Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Tale Of A TV Cabinet ...

The first 19 hours of the year has so far been great :D Those of you who read my earlier post would know I slept pretty late, I think it was somewhere close to 2.30 am. And then woke up round 8.00 am, which surprised the hell out of me cos I don't normally wake up that early if I slept that late the night before. But I guess this new year has something to do with it.

I feel so full of energy and confidence and am raring to tackle the year ahead. The old Nick that used to complain a heck of a lot has been locked up and buried deep in some dark forgotten dungeon and hopefully he'll stay there for good. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to complain if some moron gets in my way ... hehehe ...

Seeing as how wifey and me have decided this is the year of change for both of us, we decided to start by going out to look for some new furniture. A new TV cabinet to be specific. The current one we've had has been with us for ages and even though I restored it once before by giving it a new coat of paint, design wise it's kinda old fashioned.

Now when it comes to furniture, IKEA is always our first choice. We don't really bother looking anywhere else. But wifey saw this furniture shop advertising a nice looking TV cabinet, the very kind we wanted to get. And it was pretty cheap too. We decided to go get the cabinet today seeing as how it looked really good in the papers.

But then, I forgot that I work in the advertising industry and that when we produce press ads, leaflets or brochures, we tend to digitally touch up all the images to give them this fantastic look and feel to it so as to entice gullible people like me to go buy them. And gullible I was cos when we went there, the actual TV cabinet that was advertised was so shoddy looking that I think my younger boy could have built a better looking and more sturdier one ... LOL!

Both wifey and me looked at each other, laughed at our gullibility (and you can stop laughing already, Adrian ... LOL!) and decided that from now on we'd just head to IKEA for all our furniture needs. At least we know the quality there is way better than the rest out there and their prices are pretty reasonable too.

We actually plan to do a total makeover to the house, furniture wise bit by bit so that's why you're seeing me online on new years day slogging it out with one assignment after another! All the stuff we want to buy doesn't come cheap you know. LOL!


  1. i have my first taste of shopping at Ikea when i was in KL recently. fulamak! puas hati lah... i was really having my sweet time browsing the furniture and silently complaining why KK doesn't have one like that.

  2. Carol - Well congratulations :D It's a great place isn't it? I could spend hours there and I'm a guy some more ... LOL!

    Maybe we can all start a petition to get an IKEA opened up in KK ... hehehe ...

  3. hahaha.. we too were "tricked" a few times when we fell for those value-for-money adverts!

  4. opps, forgot to wish you and your family happy new year!! :-)

  5. Sting - And the worst part is I'll probably fall for something like this again in the future ... LOL!

  6. Sting - And a Happy New Year to you and your family too :D

  7. Our first choice is IKEA too but not all the stuff tahan lama eh? But still, it's nice to browse through all the cool stuff, followed by some meatballs later lol! ;)

  8. Marzie - Yeah, I could walk with wifey and browse for hours there ... hehehe ... and the meatballs are just exquisite :D


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