and me do that with clothes and books even. We'd find something nice and hide it way in the back and come back and buy it some other time when we have more money ...

    Mr. & Mrs. Pepper Bandit! I like that ... LOL!

    At least you didn't go hungry while reading this l o o o n n n g g g posting, ya? :D

  9. LOL! And thank god, i am not staying near your neighbour, or i will miss out all the goodies!

    But you taught me something yeah, when i see good stuff myself in a hypermart, what should i do to prevent it from all snatch up!

  10. LOL!!! Nick, you and your wife are really quite a pair. A funny pair, I would say. That's what makes your marriage so special. It keeps the passion going, eh? BTW, I wonder what other things you did together, pray tell. :-)

  11. you can do all my MY food shopping anytime you want. I cant stand food shopping!!

  12. Shame on you, Nick!!!... Well, sometimes I do it with books too.
    And I hate going grocery shopping, but I buy a lot of chocolate (bars, candies, cake...) I'm addicted to it.
    This moment, for example, I'm eating a chocolate cake. :o)

  13. You two make such a funny pair!! But it's so sweet how you guys love to do things together, whether criminal or not.

  14. My husband works in a grocery store and it's like trying to pull teeth to get him to go grocery shopping with me. I don't blame him though, every time he goes with me he has to end up doing a dozen things and fixing other workers problems.

  15. KM - LOL! You do that. At least you know they won't run out of stock the next time you visit them ...

  16. Blusher - Mr & Mrs Pepper Bandits, that's what Shemah calls us ... hehehe ...

    You really don't want to know some of the things we've done in our lifetime ... LOL!

  17. Meleah - Wellllll, if there was a small fee involved ... LOL!

  18. Cidao - LOL! Good to know I'm not the only one.

    I used to buy loads of snacks when I shop before but have cut down on that considerably since I started my dieting ... :D

  19. BT - LOL! Not all the things we do border on the criminal but I guess we're just so comfortable with each other that we enjoy each others passions and likes ...

  20. Tammy - Whoa, this might sound crazy but I've always wanted to work in a grocery store, even own one of my own one day ... I envy your hubby!

  21. What is wrong for a man to enjoy shopping (some more grocery shopping) with his wife?

    I tell you, my hubby loves grocery shopping more than I do! hahahaha!!

    I have an award for you. Come over and grab it! Hope it make your day and weekend! Have a wonderful weekend, Nick! Some more shopping over the weekend? hehehe!

  22. Rose - Thumbs up to your hubby :D

    Thanks for the award Rose, I'll come collect it :D

    You have a wonderful weekend too, ya?

  23. The hubby says, "Hi-5 Nick!" LOL!
    He enjoys grocery shopping too.
    Sometimes, he knew the products better than I do.

    To your wifey, are one lucky girl!

  24. Carol - Hi-5 back to you hubby ... LOL! Cool, another man who enjoys shopping :D

    Both wifey and me know the layout of that hypermarket we got like the back of our hands already ... hehehe ...

  25. Hi Nick, I've never been to Mydin before, perhaps I should check it out, u know..change of scenery from where we usually shop! :)

    It's good to have a partner in crime, things seem so much more fun then! ;)

  26. Woot! Just noticed ur favicon, cool! ;)

  27. Marzie - You should pay Mydin a visit, I guarantee you won't go away disappointed. Well, unless of course you want to buy flavoured pepper cos you won't find any ... LOL!

  28. Marzie - Thank you :D I didn't think anyone would notice ... hehehe ...


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