Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eyes Wide Open!

It's 12.57 am on the 1st of January 2009 and I'm still awake. They say that what you do just as the old year moves on into the new will stay with you all year. So I guess this year I'll be staying up late into the night blogging ... LOL! I don't know how true it was but that was what my grandma used to say to us when we were young.

Back when we were little, my cousins and me, we'd always try our best to stay up with the elders to greet the new year but being tiny tots, we'd have a hard time trying to stay awake and my grandma used to say that if we fell asleep when the new year came around, we'd be sleepy all year long. And we'd all try our best to keep our eyes open at least until just after midnight ... LOL!

I'm normally fast asleep way before midnight but somehow that old grandma's warning still kinda stayed put in my mind and even though I was a little sleepy just now, I forced myself to stay awake till the clock struck 12 ... hehehe ... But now that I've passed my bedtime, my eyes are wide awake and seeing as how I don't want to disturb wifey (who incidentally went to bed before midnight) by twisting and tossing around in bed like a fish being fried, I decided to write my first post for the year :D

Most people are still out partying and celebrating the birth of the new year but I decided to just stay home and have a quiet new year. I'm not really the partying kind these days. My partying days are long gone. Besides, the roads this evening were already packed with cars and I wasn't going to get stuck in any jams, especially not on the last day of the year. Remember what I just said about my dearly departed grandma's warning? I don't want to be stuck in traffic jams all year round you know ... LOL!

Actually, me and the family had our new years celebration a little earlier today. We decided to go out for an early new years dinner cos they boys weren't up to staying up so late, especially my younger boy who tends to get sleepy pretty early. And besides, wifey and me were just too lazy to cook at home and we did want to try this new joint that recently opened up in Taipan called Papa Rich, a kopitiam (a traditional breakfast and coffee shop) kinda place. There are a few of these kinds of kopitiam's around Taipan and we were skeptical but curious about this one.

But I must say I was impressed with the place. The service was good and fast. The food came pretty quick and was decent. Wifey had nasi lemak (rice steamed in coconut milk) with chicken rendang which she said was yummy. The boys had some noodles which they finished every single strand of it and I had fried kueh teow (a kinda fried noodle) which was tasty though a little too small a portion but I was satisfied with it. The place had a very cosy and relaxing ambience to it and I will definitely eat there more often.

I'm a very fussy and picky person when it comes to eating places but I'd recommend this place anytime to anyone who would like to try it out :D And you don't even need to own any tuxedos to eat there ... hehehe... The price was reasonable too. The boys had a great time and they were kinda awed with this drink that they ordered called Milo Dinosaur. As the name suggest, it was just simple iced Milo but with loads and loads of pure Milo powder topped all over the glass. They were pretty excited by it when it arrived that they were jumping up and down in their seats. LOL!

That's how we spent our last day of the year. A simple, unassuming yet pretty fun dinner. This is the year of change for me. There are a lot of things that I want changed in my life and this is the year to act upon it. I've been sitting on so many things and procrastinating for so long that it's time to put a change to all that. Things will not happen if we don't make them happen and hopefully I'll get all the stuff that was bogging me down last year sorted out and cleared this year. I don't have a new years resolution cos I don't believe in them, but if I did, one of them would most definitely be to stop procrastinating!

Well, that's all from me for now. I think I'll log off and go pour myself a glass of wine and read or rather re-read one of my old books cos I'm still not sleepy yet. But before I go, I'd once again like to wish all of you a wonderful and lovely new year. May all your wishes and dreams come true :D Happy 2009 people ...


  1. Happy New Year Nick! May the new year bring happiness, prosperity and love to you and your loved ones ;-)

  2. happy new year..may this coming year 2009 bring you much more luck and happiness!!

  3. If your grandma is correct...then, i'll be spending the rest of this year watching TV till wee hours cos that's exactly what I did to usher the New Year...watching POTC trilogies until 2.30 am. LOL!

    Although I've said this quite many times already...I wish you and your family (again), a Happy New Year 2009!!!

  4. What a lovely way to see out the old year. I spent most of the evening blogging and wishing my friends a Happy New Year. My partying days are also long gone and quiet nights are definitely more my speed.

    I did see in the New Year watching the fireworks in Sydney which they always televise and not long after I went to bed. Yep I'm a real party animal.

    I hope the whole Phillips family have an amazing new year.

  5. Monica - Thanks for the wishes :D Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year too ...

  6. Maslight - Thanks and a Happy New Year to you and your family too :D

  7. Carol - I was up till 2.30 am too but I was blogging, I think my grandma's warning is going to come true and I'll be up all year blogging and you'll be up watching TV till the wee hours of morning for the whole of this year ... LOL!

    No harm saying it again right? Happy New Year to you (again) too!

  8. Sweet-Girlicious - Thanks :D And a Happy 2009 to you as well. May the year grant all your wishes ...

  9. Romany Angel - Glad I'm not the only one who enjoys a quiet night ... hehehe ...

    I did hear the fireworks here but couldn't see anything at all except on TV. Normally from where I live, I'd at least be able to see something in the skies ...

    And here's wishing you and amazing year as well, Gypsy :D

  10. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    I think the wind of change could be heading your way too!

  11. The World According To Me - Happy New Year to you too :D

    Yes, I can feel the winds of change already :D

  12. Well, Nick! I slept thru the midnite on NY eve, irregardless of the fireworks outside my house! :p I guess we are older and prefer peace and quiet way of celebrating the occasion.

  13. Rose - Yeah, once you get older, you tend to just want to stay in an enjoy the peace and quiet :D

  14. I've not tried Papa Rich before but since u were impressed, I shall keep this one in mind. Typical kopi tiam food yes? ;)

  15. Marzie - Yeah, the typical kopitiam kinda food. But pretty tasty. Go give it a try :D


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