Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back At It!

You know, I think someone up there has the weekend perpetually on fast forward mode cos it sure goes by so darn quick every week! It seemed like it was Friday just a while ago and now it's Monday already. Where did the weekend go?

I hardly remember what I did all weekend except for cleaning the store room and checking out a franchise opportunity. The rest was a blur. I guess I must have been having too much fun since they say time flies when you're having fun :D I've no complain really that the weekend just went by so quick cos that means Christmas is all that much nearer. Yes, yes, you're going to hear me talking a lot about Christmas cos I love Christmas so much :D

Anyways, the good news is I've already started my running sessions again. In fact I've been on my running program for a whole week now. I started the previous Saturday and have been consistently running since then. The first day was the hardest though. Not the run. The run was fine. It was the motivation to put on my shoes and actually step out of the house.

I was having an internal debate with myself on whether I should start running again or not. It went something like this:

Used to be fit Nick: Hmmm, I think I'll start running today.

Current fat lazy Nick: Ah screw it! Just keep sitting on the couch and watch TV and eat away.

Used to be fit Nick: Don't listen to that fat bum. Dig out that dusty shoes and start running.

Current fat lazy Nick: Come on, it's nice being fat, lazy and unfit. You get to sit around and watch TV all day.

Used to be fit Nick: It's time you do something about your health. You're begining to look way older that you actually are! You don't want people calling you 'uncle' now do you?

And that actually clinched it. The fact that people my age are calling me uncle! I'm not that old but I guess I'm so unhealthy right now that I look way older than I really am. I don't mind if little kids called me uncle (well, actually I do mind ... LOL!) but not adults who are as old as me calling me uncle! So, with that thought in mind, I put on my dusty almost falling apart pair of trusty running shoes and hit the asphalt.

And I was surprised that I stopped running for so long cos the moment the wind hit my face, I realized I had actually missed running. God, what was I doing sitting around the house all those months and vegetating? I've been running nonstop ever since then and even though it's been a week or so and there are the usual aches and creaks here and there, I feel so much healthier than I was a week ago :D

And I discovered that I'm not totally as unfit as I thought I was cos every run I've made the past week, I've broken my own speed record each and every single day and I wasn't even trying hard. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up for as long as I can :D

My enthusiasm for running has even infected wifey and the boys and they've decided to join me on the road to good health. On days that I don't do my longer distance road running, I've sort of become their coach at the nearby park ... hehehe ... It's good to be doing something so positive and healthy as a family :D


  1. Can I join you for the run? My stomach's sending me emergency signals! LOL

  2. Well done Nick! You even managed to motivate your wife and kids! Amazing. I must find a way to motivate my 2 boys too.

  3. Thats a good move from you nick..hope your running will be a continuous activity and not just a temporary one..! :)
    There is this Auntie at the pasar called me Kakak!! hahaha i'm worse than you i guess..

  4. I'm forcing my lazy arse body to run everyday if i could XD

    hahahah nick haf some kinda split personality going on. So funny.

    But u know wut kills the motivation, the part when if we're gonna run on Saturday and Sunday early in the morning, I had to be the one to wake up the "children". The "children" being my bro and sis. Those lazy arse!

  5. Gallivanter - Sure, come on right over and try to put a stop to those emergency signals ... LOL!

  6. BT - Thank you. It was a struggle just to put on my shoes but I'm glad I did :D

    Well, I'm also happy that the family is keen to work out with me. Now, if only we can keep this up :D

  7. Kadus Mama - It sucks being called kakak or uncle kan? Especially when the person is the same age or older than you. Macam la we all that old ... LOL!

  8. Maslight - Yeah, sometimes my split personality kicks in ... LOL!

    I keep my runs for the evening session cos I can never get up early to run unless it's for a race or something. I have problems waking up.

  9. Note to myself: Must take Nick as one of my motivational factors to start running again.


  10. Well done. Your enthusiasm is wafting out of the computer! I bet you feel great for it. And wifey and kids too.

    My fat self and my former thinner self have made a deal - leave the cheese board alone and get your lazy bum down the gym, otherwise you will look like a huge slab of cheese. So far it has worked.

  11. Good luck to good health, Nick. Way to go! Your family must have felt a little empathy to your wants. :-)

  12. Carol - LOL! Long school holidays what, so good time for you to start running :D

  13. The World According To Me - Thank you :D Yeah, right now I'm all fired up and just raring to go.

    Now why didn't I think of making a deal with my fat and thin self? LOL!

  14. Marlene - Thank you. I can't wait to be totally fit and healthy again ... hehehe ...

    Well, empathy or not, I'm glad they decided to join in :D

  15. Meleah - LOL! There is no hope for you is there?

  16. Good for you Used to be fit Nick. Maybe I need to have some internal dialogue with myself and get my fat lazy butt out of the chair. The crazy thing is most of us do know how good we will feel afterwards but sadly in my case it never seems to be enough motivation. Hmmmm maybe the onset of hot weather and less clothes will do the trick.

  17. Muahahahahha I like current fat lazy Nick the best, so cute! Good luck with ur running, Go Nick Go! :):):)

  18. Romany Angel - My used to be fit Nick self doesn't always win though ... LOL!

    It's always that first tough step. Once that's over and done with, the rest is easy :D

  19. Marzie - LOL! The fat lazy Nick is becoming even fatter la. Something had to be done or soon, I'll be the extremely fat and lazy Nick ... LOL!

  20. adoii... I think I put on all the weight back when I was pregnant with Allie.. And at least at that time I could blame it on the little tyke. Now, it's all ME! LOL!

    I have seriously gotta do some exercising soon. I saw my neighbour saying he's going to the gym and I was like, "whattt?? they have a gym here??" hahaha.. and now that I know, I'm still sitting on my fat blubbery ass doing nothing about it. tsk tsk tsk..

  21. Shemah - Wah, got a gym there. Not bad. I sure could use having my own gym especially with the recent rainy spell putting a huge damper on my runs!


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