Friday, May 1, 2009

The Need For Sleep ...

I love it when a holiday falls on a Friday. It makes the weekend feel so much longer. It's the labour day holiday around these parts and all day long I've been thinking it was a Saturday. Then when I realise that it's still only a Friday and the weekend has two more whole days to go, I whoop for joy ... LOL! Yes, yes, it shows you how much I need a vacation that getting a holiday on a Friday has me in a joyous mood :D

Seriously though, the entire day felt like a Saturday that when I was watching TV this evening I kept wondering why they were showing the entire Friday's TV programming on a Saturday ... LOL! Hey, I never said I was intelligent ok. But all in all I'm glad that it's still only a Friday, well 20 minutes more of it left anyway.

The day overall was pretty good. Woke you kinda early. My younger boy woke up at an ungodly hour of 6.30am and kinda woke both wifey and me up. That boy is kinda weird, when it's a school day he has trouble waking up early but when it's a holiday, he's up at the crack of dawn.

And he's pretty attached to mommy that the first thing he'll do is come into the room and in this cheery voice and wish his mom a very loud good morning, not caring whether it's 6.30am or 8.30am ... LOL!

I don't know where he got that trait from, definitely not from his mom or even me. In my younger boyhood days I would NEVER be up at the crack of dawn, irrespective of whether it was a holiday or not. I treasured my sleep and would squeeze every ounce of it that I could get.

In fact I still do the very same thing till this very day. Every morning whenever wifey wakes me up for work, I'll always bargain for an extra 2 or 3 minutes of sleep. And sometimes I'll even skip my morning shave just to sleep a few minutes longer.

Sleep and me, we go hand in hand. We're like best buddies. We're like soul mates. I can sleep anywhere and in any kind of weather. If given the choice between sleeping and eating, I'd chose sleep anytime. All I need is a nice quiet corner and a pillow, well maybe without even a pillow and I can snooze the day away... LOL!

I remember back when I was schooling and happen to be in the morning session. I lived quite a distance from my school and had to take take a school bus to get there. Me and my cousins (we all lived together in a big house back then) had to wake up pretty early to get ready as our house was the first stop for the school bus.

We only had two bathrooms back then and there were five of us who had to get ready for school. I would rush to get up, take a bath, change and then run out to the porch, grab a chair and continue to snooze while waiting for the school bus.

There were times when I would be in deep sleep when the bus arrived and my cousins would have a pretty tough time waking me up. The bus driver would be honking away. It was not a pretty sight! And all this because I wanted to catch a couple of extra minutes of sleep :D And this happened on a very daily basis ... hahaha ... I told you I love sleeping.

It's a good thing I have a wife who understands my need for sleep otherwise I'd be in deep trouble cos the first words she hears on a holiday or a weekend is,

'Babe, I'm going to take a short nap, just a couple of minutes only.'

And she always knows that my couple of minutes would end up being a couple of hours long ... LOL! And that is why I love her so much :D Now if only I can get her to complete this project I have on Outer Banks homes, that would give me even more time to sleep tomorrow ;)


  1. Hmmm... I envy you. Sleep deprivation and I go hand in hand :(

  2. Terra Shield - What can I say, it's a gift :D

  3. I am so into needing sleep right now! Yes, it felt like a saturday to me too...although I was away on a day trip. There should be more holidays on Fridays :)

    I am still on holiday mood...

  4. Shimi - Glad to have you here :D And welcome to my blog.

  5. Mei Teng - LOL! I am needing sleep all the time! Yes, we should petition for a permanent Friday holiday ... hahaha ... hmmm, while, we're at it, do you think we could get away with asking for a permanent Thursday holiday too? :D

  6. I love sleep! And I don't think I ever get enough sleep! Every time my alarm clock rings, I always press snooze for at least 5 minutes and when it rings again, I press the snooze again and again. Until I realise it's really time to wake up or else I'll be bloody late! LOL!

  7. Foongpc - Ah, a fellow sleepy head :D Yeah, I'm always rushing to get ready for work cos I always push it to the last minute ... LOL!

  8. LOL!
    I can so relate myself with foongpc's comment.
    I set my alarm an hour early before i am supposed to get up every morning. In between the one hour, i'll be alternately pressing snooze and dozing until it is time to wake up. ;)

  9. Carol - LOL! At least we're all alike in that sense. Good to know I'm not the only one :D

  10. You and ur sleeping hobby Nick! Ok ok tomo when I take my afternoon cat nap, I'll surely be thinking of u slaving away in the office he hehe! ;)

  11. Marzie - LOL! I've always love sleeping la ...

    Yeah, here I'll be slaving away and there you'll be cat napping ... LOL!

  12. I love sleeping but I haven't been sleeping recently because of my boring job. Being a teacher sucks! Even in holidays I've got a lot of work to do!
    I envy you too!

  13. Cidao - You envy me? Gee, I thought teachers get more holidays :D


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