Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas ...

I think someone up there must really hate me. I've been going through a bad patch recently and it doesn't seem to want to disappear. After the accident I had on Thursday, now my car decides to act up ... siggghhh ... when it rains it pours, so the saying goes.

And the worse thing is I only recently (about a week or so ago) serviced it. And now it's back to it's usual acting up nonsense. It was showing very subtle signs that it wanted to visit the beloved mechanic again but I chose to ignore it cos it does act strangely every now and then. I've come to realize that if I just ignore the subtle signs, it normally just goes away.

My car is probably a female car, it needs to be paid attention to every now and then. I cannot just ignore it too much cos if I do, it'll just act up on me! And true to form it did. So this morning I sent it to the shop to get whatever it is that's bugging it fixed and now I'm carless for the entire day.

Actually I don't think it's real a major fix and when I asked my mechanic if I can get the car by noon just before lunch, he looks at me with this blank look, scratches his head and says,

'Urrmmm, no ...'

'Ok, then when?
' I ask him

'Urmmm, dunno, maybe evening, round 5 pm or so ... but not sure ...' he says

Well fine and dandy cos now I can't plan anything and I do have places to go and here he is not able to give me a better estimated time of how long it will take. It's not like he has to put in some new performance parts or anything. And I sent my car to him the moment he opened his garage, so I really don't see why it's going to take so darn long. What a waste of a Saturday!

I really don't know why bad things seem to be happening to me recently. As it is Christmas is just around the corner and I seriously have no mood whatsoever for it. So many things happening that both wifey and me just want to go somewhere and let all this just pass by and then maybe things will be back to normal. I'm know I'm going to be a Grinch this Christmas with the mood I'm in.

I just hope the car doesn't cost too much. There's still loads of stuff I have to buy and spending unnecessary money to satisfy the needs of my darn car sure wasn't what I had in mind. Oh well, I guess these things just can't be helped. I'm just looking forward to the New Year. I just want to get this year over and done with. It hasn't really been a great year for me and wifey and we're both hoping for a better one in 2009.

Oh and one more thing. Does anyone know just what in heavens name is wrong with my recent comments widget. It reverted back to comments from as far back as April and has been stuck there without being updated. I have tried reinstalling the codes and all that but it's still the same. It doesn't even show the latest comments anymore.

I'm using the same code for all three of my blogs and hosting the JS scripting on my Google pages site and though it works fine in my other two blogs, this one seems to be screwed up. Any help from any of you guys would be much appreciated. I'm not all that good with stuff like these. See, I told you someone up there doesn't like me too much. Even my blog has problems!


  1. same here car has been acting up i think there is a probs with my radiator and gasket..!! But unlike you, i think my car is a male car..sometime mengada-ngada one!! hahahaa
    Hope your day will get better..son't let all the bad things happened spoil your xmas mood..
    As for the comment, i have no idea too..hope somebody can help you on that..

  2. Kadus Mama - Hahaha, you car is a male huh? But I think cars, be it male or female always give problems la ... cilaka betul kan?

    I'm trying not to let it spoil my mood but sometimes it's so susah la ...

  3. Adrian - I'll be okay. Don't worry, you know me :D

  4. Problems, problems... cars are great but when they don't work, be prepared because it costs a lot of money to fix it!!!

    Nick, Googlepages was discontinued so we have to look for another options to host our scripts, because Google Sites doesn't host them.
    I'm using Windows Live Skydrive, and I'm waiting for Google Gdrive! :)

  5. Cidao - Yeah, that's the one downside to cars that I really don't like. The Maintenance!

    Yeah, I know it's been discontinued but the rest of my things hosted there are still active so I'm a little lost in figuring this one out.

    Google Gdrive, now that one I;m looking forward too :D

  6. Sorry Nick, I have no clue as to how to help you with your comments problem or your car problem for that matter. I do know that I'm not in a Christmasy mood either and just can't wait for Friday when it will all be over. I hate feeling like this, it's not like me at all.

    Hope things start looking up for both of us soon.

  7. Romany Angel - No worries :D

    Ah, at least I'm not alone feeling like this. Well, wifey is also feeling the same as I am and we're both just waiting for the year to be over.


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