Thursday, April 30, 2009

Multiple Personalities

I just realized something about the four blogs that I have. Yes, I'm one of those people crazy enough to have four blogs. I never really wanted to have more than one blog and I always thought people with more than one blog was slightly loose in the head. Yet there I am having four blogs!

Anyways, today wifey and me were talking about my blogs and she said to me that I have totally four different personalities in each of my blogs. I never realized that until she mentioned it today and she does have a point. It made me go over four blogs and really analyze the way I write for each of these blogs.

Anything Goes! is my personal blog. This is the blog that started it all for me. The stuff I write here are often times more on the serious side, it's more about my personal life and the things I go through on a daily basis. This is the blog that I feel for very passionately. It's like a window into my soul. The things I write here are from the heart and the experiences that I go through in life.

Then there's my second blog called Spiff, The Spaceman which some of you already know. I created that blog purely to experiment with HTML coding and stuff. It was never meant to be anything else. But over time, that blog started to have a character of it's own.

I'm a HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbes. Those of you who are familiar with Calvin and Hobbes would know that Calvin has this alter ego imaginary character called Spiff, The Spaceman and it seemed like the perfect title for a blog. But as the months went on, I kinda got lost in that blog. Every time I go there I'm a different person entirely.

The stuff I write there are entirely different from what I write over here. I'm a totally different person when I'm at my Spiff, The Spaceman blog. Sometimes I find that it's so much easier to write stuff over there as it's a much more lighthearted blog to be take with a pinch of salt, maybe even two spoonfuls, as the tag line goes.

Whenever I'm there, I'm always in my quirky, annoying and often times macho (well, Spiff likes to think he is anyway ... LOL!) In fact Spiff doesn't really like me and Anything Goes! He thinks I'm an annoying doofus and if he has his way, he'd probably take out some disability insurance on my name... LOL! I guess wifey was right about me having different characters for each of my blogs.

Then there's my third blog called Dream Themes, well, that blog came about when I wanted to start a small party blog, but that didn't turn out as planned and now it's more of a blog with posts about all kinds of rubbish that I find from the net. It's more like a blog that does product and movie reviews with a little bit of jokes thrown in on the side ... LOL! Again, I take on an entirely different persona at that blog.

And finally blog number four which had to come about seeing as how I'm the perennial complainer ... LOL! This particular blog is reserved just for my rantings and I really mean nothing but rantings. It's a blog that I've kept secret though some of you have discovered it already :D

I'm not a very nice person in that blog. I do nothing but bitch about stuff and people. No, no, you guys are not on my bitching list, well at least not yet anyway... LOL! If you guys are up to a challenge see if you can discover that blog for yourselves :D

I think now I know why I'm a little bit crazy at sometimes. With all these personalities I have to maintain, at times I forget which one I really am ... LOL! Am I Nick? Or am I Spiff? Maybe even a party planner or a bitter grouch? I really can't tell sometimes ...hahaha ...

Oh and about that disability insurance, well I've just got to tell you that Allsup has helped more that 110,000 people receive their entitled Social Security Disability Insurance and Medical benefits so if you think that's cool then I suggest you go visit their site right now or I'll get that Spiff fellow to zap you seeing as how he's such a trigger happy fool! LOL!

Spiff: 'Who you calling a trigger happy fool, you moron?'

Urmmm ok, I think it's time to head to bed before I really start talking to myself! Good night and a happy holiday tomorrow.


  1. I noticed that with myself too... I don't have four blogs but I guest write on some of them (group blogs) and I noticed I'm different there... more serious, and I also pick on proper issues, unlike my own blog.

  2. :) i think i like Spiff best.. cos i m a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan :D and Spiff is lighter :D and riddle with with holes

    have a great long weekend with wifey and kiddos!

  3. Terra Shield - Cool, at least I know I'm not alone in this world with multiple personalities on my blogs ... LOL!

  4. Anny - Darn, you prefer that annoying Spiff fellow? LOL! He hates me ... hahaha ...

    Yeah, Spiff's blog is more riddled with lighter stuff that sometimes I think I like Spiff better too ... hahaha ...

    You're a Calvin & Hobbes fan? Cool, I didn't know that. I thoiught you like Pikachu ... hahaha ...

    Happy holidays to you too :D

  5. I think everyone has a (or a few) different sides to show everyone in different ways. Mine happens to be the way I dress and the way I interact with different people. I think it's fun and interesting to have multiple personalities.

    so yay to multiple personalities! (well as long as the other personality doesn't kill :O)

  6. Samantha - Yay to multiple personalities ... hehehe ... that was my other self cheering by the way ... LOL!

    But yeah, you have a point there. It does provide some form of escapism I guess :D

  7. Carol - LOL! Yes, a 4th blog. Crazy huh?

  8. WOW! check out Spiff.. he's HOT!

  9. ;p is that a good enuff lead to take the rest of ur frens to ur 4th blog?

  10. Anny - Gee, how Spiff gets to be the hot one and not me? LOL!

  11. Anny - Hahaha ... that is indeed a good clue la.

  12. Spiff is always HOTTER :) hahhahahahaa

  13. Anny - Siggghhh, looks like I'm my own competition ... LOL! Darn that Spiff fellow!

  14. Man, you've got four active blogs???!!! I've got only one and it's a headache! :o)

    I love Calvin but Garfield is in my heart as you've already seen!

  15. Cidao - Yes, 4 active blogs. I am a little crazy, I know ... LOL!

    Yup, I know you're a big fan of Garfield :D


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